G Scale Ceiling Train In My House

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YouCanDoIt!: What radius are your corner tacks??

cab4word: I ran 12 gauge all around with drops to the rail joiners every 12' all DCC

Joyann Woodruff: How many power banks do you have to have to run that train?

Solomon Bonds: Duuude! This is exactly what I want to do

Matthew Tunstall: awesome! looks like you have to run around the house to catch up!

Kate Vita: This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing the video.. My sons love watching this video again and again :) That's the best shelf layout we've seen! Using iPhone to control is a terrific idea. Myself and my husband are planning on doing the same in our media/game room, but have no idea on where to start. Please help us! Thank you!!!

schooder: I have been wanting to do this since the middle 1980s when I saw it at a restaurant somewhere in California Just like you have going through the walls. I thought I was the only one with this idea.

HeyItsCasper: Nice alarm clock for the whole house.

some Guy: Wish i could do that but i have no clue where to start :(

cab4word: @jcowboy123 James Email me and I can help you in all the areas needed from the carpentrie to the DCC rails 67chris@comcast.net

Matthew1027: That is awesome:)

cab4word: @fordlukebo What are you talking about??????????

fordlukebo: @cab4word no way, by a i phone? thats is mess up! =D

cab4word: Oh you dont know how many people I have done that to, that is how I will show the train off sometimes. They will here the horn right as it comes into the bathroom lol It is now controlled with my Apple 3GS I phone...way cool

Creativeei: Hi cab4word, love your video of your layout. Saved your video on my PC and I play it to the kids all the time, they really enjoy it. I have a question, what track radius did you use for the corners? Is it 4' diameter or 5' diameter curves? I like to build an indoor ceiling layout for my kids to enjoy. Any info, will be greatly appreciated.

joseph hughes: i love it i want to live there

Dolman76: I bet the mice love it!

cab4word: @Lachoy01 Please contact me be E Mail and I can tell you all you need to know it is easy 67chris@comcast.net

Lachoy01: Love the video and the way you've done the shelf layout is the best looking one I've seen and seems to be the most cost effective. I've done some basic DIY stuff but the only thing I'm unsure of is how to measure/cut the corners. I would want to do 5' at least for some of the locos I have. Do you have a template or sketch of the corners you could share? Thanks!

SkitzerPoindexter: The train is cool. The shelving it rides on is really nice. The running from room to room to catch it on tape is my favorite part though. :)

G Scale ceiling train in my house 5 out of 5

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G Scale ceiling train in my house