Kamel Red Review - Camel Cigarette

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Zach Green: back foil needs to come off

DarkSektori: To me camel ciggeretes are all about being smooth and mellow. The Reds are really mellow, but they are hard to find in my area and a bit pricey also, but it's worth it to me, they are mellow but they are strong also but it's balanced all in all its a good ciggerette overall.

Sean Fox: Kamel reds > Marlboro Reds

Rob McCabe: kamel reds are my favorite. they taste natural to me. Marlboro reds taste very artificial to me

gimee50k: you should review kamel reds 100's "smooth taste"

ryan gregg: Do you remember the camel special lights that discontinued in 08 when they started pushing the camel number 9's? I was told by the lady at the smoke shop that the kamel red smooth taste( light version) is the old camel special light. It's believable and they sure taste and look like a special light.. You should review the kamel smooth taste. 

tcdahn7: definitely one of my favorites

Nathan R: Do u smoke in real life?

Nevaeh Ortega: I barely tried these today and I actually like them. For some reason they make me a tiny bit light headed (which is rare when I smoke cigs). Overall they're a good cigarette and they're pretty cheap too.

Brody grim: Saw these at a gas station and picked up a pack but the ones I got were black box with red and yellow coloring can someone tell me the difference?

Brian Booth: Also, like you said, it does have a mildness to it. It is a good smoke!

Brian Booth: I just got these today and I'm excited to try them. Awesome review!

danny kwaai: I absolutely haaaaate camel

john akers: The "chocolate" ur tasting is actually brown sugar. Rj reynolds adds brown sugar to the tobacco

Larry Cricks: Great cigarette!!!! You can't go wrong with this one and great review of this newer Camel cig!

strocat25: You should try the other Kamel wirth a "K" reds ... they are called "Kamel Red Smooth Taste" ... I like them a hell of alot better than regular kamel with a K Red

scott upton: they made these from about 1996 till about 2004 or so then quit making them for a while or they were at least very hard to find, but i have been seeing them pop back up lately and apparently they are making another come back.. hands down my favorite cigarette i have ever smoked..

PyroAficionado: How do you like these compared to Turkish royals? Currently that is my cig of choice and I love them. Only problem is I have to run into town to get ten which is way out of my way since they don't sell royals at gas stations near my house. So I'm looking for a alternative to purchase so I don't have to run 20 miles into town and the guy at a gas station in town recommended these to me. Of course I bought my royals but it's kinda in the back I my mind to try em I just don't want to waste money on a pack I don't like.

blubbycorn5: uh they do have perforations....very noticeable too... 

David Nelson: How do you like these compared to the Lucky Strike Unfiltered? 

Derk S: Awesome video man. Your reviews are so incredibly thorough, its awesome.

RealCigReview: Maybe, Most name brands are the same cost here and we can get the cheaper stuff for about $1.50 to $2 less than name brand, pretty even across the board though!

TheBenjo373: 4:37 i sense some editing

Shawn Roe: Dude they have a huge perforation!

suberferra: Winston blue...the cigarette's president Winston Churchill

Feter Farker: The filters actually do have perforations in all my packs.

Ryan Evans: I'm assuming this is made by Camel? Or is it a whole new (old) brand?

Andrew Reichert: Easily one of the best cigarettes out there next to marb reds. So tasty. Hard to find tho:(

Demetryloves80s: does it leave a big aftertaste like marlboro reds?

SuperSkeetskeet123: i have been teelin you to do this soory didnt see it yet but great reviews

Austin Tha God: They do in Indiana.

ataristick: I just picked up three packs for less than ten bucks

SuperAlig786: fibreglass

RealCigReview: Maybe, Most name brands are the same cost here and we can get the cheaper stuff for about $1.50 to $2 less than name brand, pretty even across the board though!

Austin Bone: Yeah there's no fiberglass in cigarette filters it's made completely of cellulose

OGZxGaming: Hey Dan, can you do a review on the kamel reds lights sometime soon or in your next video? i have seen some videos on youtube but cannot find them in my arena thanks man!

Thatguyhuhh: Reply ASAP please but do you know if they sell these everywhere because I live in Indiana and i want to try a new kind of cigarette

WeinerFilms07: How strange! Where I'm from, Kamel Red filters are white, along with different packaging. I laughed when you brought up the the vague hint of chocolate these, because it's true. It's subtle, thouhg, so it makes for quite an enjoyable cigarette. Keep up the great work, Dan!

David Marino: Burly tobacco smells and tastes like tobacco

Zach Schultz: always been like that for whatever reason

RealCigReview: Thanks! I appreciate it!

benr459: Man, I love your cigarette reviews and they were an inspiration for me to make my review channel!!

Ohiohuntandfish28: He Forgot To Do A Dry Pop

Scott Howard: Hey Dan, I was watching this review hoping you would love Kamel Reds. I don't smoke anything else. I was actually introduced to cigarettes through Kamel Reds. There great. I've been smoking them for about 2 years now. I hear there virtually impossible to find down south though? I live in Eagle River Alaska, you cant go to a single gas station and not see a pack on the shelf. I bought a carton myself the other day actually. Although, there the most expensive cigg here. 11.50 a pack.

GeoXander Luxe: 95% of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, i don't think any are fiber glass.

Ben Elmajian: Hey I'm 14 and I got a bud of mine to pick these up for me. I love the calm buzz and that coco flavor.

gunguy5253: @mmiomeen smoke shop would be your best bet that's where I get mine

RealCigReview: Not at all! They were pretty mild and didn't leave much after taste. I actually liked this cigarette and I might buy them again! More mild than Marlboro reds for sure!

whitecigreviews confederate: Guess I will have to keep looking for these so far I'm thinking they mainly have them out west I think I should look it up


EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Kamel Red Review - Camel Cigarette 4.8 out of 5

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Kamel Red Review - Camel Cigarette
Kamel Red Review - Camel Cigarette
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Kamel Red Review - Camel Cigarette