The Original M1 Buddy, M1 Garand Cleaning Port

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JPD: Poor mans chamber brush. What a way to insult your would be customers.

800lb Gorilla: Generally speaking you'd be right but the Cal .30 M1 is different; every time you field strip an M1 you degrade it's accuracy. Two of the most important factors regarding M1 accuracy are 1) the trigger group locking lugs and 2) tightness of the receiver-stock fit. Field stripping wears the lugs and loosens the fit. Striping is recommended 1/yr or 1K rnds whichever comes first. For a match-quality rifle, you would not want to strip every time. Combat rifle, different story. Hope it helps.

Hunter Van Sciver: Im 13, and I own an m1 garand, well, its in my moms name, but I need one of these

Michael Backus: What a superb idea...just ordered mine...with the brush and handle...awesome product...looking forward to receiving and using it...!!!!

Reid Neilsen: Gonna order one. Awesome!

Briggs1700: Bore into chamber? Isn't it the other way around?

Voltaic Age: Thats a national match hooded rear sight.

Bounty B. Wolf: I always disassemble my weapon prior to cleaning. If it is required to clean in a intense situation , I wouldnt care about solvent spray into the action because I wouldnt use any. Your gadget only being useful for those who are too lazy to properly field strip their weapon for a more through cleaning. Its not a engine or nuclear reactor. its a M-1 rifle. Very sturdy, reliable and ease of maintenance with a minimum set of cleaning tools. Thank You, Hope you sell many to lazy people.

Snowman1510ify: What is up with your your sight?

cowboysfan1ism: Thanks for the video about to clean mine

jdizzy01: this is brilliant! do want

Wagner Tom: Made in america^^ even as a european I love it! sad sad today is made in china on most gun tools

novabrian: freak I hope you don't own any guns.That would be scary!

Vin496: So even after watching and listening to the video, you still couldn't figure it out, because there was no thread title? LMAO!!

David Christian: Wow, you actually watched this video and still asked that question? It's painfully obvious what this product is since the entire video describes what it is and how to use it.

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The Original M1 Buddy, M1 Garand Cleaning Port 5 out of 5

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The Original M1 Buddy, M1 Garand Cleaning Port