Universal M1 Carbine

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bigguy6100: No, wood and metal.

154Sniper: @hrdknox2000 Check Tulammo. They sell the .30 ammo for 11.99 for 50 rounds. Its great for target practice. Tulammo is a russian brand.

FuriousPixel: we must live far away people say car bine here

airsoftlamblover: its such a nice firearm, one of my favs to shoot

wolfyys: the carbine and garand are 2 completely different rifles

quadcityfeller: I also have a Universal M1 Carbine. I ordered the 20 30 &40 rd mags for them from Sportsmans guide and I dont recommend them since the fit is off. I think they're intended strictly for the military version.They will work but they fit very loosly from front to back and very tightly from side to side. That being said I live this gun and so does my 17 yr old son! Its a great hobbie to share with your kids. Just going out and target shooting for a few hours or so. Stay safe man! Your a good shot!

hrdknox2000: Yeah, for such a small round, I don't understand why the HELL .30 cal. carbine is so F-ing expensive!!!

AOO08DOYOUHEAR: Pretty nice gun. I'll stick with my .30-.30win

bigguy6100: Yeah, mine was built i believe in the late 50s early 60s. It wasnt a government rifle. Id love to have one like your grandfathers, but they are PRICEY.

AZshooterman: huh, so that's where old tiers go to die...

bigguy6100: No, its pronounced correctly, car-bean. Vids of my AK are in my videos section, dont have any of our Garand

sandiego48: it looks like its made of plastic.... but its not right.... right?

Sam Moore: is that a replica or the real deal

Kilhamjim: Well yes. My Gaff was saying the Carbine was fully automatic, ,The M2 is ,the M1 is not, Not so much a mistake as did not say which Carbine. It aint Rocket science mate , you only have to Google it,

bigguy6100: Keep the Carbine

IndianaBishop: The universal carbines are not tooled to the strict specs the military ones are and are plagued with problems. I have one from the war and a buddy who has a universal and he's had nothing but trouble. I hope yours works out though.

baberaider18: isnt shooting anything metal dangerous? i mean if the bullet didnt go through it and richochet back it could have shot u!

kojpuasncokuv: looks like you have the second or third generation Universal M1 Carbine. by looking at the slider.

meatloafzombie: Would you tell what you paid or what you feel it's worth?

jjmosin: i hear universal m1 carbines have issues with interchanging parts. Getting replacement parts isn't easy because of inconsistencies between parts.

bigguy6100: We do reload, but I dont have the dies or any bullets for the .30cal yet, probably pick some up at the next gun show.

bigguy6100: Very real

Jesse Campana: I have the same Universal Carbine and I use it for re-enacting, the only problem is that you cant get a blank-adapter on it to fire semi-auto. I constantly have to rack the bolt it sucks!

Adam Mccown: this shoots the 3006 rite?

curtispa: whats the diff on this 1 an other i want to get 1 can u help out with info ?

sandiego48: okay then i shouldn't break easily if i buy one

baberaider18: @keesurt haha alright

154Sniper: @CaJunkie94 I own an universal M1 carbine with the heat shield. One of my favorite guns in my collection.

blazerlover25: oh ok well still nice video is the carbine full auto?

RoninTXBR549: I love the M1 Carbine. They're really a lot of fun... 5/5

711dylan12345: why do people have a heat shield on them?

nandoGdog: The .30 carbine cartridge has almost identical ballistics to the .357 magnum, I would not call a .357 magnum "underpowered" if the crap were to hit the fan I would feel safe with the .30 carbine.

James Dundorf: @kojpuasncokuv it looks to be 2nd generation because 3rd Generation had the lever on the receiver to lock the slide back. This one looked to not have that.

hinduw: hahaha!

Sean Sales: Hey where can I find the spam can of ammo???

Darrel Quintos: you sound like elvis lol, but anyways good vids

Kevin Lambert: I have a Universal Arms M1 .30 carbine. It was made by a company in Florida due to the popularity off the GI M1 following the war. They made their own proprietary changes to the GI specification for the rifle....meaning GI parts don't necessarily fit it. So it's basically a civilian clone of the M1 Carbine. I love mine anyway....but it is not valued as highly as a GI spec carbine unfortunately.

bigguy6100: M1 Carbine is semi automatic, M2 carbine is fully automatic

chrismc410: I just aquired one too. Looks nice inside and out. Will find out how it shoots in a few weeks.

Dan Riewer: Awesome dude! My grandpa has the same gun his looks alittle older though. its awesome! its the same kind of rifle he had when he was in the Army during the Korean war. It was usually the higher ranking troops that were equiped with them. but man, i sure do love shooting them M1 Carbines :) Grandpas had it for like 50 years lol!

faffaflunkie: With a Universal and a P-38 you are well, if unusually, armed.

Justin beer: @deepwoodskentuckian The M1 carbine was designed for mortar crews, machine gun crews, radiomen, tankers, artillerymen, signals troops, engineers. The M1 Garand was too big for them to carry and a handgun was not accurate enough. They wouldn't replace a small side arm with a rifle.

FuriousPixel: like binder

richcastle: I have a universal , a guy wants to trade me a sks and an .22 caliber marlin.

curtispa: wow thanks for the info

bobfather99: I also have an M-1 Carbine. I love it!!!! If you reload there are lots of different powders you can use.


roaklyp: m2 was select fire. m1 semi only

joseph genova: I never said it was underpowered xD Trust me, Ive seen this round at work :P

keesurt: @soloban81 not even close

Universal M1 Carbine 4.6 out of 5

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Universal M1 Carbine