Pendo Pad Review Android 7 Inch Touch Screen First Look

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Bonnie King: Pendo staff and products are all crap, don't even think about purchasing from them

gamer_xed5: thanks 4 the info i did'nt help much

Bonnie King: hacked

John Mo: Great review thank you very much for a most imformative introduction to this product

MrCriticOfAll: Can you help me with a fault on my pendo pad that says "The process has stopped unexpectedly" and "The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly".I have tried to reset it but am not real clever when reading directions.If you have heard of these faults could you please post a way to fix them.Thank you for your time.

William tomkinson: not this one but i hear there is a new one out

playstationgamer05: There is a new one called pendopad 4.0 multitouch. I've got a review and unboxing on that aso check out my channel

deathisinmyhandsnow: hey mate. i just ordered the same thing with dodo like 2 wks ago, havent got it yet but im impressed with your video and im looking foward to getting it soon. one question tho. how much download would it cost for one app? like facebook, youtube, etc. and if u know any good apps thats worth downloading for the first month plse let me know:) thx.

Annette Niekerk: tap on the shop in the 2nd screen icon and up comes all the games, put toddler in search engine and watch out for the installation requirements, like it tracks your phone etc if you download, it tells you, just hit cancel if it needs to modify your sd card or trace phone etc good luck

pinkcat1305: hi, how does it handle fast games eg, temple run?

Desmond Anthony: There is one of thesebeing sold at coles are they any good?

iTimOS: cool video i reviewed this too

TheAuzzieDevil: Can you get Facebook, YouTube, and get games from the android store?

Leo Solomon: Could I ask for your assistance. How do you update from Android 2.1 to 2.2. I just recently got this pendo pad from dodo, but for the life of me can not figure how to update the OS.

kerry mace: Might be a stupid question, but can I also use it on my Bigpond wireless home network or Dodo only?

russitms: woop just got 3 of them on a 9.90 plan (each) with 500mb data...they are so handy and keep all job sites connected with me :-)

wenlcas: Got to stop biting your nails dude

Jason Ung: i think my brother bought this without telling my parents

Chris Perry: when i get my tab.i will let you know how i went with the battery doctor ,thank you for quick response,cheers mate.

Paul Misquita: Can Skype be downloaded and make/receive skype calls/videos?

William tomkinson: dont know, havnt played with them yet

Steve Andersen: i was told i would have 3g on mine but it hasn't i'm paying $29 a month i was warned not 2 get the bloody thing just a waste of money customer service who talked me in 2 the contract scammed me i am on a pension so $29 a month down the drain thing gets hot battery lasts about 1 hour then goes flat warned my friends 2 keep away from it & dodo

Dean Richards: why are the the games so laggy

Bianca Campbell: HI there I have just bought two pocketronic pendo pads off eBay for 65 bucks I was just wondering if they are the same as this one and worth the price. All I want is something cheap for movies and games. They are coming from Sydney so please help me out they are only for my daughter and myself and I'm not fussed I just want to know more about it. And this video does help me out abit :)

iTzjayj: i have one of these and i can't download apps, it says starting download but it doesn't download. And there is no accounts and sync in the settings so if anyone could help me that would be really great.

Deathbeauty58: Hey, i just got the pendo pad to and i noticed that you had movies on yours. I cant seem to be able to work how to upload movies. My pendo pad didnt come with a manual... If you could help id be really grateful =] thanks

Misunderstood Adolf: It looks like , and has same hardware as one of those epad's, not too sure if im keen on it. good review though mate

YGOSeeker: @MrWilliamtomkinson Ahh. I see. Well thanks very much for replying mate, hahah. I have one of these on the way, but apparently they are backlogged =/.. So is there now an update for Android 2.2? Because if so, I would love to find out how to do that. Again, thanks very much mate.

William tomkinson: it has been so long since i have even used this tablet, i woul say makesure you have everything you need backed up then do a factory reset, its in the setings someehwere, i think in securety. also go to the dodo or pendo webpage and get the lastest version of software.

William tomkinson: probly not well

Patricia Asuncion: How can i download some applications and does this have bluetooth ?? can i store music and videos from my USB flash drive ?? Thanks :D

RNGA93: nicely done, thanks (i think you may have said 3d modem) all in all very informative review

kerry mace: @MrWilliamtomkinson Basically Tv shows I download with Moyea flv downloader mate....Hope I can find a way tp play them

ShmOprah: @MrWilliamtomkinson Thank you for your reply :o) I've had a look but there's no 'reset button'. Along the bottom there's holes for 1. Power, 2. HeadPhones, 3. USBport, 4. On/Off, 5. USBport, 6. MemoryCard, 7. Mic. but NO reset. The Mic hole is TINY & I stuck a pin in there until I looked again & realised it was labelled 'Mic'. Dah! There are speaker slots on the back & the only other button/hole is the sliding button on top !!? So no luck yet :o( .. but thank you for trying!

taigastyle: do you talk about rooting the device in your podcast? if its not any trouble, what are the rough times in which you discuss the pad? thanks

elai AJ: I have pendopad just go to 1mobile market , or you could go onto browser , then google and type google play [game name]

realityIZanILLUSION: Anybody know how to transfer apps from internal memory to a flash card? Theres not much room for many apps & im tired of deleting an old app just to make room. I got 3gb free on the flash card but cant work out how to install apps on it.

IAmBopper1: hay man im haveing trubil connecting it to my pc im just useing the usb port but it shows up as an unknown divice on my pc can u plz help me?

TJ Dash: Is it locked? can I use a Telstra SIM? Hvae you tried? the chick on the phone trying to sell it to me said it's locked to dodo? which I guess is Optus locked. Please verify =)

William tomkinson: depends on how they are formatted, a standard dvd rip will be about 1.4G, so it will only fit one, if you reencode it to a small screen mp4 it might come down to around 100mb, so you would get 18 on it.

robdotcom71: Does it support flash?

ian patterson: my dad has a different kind whaaaat?

nita Ellis: I have inherited 4 of these but no manual or charger can these be plugged using the usb into a computer or other to charge to see if they actually wions ork. any suggest

dee6075: dodo just rang to offer me this too, plus internet and home phone (ADSL2+) for $59.80 a month unlimited. Does anyone else have this with dodo what is your experience with dodo as an internet provider? I asked for a couple of days to decide as I'm with westnet at present & I love westnets tech service and staff, but I a mlooking around for something a little cheaper.

taigastyle: cheers for chucking this up mate, havent been able to get a good look at this on any other sites. Can visual themes be added to the device ?(the interface looks rather plain as it is)

MaxB6852: Your voice is a trifle faint. Even with both volume controls turned flat out sometimes it is difficult to make out what you are saying. I would have like you to show how to access the internet and emails. Can it be linked to a printer? Does it have a camera?

hydraxeno07: Are the apps on this good?

alfie eemm: @MrWilliamtomkinson yep you were right i wasnt getting a signal due to where i live , thanks for the reply though, ive now returned the pendo back to dodo, but one thing i dont get ?? is i also have a phone (mobile) with them that gets signal, but the oendo pad didnt WEIRD LOL, hope you had a good xmas .

mandr8k: can i use one of these as a mobile phone and if so can i use pre paid and what network is best

turkanator123: This thing is a battery drainer plus once you turn it off the time will be the same as the last time you turned it off

Pendo pad review android 7 inch touch screen first look 4.4 out of 5

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Pendo pad review android 7 inch touch screen first look
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Pendo pad review android 7 inch touch screen first look