Deadpool Cake - How To

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Emmanuel Gallardo: I was the one that post to make a dead pool Cale

ProfessorH0b0: Ok youtube, I watched one of these cake videos. Now will you please stop trying to get me to watch them by showing them as a featured video everywhere I go?!

Xenofiene Zenfree: I respect!~!!!!

Ian Periwinkle: DeadPool is possibly my favourite MARVEL character! SO looking forward to making this!

Damielou Shavelle: weee prettttyyyy

TheAuzzyLife: Dude thats awesome =D ! Good crap !!!

Gary Allen: great recipe awesome cake as well.

kostatinos19: Watch this video,Subsribe

abdullah shahid: Awsome

CakesByChoppA: @KES7281 the red is just a normal food colouring.. the black was the gel, but yes i did ad water to it.. so it was a little runny

An na: I love it!

CakesByChoppA: BEST. COMMENT. EVER! HAHAHA thanks for watching and subscribing :)

Jessica Ortega: Hey i really like your cakes and was wondering where do you buy the sponge in the video Thanks :)

mralamao24: YOU ROCK!!

SugarDemon1035: This cake is best served alongside a heaping platter of chimichangas.

CakesByChoppA: @CookingwithKarma WOW thanks Karma! i love your videos :) Such delicious food! Best Cooking channel this side of the country!!!

Lixou Choubi: Please do a Camera cake ! ;)

Eliseo Cano: Oye, ésto estuvo genial!!!!! :D Gracias por el tuto. Saludos!!!

Jorge Romero: MrNitrokitty. YOU SUCK TOO. At least he can make it

amychristykim: Who is dead pool and what is dead pool and dead pool looks laik

Jermaine de la Motte: SLENDER CAKE!!!

dan coster: Do the delorean from back to the future

sunsetlover: That is wicked cool... I simply love how talented you are

Vibeth S.E.: now this is what i call a talented boy

Jazhua Vanboven: Dumb question... can you tell me how you made the tillable icing or email me? I want to do this cake for June first... and have attempted it in last with no luck only using reg icing. Please let me know.

greenwichwitch: can i ask what the cakes are called never seen them in the UK

KornFanaticBeck: Please please please do a Korn cake!!!!

Colby Sears: all of ur cakes r awesome :)

Rakeem Basith: how about hulk cake?

Kasey Farr: do bat manga

Angel Hyuga: can you make a Dante From Devil may cry it doesnt matter what game it is from

ArmadilloReaper: I wish I could make this....

t8cym1: How about transformers

AleeshaWeesha: That's awesome! I've made and decorated many cakes in my lifetime. I could make this easily! Thanks for the instructions.

mjdrfthnbz: Kka

Rolo Ninja: Food gel dye.

CookingwithKarma: Looks awesome Chop! :)

Currently Disconnected: cool dude nice trick for the eyes

littleweirdguy: freaking awesome Choppa!

nawaz54511: where did u get that unfilled double sponge cake from?

rahafa5757: I love the game Deadpool. You should see pewdiepie's review

Jorge Dominguez Arizpe: Your the best make avengers sighn y

Trai Dagucon: <3<3<3<3<3 ! I know sean will love it, it will MAKE HIS DAY first thing in the morning when I show him!

Ivanna315: Make umicorn cake please

Kevin Stalks: can you show us how to make deadpools body????

RobinKing: oh and you forgot to mention one thing that you need for this cake!.....talent!

Dylan Mckeon: my AWSOME superhero cake is DEADPOOL, and captain america

MukeisatsuZettai: Anything this guy makes I just wouldn't even want to cut into it, his cakes are like art.

stuckinthemedium: *fangirls everywhere*

CookingwithKarma: @CakesByChoppA ... LOL! ;D

Deadpool Cake - How To 4.5 out of 5

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Deadpool Cake - How To