Complete Guide To APM2.5 Ardupilot V3.0.1 Setup For F450 Quadcopter Flamewheel Or F550 Hexacopter

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Tania Jorajuría Gómez: Hi Peter! We have a 2.6 APM mounted on a DJI F450. We are suffering tremendous problems related with the altitude and attitude when flying Loiter mode. We have covered the barometer (small piece of foam) and still crashes everytime. The parameters log shows a fictitious altitud descent (50 m down the actual level). At this time we have many doubts about several potential causes: overpressure produced by props?, Wrong PID parameters? Rest of parameters? With these poor data, could you please bring us some light? Thanks a lot, Tania

Breathe - RC: hi peter simple question what is the difference between the ardu pilot and the hk pilot mega ? doing a search for setups takes me to the same place everytime ? help

Johnny Chang: Hi Peter, I've tried your setups for the 680pro, but only 4 motors span when I raised the throttle. The motors and escs are fine. What is the problem? By the way, Do you have the Pids for the 680pro on your google docs? I'm stuck. Please help me.

Alexander Dumbhead: Hi Peter, When I plug my battery into my quad, it emits three short beeps, and then one long beep. What does this mean?

beaver2206: Great Vid. I am taking notes! I cannot see the Parameters file you mention in your google docs folder. Will this work for a Tarrot 650 frame? Thanks

Juan Esteban Jaramillo: Hey Peter, I've been watching your videos and It has really helped me to get my f450 in the air. I'm having 2 problems right now with my build, when I put my gopro and my tarot gimbal the quad struggles to mantain altitude, and no matter what I do I can't get rid of small yaw oscillations on my videos. I'm using your F450 PIDs btw

Henry Lee: Hi Peter, many thanks for taking the effort to make this video. I just bought my first quad with apm . It's definitely not easy BUT after watching yr video, it's seriously not that bad. I have a query though. I m using dsx9 or x9303. I could only manage to get 5 flight modes out of radio 5. Any suggestions on how I can get 6 modes or am I stuck owing to the hardware limitations of this old transmitter? Thanks again for the hard work put in.

MrTaz0079: You mention fastex, have you got any more information please. 

Philip Price: I have been flying mine for over a week on dead cat setup works great...using taranis for controller step a bixler with apm....`Big thanks Peter will send you a couple of pint via paypal the very least I can do.

Max A Million: what does ap_motors: failed to create throttle curve mean?

mat green: Ok apm cost about 100 quid for every thing. Naza lite, very basic 180 quid approx and no where near the features of apm

Mario Halkyer: Thanks Peter, I will definitely be following your lead. cheers

Cismas Alexandru: Hi Peter, I have a frame just like yours. I am doing the exact same steps, but my quad is not working the only think i can control at it is throtle. Also nothing from the PID controling meaning the stabilization . Tell me what i am missing. I am trying to make this for someone if i will succeed i will take more quads and i will take it from your shop . REspectfully alex.

SkySessions Uk: I enjoyed watching this video. Im starting to build a quad using a 450 frame, 1000kva motors , apm 2.6. Ublox gps .. and 3dr telemetry. Fatshark fpv setup. Ill be reverting back to this video during setup. Very helpfull. Subscribe if u want . Lots of videos going up soon! 

Rolf Varga: Good day sir.I have a problem with a throotle,when i arming end giw a ful throotle the motors go up 20% immediately,not enough turn to take of the qwadcopter. Sorry for the bad English

Alexander Dumbhead: Hello again, Peter! After following your instructions and answers to my questions, I have finally successfully put my F450 in the air (stabilize mode)! Thanks for all the help! However, there are still some things that are quite unclear to me, for instance: 。When I put my quad in Loiter mode, it starts bobbing up and down quite violently, losing, and then regaining altitude, which almost every time, ends in a crash. Any Idea what might be causing this problem? 。Another weird fact about my quad is that when I put it through the setup "compassmot", it indicates as only 1%. Is this normal? 

Neto Salvador: Peter, Can you inform websites that you download firmware for crius v2, i have big problem to configure, when connect the, mission planner on terminal, show me megapirateIG. other dougts is how to clean all the program setup and start on zero again with all the program. Please canyou help me . Firts i need aderess from websites to download the firmwares that can install used mission planner. Thanks, Neto Salvador

DAVE NORTH: hi peter could you help me please.I am trying to connect my APM 2.6 to mission planner.i have selected correct com will download firmware.but when i try to connect to mavlink,it stoped at "got param RC6-TRIM".i figuered that one out by pluging in my gps + compass.but now it keeps stopping at," got param RC10-TRIM". i have tried hundreds of times to connect.but no joy.Hope you can HELP thx Dave

Marcus Keeler: It's interesting this video is 36 minutes long. A similar setup video for a Naza would be probably 4 minutes long and the thing would work perfectly afterward unlike the random results from this open source POS

MrMiguu1: Lol, cables transferring vibration... how about making a real APM than can handle the 4x BEC..

