G Scale Ceiling Train In My House

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Jesse Peterson: My wife gave me permission to do this with my Lionel collection. The only thing she required was no brackets on the shelves. What type of floating shelf did you use? G scale fits perfect above the door way. Lionel may look a little small, hmm.

E. K.: Very cool..I love indoor layouts in G Scale...Just building my indoor office g scale layout at the moment..Nice!

B Dean: lol that horn caught me off guard

BigFatLoserDude: What radius are your corner tacks??

cab4word: I ran 12 gauge all around with drops to the rail joiners every 12' all DCC

Joyann Woodruff: How many power banks do you have to have to run that train?

Solomon Bonds: Duuude! This is exactly what I want to do

Matthew Tunstall: awesome! looks like you have to run around the house to catch up!

Kate Vita: This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing the video.. My sons love watching this video again and again :) That's the best shelf layout we've seen! Using iPhone to control is a terrific idea. Myself and my husband are planning on doing the same in our media/game room, but have no idea on where to start. Please help us! Thank you!!!

schooder: I have been wanting to do this since the middle 1980s when I saw it at a restaurant somewhere in California Just like you have going through the walls. I thought I was the only one with this idea.

HeyItsCasper: Nice alarm clock for the whole house.

some Guy: Wish i could do that but i have no clue where to start :(

cab4word: @jcowboy123 James Email me and I can help you in all the areas needed from the carpentrie to the DCC rails 67chris@comcast.net

Matty Bo Batty: That is awesome:)

cab4word: @fordlukebo What are you talking about??????????

fordlukebo: @cab4word no way, by a i phone? thats is mess up! =D

cab4word: Oh you dont know how many people I have done that to, that is how I will show the train off sometimes. They will here the horn right as it comes into the bathroom lol It is now controlled with my Apple 3GS I phone...way cool

Creativeei: Hi cab4word, love your video of your layout. Saved your video on my PC and I play it to the kids all the time, they really enjoy it. I have a question, what track radius did you use for the corners? Is it 4' diameter or 5' diameter curves? I like to build an indoor ceiling layout for my kids to enjoy. Any info, will be greatly appreciated.

joseph hughes: i love it i want to live there

Dolman76: I bet the mice love it!

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G Scale ceiling train in my house 5 out of 5

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Indoor G-Scale Ceiling Train 1st Run.
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G Scale ceiling train in my house