Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5HP 21-Gallon

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DaveCPlace: Love this compressor. Don't even consider a Husky oiless compressor, unless you want something that is likely broken out of the box, and VERY loud. Oiled compressors are the only way to go. Will last longer and perform better IMHO.

Cayce Crews: how would the compressor perform if the tank only really did register 10 psi

snarlingrabiddog5150: @dbest1a Thanks :) I didn't think I'd like a pegboard until I put it up. Now I can't do without it, lol. I'd wait for them to go on sale too. Also if you get on their mailing list they will send you fliers with coupons that will save you even more off the sale price if you take it in ;) These are great compressors. I use mine constantly and its been running fine without any problems at all. I'm VERY happy with it. The big tank is great!

gunforme: How long could you spray with a spray gun @40 psi before running out of air? Then how long would it take for the tank to refill? I want to do some detail spray painting on my old mustang. Harbor freight has a small detail gun which only draws 3cfm@40psi and according to the specs of this compressor it is capable of running a small detail gun. The thing I'm curious about is how long could I spray before the tank ran out of air.

snarlingrabiddog5150: I use it every day and its running like the wind. I did an update video on it on the channel somewhere. I've seen a few people who say they hate them and I ask them if they ever tried one and their response is usually, "I'd never buy one of those from overseas". Its hard to slam something when they have never even tried one, haha. Mine has paid for itself in the first year and it outlasts some "US-made" compressors. For the money, thses are hard to beat and will do ya well ;)

snarlingrabiddog5150: @bsivoljr haha, yup!

oiljerk: I'm getting one this Saturday, glad to hear you're still happy with it and thanks for the video and updates!!

snarlingrabiddog5150: Sure, but do the prep work and don't use a gun or paint from Harbor Freight and you should be fine, lol.

snarlingrabiddog5150: I would change it every year or between 1,100 to 1,500 running hours. These compressors aren't too complicated so a good 30wt oil would be fine. Just make sure you drain the water from the tank on a regular basis and keep the compressor ventilated as best you can and you should be fine.

TheJrogersp: I bought one just like this one and it would not get up past 40 lbs. and it would just shut off and pop the reset button so I took it back. Now on my second one and it is doing the same thing. Has you or anyone else had this problem? Have you any idea what the fix is? H.F. will not replace this one as I had the first one replaced. I would really appreciate any help.

snarlingrabiddog5150: I've not had that issue but I'm rather surprised that Harbor Freight would not take back an item until they give you one that works. If you just bought it, they should accept the return just like any other store. Mine has had no issues at all and I use it daily, but when I got it, I thought the gauges looked a little cheap; but they work great. It could be a regulator issue. Either way, if you just got it, they should take returns until they get it right. Tst another in their store.

JSKmachining: Good to hear..I feel the same way. I have some auto projects coming up and im not spinning wrenches if I can help it. I just unboxed it. They told me to keep it upright for 24 hours. I had it on its side. Any luck with their air tools? Thanks!!

coxwilly: Plug it into a circuit with a 20 amp breaker. I had one doing the same thing on a 15 amp circuit, and once I switched to a 20 amp the problem stopped. It wasn't popping my 15 amp breaker but kept popping the reset on the compressor. Hope this helps.

snarlingrabiddog5150: Easily ;)

snarlingrabiddog5150: Thank you!

dbest1a: @dbest1a Yes I am a member of the inside track(iir). I just went there today, and picked up a few sale items, including some tie down hooks for my F150. I took a video and it's uploading. I do have 2 other vids of some of my other Harbor freight finds.


snarlingrabiddog5150: @ChevyGangman323 Try to get a coupon from their flyer and when they go on sale next, they will let you use the coupon and save even more ;)

snarlingrabiddog5150: Try to get a 20% off coupon from their flier before you grab it ;) It will handle anything you use in the shop and outside too ;) Northern Tool is great. Harbor Freight tools aren't too bad either if they're pneumatic and their impact sockets are decent too :) Their large torque wrenches aren't very good, at least the one I used a week ago wasn't very accurate. The work but with those, you get what you pay for I guess :) Northern Tool has good stuff!

snarlingrabiddog5150: Agreed, lol. It does it's intended purpose but yes, its a loud thing.

William Seibert: where did you get that water seperator? got a new craftsman compressor and wanna get a seperator like that. i will go look at sears another time

snarlingrabiddog5150: Harbor Freight has a pretty good return policy, if memory serves me right. The guages may just be faulty; I'm not sure. Check the regulator and bleed screw and the usual. Returning something that large is a hassle but I would and just get another. The guages are the weakest thing on an otherwise great compressor ;)

ncrdisabled Submarine vet: What is the output of the compressor for driving tools is it over 9.0 at 90 pounds ?

Cayce Crews: hey just bought the same air compressor, quick ? my tank psi gauge goes only to 10, the output goes little above 90. It work like yours in the video, what do you think im new to air compressors i need to know to see if i need to return it

snarlingrabiddog5150: Be sure to let it level out for 24 hours. Add the oil and you're in business! The tools, I'm not sure about; I think it all depends on the application and usage that you'll subject them to. The great thing about HF is that they take returns and are good to work with, although I've never had to return anything yet :)

Alvarez Metal Works: thank you

FromThe3PointLine: how often should i change the oil on the harbor freight compressor and with what is a premium oil? ps whats a premium oil for my air tools??

oiljerk: There was a Harbor Freight ad in Handyman magazine, and it had a coupon for this compressor for 149.99, and I had a gift card I had been hanging on to for 25.00 so it only cost me 125.00 plus tax out of pocket!! My old compressor was just that, old, and it gave up finally so this is a nice replacement, it's not as big as my old one, but it gets the job done, and for the price, I can't complain.

