Heater Blower Motor Troubleshooting

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nightowl5473: VDC = volts DC not current.

Billie Davis: WHAT DO I DO


Dani Harlan: U have to pull up some time for the heater will blow

Antonio Sanchez: He also saids negative voltage it's called common ground

Rick Ivens: Hi..,. thanks for the video... I'm stuck at step 1... no continuity... what do I check? I "rigged" a ground wire from the blower ground pin connection on the blower itself to a door frame bolt and connected the power part of the connector to the blower motor and it ran when key was turned on, but only on high speed and it didn't matter what the fan control was turned to ... even when turned off, the fan still ran, high speed, as long as the key is on. Thanks for your help. My car is a 2004 Chrysler Sebring...

ragoo43: Hi richpin . My blower motor won't work on high but all other speeds it does. When I check the voltage at the blower plug there is 12 volts. I do have continuity to ground. Could it be a bad blower motor? Thanks

Kick Ahaw: thank you !!!

Bradd J: Your measuring voltage bud!! Don't say "If you see current there"

Nelson Vega: Hi Rich at 2.06 you mention "if you see current there then thats the problem, the motor is bad..." (checking the purple wire) Thats where im stuck because I got continuity at the black wire, but at the purple wire (meter setting at 12 vdc) I got no current there (0.00). So I went ahead with each step thereafter and I checked off "ok" on each step you provide from there. to the end. The blower dosent work. Continuity at the black wire, check. Current at the purple wire, no. Ground at relay, check. Live current at the socket, check. IGN fuse test light, check. Connection to the switch, check. 15 amp fuse, check. Check resistor, check. So could it be the switch? If it is. could you do a video to show the replacement procedure my friend. I would appreciate your kind guidance with this. Thank you in advance and God bless you and your family for all you have done for so many years for all us little guys.

jobamasux: Thank you for making this video!  I was able to diagnose and fix the problem with my heater blower motor!  Mine turned out to be a bad connector at the motor!   Unfortunately the wire that connects to the blower motor can be bumped by the passengers feet and cause a short!  I corrected this by taking some electrical wire and pulling the wire up and wrapping the tape around the motor. wire and connector.  This should prevent someones foot from inadvertently striking the wire!

John Walters: My 2006 Chevy Equinox Blower HVAC Blower works then stops for days , then suddenly Starts up again and runs for days, Then after a some period of time Shuts Down, ETC.

Joe Fazzari: This is extremely well done. Thank you for posting this video. It is extremely helpful and complete. Are you a shop teacher? If not you should be.

Paul Webster: You don't address what needs to be repaired/replaced if there is NOT continuity in your very first test of ohms on the Black wire going to the plug to the blower motor. My black wire is slightly melted at the connector and there is high resistance (no continuity).

bert forbes: I have a 2003 camry where the blower motors don't turn on. But when I check the wires at the motor, I have continuity to ground on both wires. No current on the hot wire. I swapped the blower motor relay with horn relay. This changed nothing.
I am really not sure of the labelling on fuses and relays.

Paris Nicole: so in ur 1st steps checking blower wire purple/blckstone if u have current it's no good or is it good

8233Eire: You've set your DMM to measure voltage, not current. Current measurement needs to be set on the AMPs scale!

8233Eire: Get your terminology correct; you don't see 'current' your see voltage!

mike ryan: yeah but now you are spreading the prongs where relay and plugs goes by using a cotter pin. You are creating and future poor contact . You should use  proper test equipment, that cotter pin is a lot thicker than a blade contact on the relay

The Saturn Life: somehow i dont have the blower motor relay cube. im guessing a passenger kicked it off at some point (the cover is missing anyway) how much do the relays go for?

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Heater Blower Motor Troubleshooting