G Scale Ceiling Train In My House

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tony smith: Best way over to get pass more toilet paper´╗┐

schooder: I have been wanting to do this since the middle 1980s when I saw it at a restaurant somewhere in California Just like you have going through the walls. I thought I was the only one with this idea.

Dolman76: I bet the mice love it!

cab4word: @zoumca no I can turn off the sound and run it for hours at a time, some times I do fill the rooms with smoke though

Rivelution: Cool to see another race fan that is also a rail fan!!

cab4word: Keith when I first built this I used 4' and still have in the living room. But when I added on to the house, the rear two rooms are now 5' and I will change the front as soon as I can figure out ho to cut in the molding. The bridge took me 8 hours to build and is fully self supporting. Thanks for looking. E mail me if you have any other questions. Chris

Dustin Pailette: Nice alarm clock for the whole house.

Matthew Tunstall: awesome! looks like you have to run around the house to catch up!

tom30in07: love that it goes through the walls, very nice layout.

NSTrainFan: This might be a stupid question, but I am looking into putting a gscale set that I got from a friend around my room. How did you construct your shelve, because it looks alittle more fancier than just plywood, and what did you use to hold the track up, because I didn't see any shelf brackets?

cab4word: and i do believe you could do a 8' curve only remember you would use 4' in the corner making the center of the curve out from the wall about 36 " and you mite wand to ad a toggle bolt threw a piece of tubing up to the ceiling.

cab4word: Oh you dont know how many people I have done that to, that is how I will show the train off sometimes. They will here the horn right as it comes into the bathroom lol It is now controlled with my Apple 3GS I phone...way cool

Creativeei: Hi cab4word, love your video of your layout. Saved your video on my PC and I play it to the kids all the time, they really enjoy it. I have a question, what track radius did you use for the corners? Is it 4' diameter or 5' diameter curves? I like to build an indoor ceiling layout for my kids to enjoy. Any info, will be greatly appreciated.

som Guy: Wish i could do that but i have no clue where to start :(

keithLD50: Good idea, it will be in a finished basement so I might try 8' if I can get away with it, want to run some E8's eventually or SD70s.

jcowboy123: Hey Cab,Nice going to do the same in my basement ,but not sure how to go about it .any help would be greatly appreciated. thx in advance James

WestCoastRails: Yes, Awesome Job!!! very clean looking, Love it. WCR

cab4word: @jcowboy123 James Email me and I can help you in all the areas needed from the carpentrie to the DCC rails 67chris@comcast.net

mannyboy805: Love your setup. What size diameter are the corners.

dltodd1966: Excellent job!

Matthew1027: That is awesome:)

fordlukebo: @cab4word no way, by a i phone? thats is mess up! =D

cab4word: Thanks for looking. The wiring is all DCC and is on the top back edge of the shelve. The bridge was a bit harder to hide the wires but I did. The rope light is in front of the train behind the trim and the whole thing runs on a Digitrax Zepher at my work bench.

Andy Pena: great wall layout... what type of wood and how did you put it up without brackets... because I don't see any.. on the long straights...

keithLD50: Nice! What diameter curves did you need to use? 4' diameter curve track or can you get away with 8' curves indoors?

zoumca: thats really cook, i bet sometimes it gets really annoying eharing it though

cab4word: Another idea would be to do like in my bedroom and just run the curve and it would be open on both sides.

LowasaSnakesbelly: Awesome setup! Loved seeing the Earnhardt memorabilia. Go 88! Love you Big E!

cab4word: @fordlukebo What are you talking about??????????

MrLupfer: how did you attach the white wood to the wall?

keithLD50: Thanks for the reply, it looks amazing! I am planning a very similar layout going through a few rooms. I would like if possible to try 8' curves so I can run some longer locos since the layout will be in a finished basement. Do you think an 8' curve would be possible on wall corners? Probobly would stick out about a foot farther in the corners than yours right?

Julian94518: There is a ceiling at Doctor Herman's office but has a Pennyslvania Railroad F-unit pulling a chemical tanker,a box car,a Sooline flat car and a caboose. It ran while I was letting the dentist brush my teeth while watching a train run around the ceiling

cab4word: @Lachoy01 Please contact me be E Mail and I can tell you all you need to know it is easy 67chris@comcast.net

SkitzerPoindexter: The train is cool. The shelving it rides on is really nice. The running from room to room to catch it on tape is my favorite part though. :)

TheTenwheeler: That horn surprised me at the end. Nice job.

joseph hughes: i love it i want to live there

NSTrainFan: Thanks. I'm definitly in the planning stages still, gotta figure out how much track I need, and get that before I go anywhere else.

1441bullman: good prank for some one in the barthroom

Lachoy01: Love the video and the way you've done the shelf layout is the best looking one I've seen and seems to be the most cost effective. I've done some basic DIY stuff but the only thing I'm unsure of is how to measure/cut the corners. I would want to do 5' at least for some of the locos I have. Do you have a template or sketch of the corners you could share? Thanks!

vanwilm: Looks terrific. How did you hide your wiring. Is there a box on the wall somewhere and did you put the rope light behind the train. Thanks

cab4word: No lay out your curve on the floor and you will see how far out you will be, you are using 4' x 4' of the corner so you are going to have to put something in the middle for support.

cab4word: Thanks check out the train ride too.

cab4word: Never a stupid question. It is very easy to build. I started with a 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood, I used CC sanded one side. Ripe it in 8" wide strips. And rip the same amount of 3" strips this is for the wall mount. Glue and staple or screw the 3" piece to the top back edge of the 8" piece. This will leave you with a 7-1/4 shelve to run the train on. Screw it to the studs and cut and glue on any trim to the front for looks, mine is 1-1/2 molding and it hides the rope lighting. let me know. Chris

Kate Vita: This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing the video.. My sons love watching this video again and again :) That's the best shelf layout we've seen! Using iPhone to control is a terrific idea. Myself and my husband are planning on doing the same in our media/game room, but have no idea on where to start. Please help us! Thank you!!!

G Scale ceiling train in my house 4.9 out of 5

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G Scale ceiling train in my house