How To Replace A Symmons Shower/ Tub Spindle And Diverter

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MtnXfreeride: you skipped removal of the larger outter seat.. that is the part everyone in other videos struggles with...

Justiceair: Okay, turned out it was the "balancer" the silver washer with a black rubber washer, designed to balance the hot and cold, I guess I must have tightened too much.

Justiceair: I have replaced everything you showed here, now about two months later, When I turn the shower on I hear a very loud "Clunk" and the water stops flowing. I have been able to turn water off and on and I could get it to flow, but now it just begins to flow then "Clunk" and no water. Any thoughts. I'm about to take it apart again.

Dan B: Skills the one part I need to see after the handle

Joe Barrett: I have a question what is that 4 way wrench called and where can it be obtained. I can't fin anything like it.

Zina Saunders: Thank you so much for this. I have a problem with my Symmons handle: the handle for turning the water on and off is very stiff, it's very hard for me to turn it; once I wrestle the water on, it is otherwise fine. Would doing the replacement in your video fix this very stiff shower handle problem?

04jeepster: Very helpful. I bought a new T-10 spindle, but it would not seat so I ended up needing the T-12A cap assembly. It all works great now!

J. P. French: You are a life-saver! I wish I had found your video before flooding the handle screw with LimeAway, penetrating oil, propane torch, etc. Your video gave me the confidence to just snap it off. Great, well paced production.

Hitu Patel: Thank you ..

George Ford: My friend install the same value but the cold is now the hot and the hot is now cold how can l fix it

Michael LaPierre: Excellent! Thanks for compacting the info into a quick video!

Robert Simon: Great video, helped tremendously!! Thanks.

Tim: My issue began when I turned off the water but a little bit kept leaking. I have been following all your steps but when I go to turn the water on and move the handle so that water will flow, very little water flows, it's like I am blocking something. I am getting very frustrated, any tips would be appreciated .

Jim Wroten: Thanks for the video - my shower didn't work at all and replacing the TA-10 cartridge did the trick. Works better than ever. The only glitch was that the fitting holding it in was really tight. I had to put all my strength into it and was afraid that I would break the pipe. But it finally budged and the rest of the repair was easy. Thanks!

Nirlep Sanghvi: I have a similar valve in my bathroom which make a "thud" noise when closed/shutoff. Can you advise what can be the cause and what can be the fix for it ?

Jess Lison: Thanks! Just fixed my diverter! It's been on shower mode for well over a year.

Forsoicanspeak same as first: my valve has a part on it that I can not remove - dont know HOW

it is part DF-6

remove the handle, the decorative plate, then part DF-6 is there and I can not remove it, dont know how - it just spins and spins and spins (clockwise and counter clockwise) - if I were able to remove it I could replace my diverter (the goal)

DF-6 is "un removable" because it has no threads and is in the way of continuing my repair


how do you remove it?!?!?!

there have got to be at least 20 (or more) videos on Symmons shower valves and NONE have mine which has part DF-6 - I need to remove DF-6!


Ron H: I have had a leak for a long time & finally found the leak coming from the diverter. This was a great detailed video. I purchased a complete new valve and took out the parts to rebuild. Thank you.

Steve Kidd: This video is great - I keep getting a leak through the middle of the diverter when I replace it and test the water (similar to 4:35 above). I thought maybe the o-ring wasn't sitting against the valve but I got it pretty good with a wire brush. I even went to the store and got a another o-ring thinking I got a faulty one, but no dice. I've got pretty acidic water with lots of iron and am starting to think it could be corroded. Think it's time for a completely new valve, or any other ideas?

gpvolk48: Thanks for posting this. Spent $20 in parts and saved $150+ in plumber's fees. Supply shop was out of 4 in 1 tools so I used a large hex wrench and an easy out to remover the diverter valve. Worked great.

How To Replace A Symmons Shower/ Tub Spindle And Diverter 5 out of 5

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How To Replace A Symmons Shower/ Tub Spindle And Diverter