Deadpool Cake - How To

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ProfessorH0b0: Ok youtube, I watched one of these cake videos. Now will you please stop trying to get me to watch them by showing them as a featured video everywhere I go?!

Ginger Dimapasok: Try to make deadpool cup cakes

Emmanuel Gallardo: I was the one that post to make a dead pool Cale

sasuko sosuke: Ahhhh!! XD 

Wade Wilson: I respect!~!!!!

Kay Smith: where did you buy your basic sponge from please? wanting to attempt this for my geeky friend who's mad on deadpool but cant find basic sponge like this anywhere? 

Ian Periwinkle: DeadPool is possibly my favourite MARVEL character! SO looking forward to making this!

Damielou Shavelle: weee prettttyyyy

TheAuzzyLife: Dude thats awesome =D ! Good crap !!!

Gary Allen: great recipe awesome cake as well.

kostatinos19: Watch this video,Subsribe

abdullah shahid: Awsome

CakesByChoppA: @KES7281 the red is just a normal food colouring.. the black was the gel, but yes i did ad water to it.. so it was a little runny

An na: I love it!

CakesByChoppA: BEST. COMMENT. EVER! HAHAHA thanks for watching and subscribing :)

Jessica Ortega: Hey i really like your cakes and was wondering where do you buy the sponge in the video Thanks :)

mralamao24: YOU ROCK!!

SugarDemon1035: This cake is best served alongside a heaping platter of chimichangas.

CakesByChoppA: @CookingwithKarma WOW thanks Karma! i love your videos :) Such delicious food! Best Cooking channel this side of the country!!!

BeyShoux: Please do a Camera cake ! ;)

Eliseo Cano: Oye, ésto estuvo genial!!!!! :D Gracias por el tuto. Saludos!!!

Jorge Romero: MrNitrokitty. YOU SUCK TOO. At least he can make it

amychristykim: Who is dead pool and what is dead pool and dead pool looks laik

Jermaine de la Motte: SLENDER CAKE!!!

dan coster: Do the delorean from back to the future

sunsetlover: That is wicked cool... I simply love how talented you are

Vibeth S.E.: now this is what i call a talented boy

Jazhua Vanboven: Dumb question... can you tell me how you made the tillable icing or email me? I want to do this cake for June first... and have attempted it in last with no luck only using reg icing. Please let me know.

greenwichwitch: can i ask what the cakes are called never seen them in the UK

KornFanaticBeck: Please please please do a Korn cake!!!!

Colby Sears: all of ur cakes r awesome :)

Rakeem Basith: how about hulk cake?

Kasey Farr: do bat manga

Angel Hyuga: can you make a Dante From Devil may cry it doesnt matter what game it is from

ArmadilloReaper: I wish I could make this....

t8cym1: How about transformers

AleeshaWeesha: That's awesome! I've made and decorated many cakes in my lifetime. I could make this easily! Thanks for the instructions.

mjdrfthnbz: Kka

Rolo Ninja: Food gel dye.

CookingwithKarma: Looks awesome Chop! :)

Currently Disconnected: cool dude nice trick for the eyes

littleweirdguy: freaking awesome Choppa!

isra nawaz: where did u get that unfilled double sponge cake from?

rahafa5757: I love the game Deadpool. You should see pewdiepie's review

Jorge Dominguez Arizpe: Your the best make avengers sighn y

Trai Dagucon: <3<3<3<3<3 ! I know sean will love it, it will MAKE HIS DAY first thing in the morning when I show him!

Ivanna315: Make umicorn cake please

Kevin Stalks: can you show us how to make deadpools body????

RobinKing: oh and you forgot to mention one thing that you need for this cake!.....talent!

Dylan Mckeon: my AWSOME superhero cake is DEADPOOL, and captain america

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Deadpool Cake - How To 4.6 out of 5

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Deadpool Cake - How To