CPLBSS88: I'm looking at buying this...do you still recommend if for a home shop? I dont plan on running a shop but it does need to be able to handle some engine rebuilds and such...

snarlingrabiddog5150: Update...........this compressor has been running strong through all kinds of harsh environments without a hiccup. I'd recommend one to anyone after a good, budget-priced compressor. It does everything I've asked of it and more so far :)

dbest1a: Nice compressor, love the pegboard, just did mine. Thinking about getting one of these compressors. I'll prob wait for the sail.

snarlingrabiddog5150: Walmart :)

snarlingrabiddog5150: @truckingman26 Thanks :) I HOPE it will last. Anything from Harbor Freight with a motor is suspect but it runs well so far and performs as good as my Campbell Hausfelds and Porter-Cable. I just didn't want to spend a lot of money on a compressor and if this lasts three months, it will have paid for itself. I like belt-driven compressors a lot but this will last years if I take care of it. Some things on it could be better but for the money, its hard to beat :)

bsivoljr: I knew you were gonna say sausage. I even said it first lol

ChevyGangman323: Thanks for the reply I will buy this compressor I want to paint a small part of my cars fender

snarlingrabiddog5150: @doowstados Its GREAT for a 1/2" impact wrench!

ChevyGangman323: @snarlingrabiddog5150 were can i get a coupon hey how can i make my compressor last long like yours how do i brake it in?and all that stuff

Landy Burkland: do you drain your tank after you use it ? i noticed both gauges were under 125..i ALWAYS empty mine after just about every use :)

MrPuch78: I don't know if you will respond but I'm buying a compressor and was looking at this one. This will be my first compressor and I was wondering if you can plug this into any outlet in a typical house... Thanks in advance!

memorycdrew: Is this bad boy still running? I'm considering purchasing one since they're on sale now.

CPLBSS88: I also would like to expand some of my hand tools..think I'm gonna go with craftsman on those though too....I have a Greatneck (AutoZone brand) that I got back when I worked there...$20 for a 200pc mech. set...lol yessss please! gotta love employee discounts+closeout sales :) Its lasted me about seven years now and I have yet to break anything.

Oscar Pozos: Hi quick question u think it might power a sander a cheap 8 in sander?? Thank you

dbest1a: @snarlingrabiddog5150 Yes I am a member of the inside track(iir). I just went there today, and picked up a few sale items, including some tie down hooks for my F150. I took a video and it's uploading. I do have 2 other vids of some of my other Harbor freight finds. i got the pegboard hooks to for my wrenches.

snarlingrabiddog5150: FACT: This compressor has out-lasted five "American" compressors and it cost half the price. FACT: Sure some are garbage, but this isn't one of them and the performance is as good, if not better. Gauges, sure - theres better made units out there....better compressors out there; better tools out there, but THIS GETS THE JOBS DONE and in the end, it has PAID FOR ITSELF already.

snarlingrabiddog5150: @ChevyGangman323 went to my local store - take in a coupon ;) She's been running like a BEAST! No issues whatsoever so far - EVERY DAY! :)

snarlingrabiddog5150: It will handle it well. You just set the regulator for the motor to kick in at 90 and it will build air in the tank before you notice any true depletion in the chamber. Most air compressors like the pancake (I use a Porter-Cable - this one leaves it in the dust) and the smallest one will never handle that with ease and you'll notice the drop in power. 21 gallons is a very big chamber. It should work just as you expect it to if you set the regulator correctly.

dollman0: thanks for mentioning me: my CH came with a felt air filter and I ordered a paper one for my cast compressor. The HF (red) compressor came with a paper filter, it just depends on the model. your garage is very clean and the air filter is not a big concern. I have one black HF compressor and it is better quality than the cheaper red models, I would recommend the black models as they are better built in my opinion. Also, I run synthetic oil to deal with the heat from the hot compressor.

CPLBSS88: SWEET! thanks very much for the quick and detailed response. I will probably be going to a store location to pick it up! You mentioned Northern Tool in the vid I think? I am considering buying a few air tools from there as well...I love that place!

dagm182: i got mine with a coupon for 149.99 cant beat that anywhere with 21g the only thing is the noise on the motor is to loud i try to make and intake muffler its a lil less noisy ..its more deep bass noise can probably make a video soon for the difference

snarlingrabiddog5150: @ChevyGangman323 As long as you do general maintenance on them they will last for years, possibly decades depending on how hard you are on them ;) Yhe things mentioned in the video was the only break-in that was necessary. If you join Harbor Freight's mailing list they will send you flyers with coupons on them, even if they are on sale. Its an easy way to save 25 bucks ;)

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Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5HP 21-Gallon 4.2 out of 5

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Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5HP 21-Gallon
Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5HP 21-Gallon
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Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5hp. 21-Gallon
Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5hp. 21-Gallon

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Harbor Freight Air Compressor - 2.5HP 21-Gallon