Harbor Freight Bender

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mynameisjoe: What pile of crap were you trying to make

bdub z: that's what you call a "kink machine"

Jeff Fleischman: All i was thinking was Huh, What, Huh. You do know that isn't how its supposed to be used, but if thats all he needed if for then good for him. LOL

Das Gemuse: Is that Tom Gingras?

terrablader: I don't think its setup right in this vid

HempsXI: ill try and do a video this weekend.  but cant blame them for not knowing really, the instructions given are not very good and other videos on you tube not much better.

HempsXI: that is not how you use that thing, not even close.

rickster348: what's a picket bend?

Nym Rod: Got this on sale with a 20% off coupon for a little over 40 bucks, a lot less than I expected. I don't use it all that often but it sure comes in handy when I need to something with it. It's more than paid for itself by making replacement parts rather than buying them plus there's no wait time for shipping. Made a replacement bracket for the lawn tractor that was NLA and was mowing again in about 30 minutes. Good for light stuff, haven't done anything very heavy with it yet.

wayne parris: They are OK for light work, anything heavy and the pins bend, even with hot stock. They are a lot less expensive than a Hossfield which they are based on but you don't get what you don't pay for. I have bent 3/4 round,hot with one but it turned out to be a one time use tool.

Ed: It would work even better if you use the mandrels that come with the bender. They allow you to set the inner radius and help prevent a pipe from squashing.

scott backer: could u bend exhaust pipeing with it?

Keith Richards: rolerl die? i could do what you did on my truck bumper...

ccbbtube: You should add the large roller dies in the center pin to form an even diameter bend. Instead of bending on the pin itself.

jedediahbc: Do you work for Harbor Freight?

holdmybeer: A drill press and lathe might help too.

kyle mendoza: Can u make a video on how to put it together please wuld be very helpful

walperstyle: If you have a welder, you could make something better then harbor freight.

romanivan123: Im wondering the same thing. The only item that I see available at Harbor Freight is the floor model compact bender. Ideally, I would like the version shown in the video, because I want to mount it onto a steel work table.

valveman12: @VegaWgn You could make one but for the price, why would you?

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harbor freight bender 5 out of 5

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Demonstrating A Compact Floor Bender from Harbor Freight.avi
Demonstrating A Compact Floor Bender from Harbor Freight.avi
Compact Bender from Harbor Freight 90 degree bend.
Compact Bender from Harbor Freight 90 degree bend.
Harbor Freight Bender Unboxing
Harbor Freight Bender Unboxing
Harbor Freight Pipe Bender
Harbor Freight Pipe Bender
Harbor Freight Floor Bender Review
Harbor Freight Floor Bender Review

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harbor freight bender