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mistyaqua: This was extremely informative. Thank you.

Brittany Watkins: My hair is natural light brown with no dye on it. I had a little bleach on the ends, but when I bleached my hair with 30 developer it did not lift all of the color. It was an orangish-yellow.

FUNKYMACGIRL: hi..focus on the orange hair..try and lighten it, you can use a hilift blonde or a 20 developer IF your ahir can take another process..if not conditon it and restore it

Ofelia Aldaba: Question? I bleached my hair and results were yellow roots and the rest was orangy what should I do next?

FUNKYMACGIRL: use the t18 im uploading a video right now on the new ashy toner i used..or you can go to my blog now at you can see pictures there

Kim Haynes: What toner or dye tones ashy tones?

FUNKYMACGIRL: yes you can absolutley mix the t18 and t14 it will tone it down alot

FUNKYMACGIRL: after you wash the bleach, dry it, (towel dried) and apply toner

JuleniAG: So do u apply the toner right after u bleach it?? Or does it have to dry or do u have to wait a week or two for it?

Maria Mejia: I love this video!! It tells you everything you need to know

daisylilred: Hi, I previously dyed my hair a light golden brown and since I had blonde highlights it kind of turn them like a greenish brown color but you can't really tell. What color do you recommend me to color my hair in order to hide the highlights that keep popping out, thanks!!!

Max Brown: I have white hair and what to do my hair silver cus my roots are yellow Whats the diffrents between t14 & 050(cooling Violet)

Jessica Roose: very informative!

FUNKYMACGIRL: omg sooo long ago..this video is vintage..hahaha im glad it helped you!!

barraza9907: FINALLY! a video that says step by step how to prepare developer and toner! :) thanks so much!! You have such cute hair!

FUNKYMACGIRL: buy both and if it golden you can mix both

IzzyofDeath White: I'm going to ombre my hairs medium brown hair and she wants her tips white! I only have a short period of time to use this and am gonna use a 40 30 + 20 developer for the ombre its just im really worried cuz shes got red-dip dye at the moment and even if she does remove it the tips might still be stained so when i bleach it it might go orange... I don;t know whether to choose the T18 or T14 but I need to order it beforehand because I live in the UK and we don't have Sallys in stores... plz help!

HelloDahling1: Can you please post a video of; bleach blonde to brunette and what could go wrong?

FUNKYMACGIRL: ivory lady will tone it down and make it look biege i dont k now what type of blonde your looking for but yes this will tone it down..and as for the orange try and lighten it more, but if not and since its underneath try the ivory lady, ive used it and it made my white hair look a little darker

ThePorcelaindoll27: My hair is bright yellow and majority of the hair underneath is a more orangey color. I've heard not to apply the white lady onto your hair if there is any orange in it because you will end up with a "weird strawberry blondish color". I read a few people saying i should use Ivory lady to tone my hair since there is both blonde and orange. basically i just want my hair not so extreme yellow. I trust your advice/opinion the most. Should i use ivory lady?


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the DARK side of Hair reviews? FOR THE LAST TIME! lol
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