Car Touch Up Paint Deep Key Scratch

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gegervary: Finally one repair that makes sense. I've seen other videos with people filling the scratch with bondo and then apply a messy thin layer of touch-up paint. I would rather use your method of using paint alone, but that brings up a question... Could you premix paint with some clearcoat before applying it? The idea is that after it's done I would like to polish it and wax it for a better blend and over paint. Thanks !

Terry Petsis: Anyone know what the leveler solution is made up of? Thinking of making my own.

Nigel Jones: Is there another name for the Paint Levelling Solvent? because i cannot find this item on eBay.

lana6335: Hi... Where can I buy the leveling solvent?

Jordan M: i really just messed up! i done this with filler as the scratch was very deep.. but then i used spray paint instead of touch up paint (on guidence of halfords that it would work the same) and now the scratch has gone but im left with an obvoius patch that has been painted, as its higher than that of thr surromding area! was goig to rub tcut like crazy on it to get rid of what ive done?
any1 know what to do ??

1171karl: Maybe $49 (£36) is a bit steep. Think I'll take my chances with standard products

Lifeizrigged: you forgot to polish and wax it

SacredSapphireGaming [SSG]: Where do I order the touch up paint from?

Cameron Hollis: I've found simply applying regular (not the super thick paint) touch-up paint a little thick in the scratch (leaves a little edge around the lip of the scratch where the paint didn't sink in to tye "valley" of the scratch), let dry a little (5 minutes or so), and then apply a new layer over the previous area. Quickly wipeoff what you've just applied with a rag. This leaves just enough paint in the scratch while removing all the excss touch-up paint from the unscratched surface. The second layer softens the first layer of touch-up just enough to remove the excess paint.

Before I start I clean the scratch with a q-tip with 50/50 mix rubbing alcohol and water. This helps to remove any wax, oil, dirt, and any other contaminates that'll keep the paint from sticking. Clean just the scratch. Not the whole area around the scratch. Use a cean q-tip to ensure it's all dry.

This is just a very simple way to fix a scratch quickly until you can have a detailer fix it professionally. Based on the color of your vehicle, upon close inspection anyone will be able to find where a scratch was filled in. My Ram is graphite. Therefore the scratches disappear easily with my down n dirty method. My electric blue Porsche and pale green Lexus LX show the fixed scratches a little easier as the touch-up paint shows slightly darker against the clear coated paint. So please test with caution. Again this is not meant to be a professional fix. Just a quick and simple temporary fix you can do in under 6 minutes, until your preferred detail shop can sand out the scratch from the clear coat.

The Ram was keyed all the way down through the paint. Therefore the entire side had to be repainted. We were going on a road trip with the5th wheel just after the "incident" so I went ahead and filled the gash in my way to make it less obvious during our travels. Then when we returned two months later the insurance took care of the paint work.

Jonathan Lee: Thank you

ömer işman: protect against scratching the door

Serious Black: Where do you find the solvent?

B T: I would have wet sanded with 1500 grit, buffed, then used the kit if needed.

Robert Lee: What is exactly the paint leveling fluid and where do you get it?

Bad Company: Ok paint solvent....details? There are many kinds of strippers and solvents. I have watched many videos and nobody has explained.

Zocky Ozy: I've been researching into painting with a spray gun and discovered a great website at Magic Painter Method (google it if you are interested)

Pd Mahesh Sharma: you should apply a brush  lacquer clear coat on top of that and cut and polish after few hrs   .

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Car Touch Up Paint ➤ Deep Key Scratch