Net10 Wireless Internet Speed (bring Your Phone)

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cbjewelz: what APN settings did you use? (you can PM me), thanks

MattNT10: Hi Jesus, this is Matt of NET10 Wireless. Since you are using the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy S II, it would only work with the unlimited plan. This means that the deduction is not by 'minute per minute'. You have unlimited browsing, however, you must not use too much data. In connection to this, you may review our Terms and Conditions on our website. Should you have any question, please send us an email at Thank you.

internetaccesss: Unlimited internet some times I use more than 5gb in a month but they never lowered the speed.

internetaccesss: Go to click on phone programing you see the apn settings

Yeinziel Levy: Net 10 tienen limite de velocidad q babosos y se llenan la boca diciendo q son ilimitado...

Leonardo Baldizon: Can you post another speedtest video ?

Jesus Hernandez: hey i have a question how does data work on net 10 do they like charge you per minute on stuff like speed test app facebook and instagram or does it not charge minutes how does the internet work like minutes and all that i have the samsung galaxy s 2 skyrocket

javier. espinoza: Can I use it for the galaxy note and does it support 4g

ccmks: I agree with you. I used to use NET10 AT&T sim and download several large file tethered to my laptop. At the end of the month, I ended up using 20 GB of data usage and they never throttle me or cut me off. Now, I am using NET10 T-mobile and use almost 5GB with no warning or anything. All my activity included tethering. I am kinda surprised how people got pissed of on Straight Talk while I can use so much data on NET10. NET10 and Straight Talk are same company, right?

internetaccesss: Sure you can I'm using galaxy s3 for my self.

internetaccesss: I think when I use the net10 sim on tmobile is faster than att sim.

internetaccesss: Great choice you won't be disappointed.

apc2065: sure i will post another speedtest video soon.

internetaccesss: And the 4G internet works great.

internetaccesss: Yes net 10 and straight talk are the same company but net 10 uses t-mobile and AT&T towers and straight talk uses sprint network .

apc2065: No this is a new program that you buy a sim card and you can use it in any gsm phone even the iphone without unlocking it. They offer unlimited talk text internet for $50 a month. Check out the best buy store for the sim card pachage . The package has three sim cards in it one micro sim card for the iphone and two standard sim cards one for att phones and the other for tmobile phones.

Net10 wireless internet speed (bring your phone) 4.4 out of 5

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Net10 wireless internet speed (bring your phone)