Stentoumis C: Dear sir Please let me know which update Is the most accurate and up to date

george g: very useful info.

Akbar Akbari: proper British setting!

Alexander Dumbhead: When I switch off my transmitter, the PWM jumps from 1099 to 1612. How do I solve this problem?

Stentoumis C: dear sir Thank you for your time and your applies I ve tried ESC calibration and the throttle response was perfect.After arming APM the problem still exist no sitable response. Any advice,?

Philip Price: Just followed you video step by step really easy to understand replaced my naza m v-2 with apm 2.6...only thing i couldn't calibrate was the qbrain esc throttle with my taranis otherwise pretty slight forward a big thanks...I just couldn't get the red amber blue...but reboot osx and recycled apm and everything now sweet..thanks....going to look at your tarains setup next 

Philip Price: Hi is this the same instruction for your new dead cat model? The spider FPV

Alexander Dumbhead: thanks you Peter for the awesome video, however, when I try to arm my quad by pulling the throttle to the right, it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Btw, I use a DX6i.

giorgos arab: hi very nice video where can i find your price lists?

Stentoumis C: dear sir Please let me know if you ever had a problem in radio reaction to throttle I use a futaba T6EX .I move forward throttle and the controller reacts after 5 sec. Please advice

Mohammed Buti: hi flite test have recently bought a APM2.6bord buti im have problems like the bored is not recognizing the ESC its going to a calibration mode but not arming noting can you help me pleez ? this is my e-mail

al h: Have just finished mounting the brushless gimbal you supplied - works so well! check out this video of a short flight: Arducopter 2.6 - gimbal stabilised footage Although not used in this video it has an amazing loiter - seems not to move at all! 

rabone1963: here you go bud have a look at this APM 2 5 flight board you can make this

pedz2010: Hi peter im about to order the spider kit but it says * "F450 Spider (like TBS) Quadcopter frame with camera mount (All Black)" is not available in the requested quantity. 1 of the items will be backordered Do you not have that in stock at the moment? 

DAVE NORTH: well it just does not seem to work its been driving me mad.looks like ill have to buy one off you next week.thanks again for your help.

Tick C: yes just tried it and it worked thanks Peter This is my first Build ... i need all the help i can get LOL Thankx again

GeekSpot: Hello there, thanx a lot for the video. I'm still a beginner, so i've got a newbie question: Why do we need to use that Radio Control, can't we make the APM fully Autonomous? Without any RC's? 

al h: Have just set up my arducopter using this guide. I watched it twice - once before starting and during my set up. Took my machine out for maiden just now - Hovered on the spot +/- 1m in breezy conditions for entire battery on loiter mode. Cant thank you enough for your guidance. Al.

DAVE NORTH: thanks will try again and let you know.

Ron Merigold: Hi Peter great video. I was planning on using the quad ESC for my build. You mentioned that the bec in the esc's generate allot of noise for the Ardupilot. Have you had any experience with the Q brain quad esc and it's bec? The whole esc unit would mount near the Ardupilot.

Tick C: i didn't think you could plug in the apm to your computer and the Battery at the same time .... ? thanks for the video... Great help

SuperDoroto: Hi Peter I did what you said 3.1 beta firmware from Mission Planner and my 3.1 tuned params file in my x copter but I get this message prearm: acro_bal_roll/pitch How can I fix it sorry for my english (google translate) greetings Toon

Stentoumis C: Dear sir Please let me know about where to download a stable and easy to fly param. File . I can't stabilize it it can't hover Thank you in advance 

mehmood jafri: i have uploaded the firmware on to the FMU. and then i try to connect it i get the message "cannot connect com 3 access is denied" . can anyone help me with this problem ?

rob bailey: Hi do you know if the parameters you have set work with a HJ X-450 MWC X-Mode frame and APM2.6 instead of 2.5? Thanks

Tick C: Does this work with APM2.6 also?

Andrew Larking: Life saving video, thanks. :)

MrCorby4: Thank you for all your help . without this video I would have had a much harder time. I have had a few successful flights so far.But I have another problem. When I hit RTL it comes back but does not land . It just hovers over launch point about 40ft high.Have you ever had this happen? All RTL settings are set correctly I believe. I've tried 3 times and always got the same result. Thanks,Rich

26Falcon: Thank you Peter this is a great help and a time saver I still put a plug in for you every time I take it to the field still flies great now it will be better

Complete guide to APM2.5 Ardupilot v3.0.1 setup for F450 Quadcopter Flamewheel or F550 Hexacopter 4.8 out of 5

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Complete guide to APM2.5 Ardupilot v3.0.1 setup for F450 Quadcopter Flamewheel or F550 Hexacopter
Complete guide to APM2.5 Ardupilot v3.0.1 setup for F450 Quadcopter Flamewheel or F550 Hexacopter
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Complete guide to APM2.5 Ardupilot v3.0.1 setup for F450 Quadcopter Flamewheel or F550 Hexacopter