Custom Built Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake 91/30

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Rutger Fluck: how could I purchase one of these

goandy89: how can i get these? are you still making them?

storm trooper: Still make these? how can I order?

Brandon King: that actually badass especially on hand controlled machines props man

xavier wastiau: hi you shiping in france ?

TheJtowngoon: Don't pay for his expensive shop time

TheJtowngoon: Couple hundred rounds later still tight as can b save your money and use it to buy bullets!!!!!!!!!

Donovan Dudlext: Would also like price for this.

Stephen Eroh: whats the cost, do you offer a video firing with the break attached and unattached?

no regrets 777: Any way i could get the info im a starting gun smith and would love to get one to add to my custom nagant build thanks ahead of time.

TheJtowngoon: I have fired hundreds of rounds threw mine no problems ppl check them out on Amazon first I'm telling u as a consumer he's telling u as a retailer who has profit to gain I have no motive except to save ppl money

TheJtowngoon: How do you know it's a bad product I never even gave the name!! just trying to save ppl money and let them know there is same product for cheaper!

TheJtowngoon: Hate to take away your business but people u can buy them in Amazon for a third of the price!!!!!!!'

Matthew Balderas: What manufacture makes that stock!? I want to get one for my 91/30

Mosinlogan: Overpriced as freak.

c-lo_jr: For that price I could buy like two mosin nagants.

EbuAbdurRahman: Hi i would like to buy for my mosin nagant one of the muzzle brake please let me know how.

68sYc: damn that brake looks great how I go about getting one

Semper Lupara: super! Where can we order it and how cost? Did they ship to France? ty!!

thesportsmiler: Hi.. Zane, r these still for sale? Will it fit the mosin m44 nagant? THX

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Custom built Mosin Nagant muzzle brake 91/30 5 out of 5

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Tech Tip: Crowning and Chamfering a Muzzle
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Test mobile video upload

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Custom built Mosin Nagant muzzle brake 91/30