How To Replace A Symmons Shower/ Tub Spindle And Diverter

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TheDIYGuyDOTnet: +Thomas Deeny If your talking about the chrome cover that covers the spindle. There are ones that thread onto the packing nut. So just turn the chrome cover and remove. Some have a small metal nut that holds it in place. Loosen and remove the nut and then remove the chrome cover.

Dean Crombie: Well I got the valve and put it in tonight, I get mostly hot water ?? and the valve has to be turned EXTREMELY hard in the off position to get the water to turn off. It came with a new washer. Having said that the old one that didnt work DID turn the water off. Any ideas. Thanks Deano

Dean Crombie: I have a TA 10 cartridge in my Simmons Temptrol tub/shower set up. I omly get cold water, does this sound like the cartridge, the unit is only 6 years old and had not been used all that much ?? Thanks in advance Deano

Jill Svirida: Is there any way to get that piece out on front of the diverter (2:13) without the 4 way tool? That tool is $25. An allen wrench perhaps?

Dean Crombie: OK thanks I ordered the part, should be here Friday, will let you know how I make out

Dean Crombie: Also could you tell me what that little brass screw is for on the outside of the large locking nut

FlyersFan: Did the replacement, thank you for this. Stopped a really annoying drip. I was hoping that it would help with the pressure but if anything it seems a little worse. There is also more water coming out of the tub when the shower is running. Any thoughts? Greatly appreciate it. SJ

David B: Hi DIY Guy please allow me to ask a question please. My question is the diverter on this faucet is it adjustable. left or right for control of the temperture of the water? My shower is not as hot as the rest of the house faucets, I can't even enjoy a good hot shower any longer. please reply a.s.a.p. Most apreciated.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: I have found them online.. I got mine from my grandfather tool box. If you go to /PDFs/ svmmons%tools . pdf has them not sure if they only sell the in lots of 10.

David Gempel: Good job..... Well done and to the point.... Thank You.....

AvastanRonin Ronin: Great video/ .. question. Where can I find the tool you are using in the video? So far I've found, SKU:212019 Brand: Raven Raven #SYMM E-Z 4-n-1 Wrench for Symmons Valves but it doesn't seem to be the same exactly.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: You can just replace the diverter if your having problems with it not switching from tub to shower or if you get water coming out the tub spout. If its leaking water while shut off then you will need to replace the spindle. Its a good idea to change both while you have it apart.

Amy Paden: Hi, I just replaced the spindle, diverter, and hot/cold seats by watching your video and it totally worked! No more tub dripping. Couldn't have done it without your video, so thanks! (Also, worth noting that Symmons sent me the parts for free - I just emailed them and told them the problem. They sent out the spindle, hot/cold seats, and that funky tool. I had to buy the diverter, but only cost about $5)

Jodi McGahan: Thanks a just saved me a bunch of money!

Maggz129: Hello, I have the water shut off and everything pulled apart. I CAN NOT get the spindle loosened. I have tried everything. The original handle broke off and the area it grips on t) had stripped because it was leaking and we had to turn it really hard to shut off with vise grips. If I don't figure out how to get the spindle out and get the new one on there, I can't turn the water back on because the water just streams out of it now. We will have no bathroom. Any suggestions?

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Hello, You can't get the spindle out? or you can't get the cover off over the spindle? If you have the cover off you should be able to grab the spindle with a pair of channel lock pliers you might need a longer set and turn it counter clockwise. If that doesn't work maybe try a set of vise grips and place it at the 9 o'clock position and tap the vise grips with a hammer that might jar it loose. If you have a torch handy try heating it a bit that has worked for me also.

purple5150: When I move the diverter all the way to shower the tub comes one...I have to really play with it to get the shower to work right but the pressure is real low...any thoughts?

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Your welcome, Glad to help you out and to hear it all worked out. Thank you.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: What do you mean by leaking... leaking out the main or diverter handle? still dripping out of the spout or is it running out of the spout? Leaking out the diverter or leaking inside the wall?

Rich Langevin: Excellent video! VERY helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

T Lau: is there another tool other than the 4 way tool to remove the cap before the spindle?

kefeinzil: Nevermind! Just required persistence. Thanks again for the vid, really helpful.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Yes the packing nut could be a bit to tight. It really has to be only tight enough to seal.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: You need to replace the diverter vavle. Make sure it is the white tub/ shower one and not the black one that is a volume control.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Thank you. That's why we started our website and doing YouTube videos to save people from having to call someone in and to save them money. I have had mine for a long time.. If you google "raven products" then click tools you will find the " #SYMM/TOOL EZ 4 in 1 Wrench for Symmons. Yes they do offer some free parts. Its also nice to support the website. :)

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Your welcome. Yes I have had a few stuck cold seats not to many for how many I have repaired... normally they come out with an easy out. I have had one that didn't and I ended up having to replace the valve. Glad it all worked out for you.

