The Product Tester Mini Test: Handy Stitch

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Martine Roblin: NUL, je regrette cet achat. Rien ne vaut une vraie machine à coudre, cela semble facile dans la pub . Vos explications tout en anglais n'aident pas aussi ne vendez pas en France s'il n'y a pas de traductions.

Jean-Pierre Lombard: try first to read the manual and follow the instructions instead of goofing around pretending it doesn't work... a matter of honesty!

Ornella Gebhardt: No, sorry, it does not work! Mine does not stitches, I tried many times. I was finally able to produce 5or6 stitches and then nothing again. I think this machine will end up in the garbage. Too bad It could have been a brilliant idea!

Mishi Malik: it's only waste of money

Mishi Malik: Kash Mene apki video Phle dekhi hoti to apne pesy zaya Na krti

Arthur Chance: LOL. Men and machines......

cocojumbo4: It's unreal how many clowns with so much free time on their hands post useless videos on YouTube and waste other people's time.

Grey Line: It's a pile a junk. Another item to clog up the junk drawer.
Your funny though 😆

sharon Hutchins: No one can follow the instructions it may as well be clingon I watched video s still doesn't work plus bits keep popping of so pissed off right now feel like putting it in the bin

sharon Hutchins: I set it up right and it want catch the stitch wtf so gggrrr been trying for over an hour any tips anyone please help

Jackson Jackson: If you read the instructions and learn what the product is supposed to do, you will soon learn this product does not deliver.  When this tester was laughing while the seam unraveled, it was not funny.  That is how the product works and what good is a seam if it falls apart shortly after it was sewn.  I would have liked to see the Tester show how to thread the needle.  The needle threader they send is cheap and mine fell apart the first time I used it.  Tester needs to know what the product's manufacturer's claims are andif the product he is using stands up to their claim or not.  Being cute or fun is irrelelvant when testing an item.

Lovelycece1 martinez: Love your video and sense of humor. I hate reading instructions too.

compcast: Like the intro song

Cesar Centeno: Legit!

BigLittleLife: joker

Ashwini Patil: i cant put the thread in the needle,i saw a video but still doesnt stitch it ...please help !

Papa squilly dilly: I love the theme song!

Product Dummies: Awesome vid! Our channel is pretty silly. We film ourselves playing with unique products from Amazon. Check it out.

Jonny Deth: We bought 2 identical slap chops.
Mine works great, my parents' jams. 

This style machine comes in manual and powered versions but both suck because it's a simple hook-loop stitch pattern which aren't very strong or very permanent. 
I think these are intended for temporary mending at a live event or in the field where a canvas bag rips etc. 
Things of that nature you will discard or repair properly later on. 

jaxel26: Okay man, as a "Product Tester" you should probably try to be a little more professional about it and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Otherwise, you're not really testing the product, you're only testing yourself and your ability to figure it out.  How would you feel about the reviews from Consumer Reports if you knew that they didn't read instructions first?

And no, you can not just pull any stitch apart like that.  Go grab an old t-shirt or something and try it...  A regular sewing machine has two pieces of thread, one from the spool, and the second from a bobbin, which is below the foot.
Not trying to hate on you, so please don't take it that way...

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The Product Tester Mini Test: Handy Stitch 5 out of 5

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The Product Tester Mini Test: Handy Stitch
The Product Tester Mini Test: Handy Stitch

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The Product Tester Mini Test: Handy Stitch