How To Paint Using A Spray Can

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Carter Wall: Ive heard its better to use a primer. Is that true?

BOOKER ZACHERY DEWITT: when u said 55*f did u mean inside or outside

Ivan Lendl: Thank you. This video was really helpful!

Justsayin: I got sick of paying more for the paints than the model itself in terms of Tamiya tiny little cans etc. So i was going to try automotive paints instead. I have read you can use the plastic primer as base to protect it, then you can use whichever paints you want.It costs significantly less.To get a decent coat on a model auto body and all panels you would use 2 cans of tiny Tamiya cans. At $20 a can that $40 just for the body alone. Auto paints are $12 each and large enough to only need one.

George ThomsonB: what paints do you use and recommend thank you

VolkswagenFan '38: Do you paint all of your models this way?

Dennis Henrich: Does this work with 2 tone colors ?   What about a top coat ?  Is it used in the same way ?  by the way, good video.  I knew I wasn't doing it correctly, but didn't want to do it this way for fear of having to strip the whole thing and start over.  Am having problems with decals silvering and shrinking at the ends on NASCAR kits.  Could this be my problem ?

Joe Wozniak: when I paint the paint blisters on the models that I a lot of times do. I'm wondering if you could give me any tips on how to avoid the blisters in the paint? it's pretty frustrating when that happens... not to mention hard to resolve.... thanks.

Simon Says: How do you remove the Tamiya paint? I applied way too much on my first spray and it left dripping marks :(

Christian Wijaya: I have a question: Did you prime your car model with the same technique like you show on this video?

FiRsT465: can I use sandpaper to fix the orange peel and paint the model after that again ?

clancy smith: Hi spencer im building a lowrider model and i would like to know what types of paints give would i use for glitter finish

Mike Galvez: rough like a sandpaper

Mike Galvez: ive tried that but mine turned out to have a rough finish.. 

dalbir singh: can you use car spray paint on a model car or does it have to be from a company such as tamiya.

Caio Ghiotto: This song is in sushi cat game lol

Habib Ahmed: Im new to making model cars and i'm wondering how to spray paint cars without getting dust on them

Cameron Jones: The body looked warped a little. Or I'm suffering from deliamia!

Siko Zick: The paint work in metal ? 

addicted2modeling: I used your method on my 99 Silverado custom pickup model kit and it came out really good! I did some polishing with the Meguiar's Ultimate compound and it brought out the highest gloss possible and that's without clearcoat. I will use clearcoat because I have decals and some masking to do to sand off the body moldings and paint them flat black.

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How to Paint Using a Spray Can