Nikon D90 LCD Screen Display Replacement Repair

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Latoya Faulkner -Williams: How much is usually the replacement cost to replace it.

Mini Me: any idea how to replace the top lcd screen on a d7100.

nuevoarte graphics: many thanks! you save my nikon d-90 thanks thanks thanks i repaired in 20 minutes

nitrous dude: Just a follow up guys. Replacing the MCU PCB (easily done with part available from eBay) solved the failed LCD problem that wasn't fixed through LCD replacement. Just thought someone might benefit from this.

nitrous dude: You're lucky.  There are D90's with LCD problems that don't respond to replacing the LCD.  The camera works fine in all respects BUT the LCD on the back has grey vertical bars. No information, no menu options.  It appears to be due to a PCB failure but the question remains: which one.  The MCU is easily available on eBay.  The other one, not so easily obtained, is called the Imaging Power PCB. Any thoughts?

nitrous dude: Does anyone know which PCB (MCU or Imaging Power PCB) is replaced for LCD failure, typically with vertical grey bars and no actual information, that doesn't fix with simple LCD replacement?

Alex Bourquin: Thanks! Be careful not to turn the screw too much inside. I broke (a little ) the screen.

A Farrow: I used this to fix my D40X. There are six screw holding the ali plate down around the screen and the screen is stick down with tough tape. Use a small screwdriver to prise the tape without bending the ali plate. The little cable clamps are tricky too. But a $17 repair and all is good! Thanks.

RICHARD PHILLIPS: Excellent video worked a treat. I used this way to get in and replace the glass screen.Once the LCD screen is out the way,gentle pressure on the front screen will push it out and a replacement can be put in with no damage to the outside of the camera. As stated further up you must ensure the ribbons are back in correctly or you will have a blank display screen. Thanks again for this video

Ken Mac: Forgot to say - I took the D90 to Nikon in Toronto and they said $400 to repair and suggested I scrap it. $35 for the screen and after watching this video my son has a very good camera. As we were about to leave on vacation when I dropped it I had to buy a D7000 :-)

FreestylerFrisbee: excellent - thanks so much. just to make sure i had the appropriate size of phillips, i bought a $14 set of "precision" tools at officedepot. and a note for those who view this in the future - it is critical that the 3 cables be inserted/installed fully and properly before you clamp them down.

lomeli134: my screen does not turn on after installation....can you make a video showing the best way to install the ribbon cable back, and also the steps backwards. All my buttons seem to be working fine just no display.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Peter Arnold Riche: You were lucky to have srews which were not seemingly glued in; I managed to get four out but the others would not budge despite pitting all my strength against them...Nikon unfixed, shame :(

Ken Mac: Fixed my D90 thanks to your video. Stripped one screw head but managed to make it work. Thanks very much!

drzsta: Did you use Use Phillips-type screwdriver size '0' or '00'? If so, were the screws too tight? All of these screws came out as normal for me - just make sure you press firmly so the screwdriver doesn't slip and round the screw head.

Jens Børresen: I tried this but 4 of the screws are impossible to get out. I use the right screwdriver ofc. Any tips on how to get it out? Please answer.

Justice Diven: Thanks for posting this! I had a bit of a struggle assuring that the ribbons were pushed in far enough to get a good connection, but otherwise everything worked great and you saved me over $200 dollars!

J Spazz: Thanks, 10 min and done

drzsta: about $20 (USD)

Σταύρος Νικηφόρος: how much did the part cost?

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Nikon D90 LCD screen display replacement repair 5 out of 5

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Nikon D90 LCD screen display replacement repair