Steven Robinson: Yes, the main temperature, on/off handle. The main handle was easily removed by removing the single philips screw. So, I will just tighten the packing nut for now to see if it fixes the leak before I start replacing any parts. Thank you!

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: got ya. Can you turn the spindle? or did it break off even with the cap. If you can grab the spindle with a pair of needle nose or something and turn it so its a few turn away from closed it should make it easier.. or is it all corroded because it was leaking? I have had good luck with PB blaster or Kroil. A torch might be your best bet.

jamjr7411: I followed the repair and it worked well. I do notice that the handle is a little hard to turn. Any idea why? Could the packing nut be too tight? Thanks

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Hello, What problem are you having with your shower valve? .. In this one I replaced the spindle (@ 1:26) and diverter (@ 2:26) and the inner and outer seats ( @ 1:20) those are the things I replaced. You can reuse the packing nut, the brass cover that goes over the spindle, cover over the diverter and the face plate, diverter handle and sometimes the handle for the spindle.

David Cerna: Hello I have a problem with my shower is still leaking ,I change all the parts inside the valve ,TA4,TA10,T12A,and diverter B, whats the problem please ,with symmon temptrol

Maggz129: Hello and thank you so much for responding. It is actually the cap gasket (part #T-11) that I can not remove. I got it to move about 1/2 inch and it will not budge any further. I'm afraid that I will either strip it or damage the plumbing in the wall.I was hoping there was something I could spray on it like brake cleaner or liquid wrench? I'm thinking I might have to get my hands on a torch.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: You need to have the valve almost all the way open/ turned on as the spindle will it the front of the spindle housing while loosening it. When your tightening it , the spindle also needs to be open as it will bottom out on the seats and stop turning making it so you can tighten the spindle housing back to the vavle.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Hello, Is it the main handle? If it is remove the handle and tighten the packing nut.(0.47). If you end up breaking the handle off then you will have to replace the spindle as well. You can try and work it off with two flat screw drivers. If it is leaking out of the diverter handle then you will need to replace the diverter as it has an o-ring on the end of the diverter.

Steven Robinson: DIYGUY, mine is leaking at the handle when it is shut off. Will doing this repair fix it? Thanks

Boo: how did you get the tub/shower lever thing out?(the area you used the small brush)Mine will not come out and Im scared to apply pressure to it for fear it will snap off in the valve.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Hello,shut offs to shower wide open? the spindle has a pressure balancing valve,it could be stuck letting more cold water in.Before you change the spindle check the little brass screw in the spindle housing.If you stop my video a 1:00 you can see it. that screw is used to control the temp. Screwed in it keeps the temp cooler screwed out it should get warmer in temp be careful not to go too far as it will get hot like your facets. Go a little bit and try it and repeat. let me know if it solved it

sayoeun chan: Hi, I have a question. My kitchen sink and bathro sink water is hot or should I say scalding hot. But when it comes to the shower, its lukewarm. What do you think might be the problem is. And I have the same shower

db130: Thank you for the video, I had the laptop in the bathroom and used it as reference during my attempt. One thing that may be helpful to mention is that the cold seat may not come out even with the use of the Raven tool or the Symmons tool(this appears to be a common online complaint). Due to the built-up corrosion on the cold seat's threads, the grooves on the cold seat will round off well before the cold seat opens loose. I ended up using a #8 pipe extractor to remove my cold seat.

Jeff Kendall: my spindle housing loosens as i go clockwise and then tightens after on turn and then just locks up and I cannot remove it. any suggestions?

Mark Ross: Excellent video, you saved me from calling a professional. Where do you find that special 4 way tool? Secondly for other DIYers Symmons offers a life warranty on all parts. So I just called them and they sent out the diverter valve and diverter knob for free

jamjr7411: Repair worked but I have to really close the handle super tight or it will drip. Any idea why? it has to be closed so tight that my wife cant even do it. Should I remove the seats and reinstall them?

kefeinzil: Thanks for the vid. My T-11 (1:10, after the packing nut) feels like it's welded on there. Any advice for loosening it?

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: If you are taking about the cap/cover over the diverter (white part) its just an allen wrench. I don't remember the size off the top of my head.

jacobcc05: Hey so I need to fix this and I I could not understand what parts u replaced and what ones you just put back in could you help I read comments non helped me fully

NastyGangsta1: Very helpful videos man!!!! KEEP IT UP!

Chase Hawes: Did you replace the spindle or can you re use the existing one?

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Glad you got it figured out sorry for a late reply. Ya sometimes there a pain. Your welcome.

TheDIYGuyDOTnet: Yes I replaced the spindle.. You don't have to change the spindle if it tempers/ works properly and your problem is that the diverter is leaking or not working. I always do both as i figure i already have it open and hate to have it leak or stop temping shortly after.

biondatiziana: Excellent -- thanks so much!

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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