NYX BUTTER LIPSTICKS | ALL 22 Shades + Lip Swatches

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Margaret mail: Hi, i luv ur review in this video. pls kindly put the lippie in the desc box bec i need to view it few times to match the lipstick that i want..thanks..xoxo

Samantha Goodman: you're gorgeous thanks this video was helpful

Ash Gray: Lollies looks so beautiful :)! Thanks for the swatches!

dolores castillo: Just purchased a few lipsticks and I loovvvveeee them. They feel so creamy and the colors are gorgeous.

Jennifer Marie: Ok first of all you skipped the third lipstick you went from the second to the fourth swatch. Second ur a trooper for swatching on your lips props girl. And third I could tell the difference in the similar colors in the beginning and I dont kno why people need to comment about u not putting the 22 lipsticks on perfect that your putting on for them to get a sense of the color! 22 is a lot of applications lets crucify u for not putting them on perfect Jeeze! I thought it was a great video.

Jennifer Marie: Hi guys dont forget all these lipsticks were given for free

Jennifer Marie: Do you have to get invited to imats??

whutzat: I think the ones that look best on you are, in order: Pops, Big Cherry, and Licorice.

Jordan: This video was helpful in so many ways, but I need to get something off my back. I'm not targeting you in any sense, because I'm subscribed and have been for a while. I just can't stand when someone spends $4 bucks for a product and then complains/mentions that they can't stand the packaging because it's 'cheap feeling'. I don't know why it bothers me so much, and the only way I can get over the feeling is if I finally make a comment about it. Unless you are paying $25 bucks or more on a single lipstick from YSL, Chanel. Dior, or something like Cle de Peau ($60), you are not going to get packing that is "luxurious" by any means, or anything that doesn't feel "plastic-y" (duh, it's made out of plastic). I'm sure I will get nasty comments for this, even though this was not meant to be intentionally hurtful.

Themakeupinvestigator: After snowcap

Themakeupinvestigator: In the very first row the first first one, what's the 3rd shade

Miru StClair: Thank you so so much for swatching all these. Your skin tone and lip shape is very similar to mine so this video is fantastic for reference. I have such a hard time finding lipsticks that work on me! D:

Jasmin Clear: If your gunna put them on your lips actually get them on your lips not around your mouth! Thanks for the video and I dont seem to be mean.

MakeupByTaylor: Only 2 I liked were licorice & mary jane. I think the rest are all the same color & just seems real basic. I like super pigmented lipsticks & these don't seem pigmented.

Tamed Raven: Hot tamale looks so good on you!

minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah): With your help and some other swatches, I picked Mary Janes. I love the color, the formula is okay. It's not as buttery and hydrating as the butter gloss or Revlon's lip butters, but it's a nice creme lipstick.

Chris S: I picked up what should have been a true coral color and it was a watered down fake white frost. Truly disappointing for any lipstick but will be returning it. 

Arum Handayani: @rebecca white , me too. I thought it was just me. I heard the butter gloss is better.

Vivian Soto: Great swatch video. The best I have seen so far. The lipsticks swatch true to color.

★NYX BUTTER LIPSTICKS | ALL 22 Shades + Lip Swatches★ 5 out of 5

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NYX Butter Lipstick Review
NYX Butter Lipstick Review
NYX Butter Lipstick : Lip Swatches of ALL 22 SHADES!
NYX Butter Lipstick : Lip Swatches of ALL 22 SHADES!
NEW   NYX Butter Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches of ALL 22 Shades
NEW NYX Butter Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches of ALL 22 Shades
NYX Butters Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches
NYX Butters Lipstick Review w/ Lip Swatches
Review + Try-On!   NYX Butter Lipsticks
Review + Try-On! NYX Butter Lipsticks

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★NYX BUTTER LIPSTICKS | ALL 22 Shades + Lip Swatches★