Off Grid Water: Simple Pump With Solar Option

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Wulf Claw: Awesome set up. I'm wondering what your well depth is.? Will this set up work on my well 175'. static table @ 65, if I recall correctly.
Thanks for the vids!

Allie Hunter: I live in Florida with main water source is a well. I'd like to have one of these for emergencies. Do all well companies know can install these? Average cost?

Hardtailz Bikeroutlet: Hello Engineer 775 I have been following your installs for sometime now. I did a Simple pump today. Depth 180 ft with 22 9' PVC .  I have a 7 " well casing but Gary/shipping sent what appeared to be a 6 3/4 replacement cap.  We tapped the cap on thinking it was simply a snug fit, and proceeded to fasten the set screws.  After assembling the entire system we started pumping eventually the cap worked it way loose.  Now I have a 130lbs of pipe to remove.  I assume I was sent the wrong cap, as what I removed measures exactly 7" in diameter opening.  Any suggestions? Thanks Paul

Drone Retrieval Unit: Do you sell something like that? Tomorrow I will be installing my simple pump with linear motor. I will be setting it up with a 24v battery bank. Simple Pump recommends not running the motor below rated voltage. I do not have much experience in this department yet. I am pumping into a holding tank. Maybe a float switch? Let me know what you recommend. Also, how do you keep off-grid pump houses from experiencing freezing temps in winter? The well is 150' from the home, uphill at least.

Drone Retrieval Unit: Do you use a type of low voltage shut off?

jeanne miller: WOULD THAT  PUMP WORK ON A 300 FOOT WELL?

Gary Smith: I'll give the pressure gauge 1 day

1MileAtaTime: I was wondering if you could make a video or explain what would be an ideal set up for those of us that live up north? I have been hesitant to move forward with a system like this because of the temps we get in the winter. Thank you for all your time and the outstanding videos.

MrRedbeard2010: you should check out Suniva solar panels they are the highest watt/ amp for your money very nice and have 5 different panels to choose from. 245 watt for $236 or so thought you would find interesting.

MrWildextreme: how much dos something like this cost?

ken prepp: Your videos are great for the electrically knowledgeable watchers. Not so much for the typical preppers that are attempting to learn/build/survival from scratch since most of the devices,pieces, and parts you use....won't be available when SHTF tomorrow morning (not really thinking tomorrow, just saying for effect) unless everyone has the funds to run out and purchase every thinkable part known to man right now. Video title midleading....NOT "simple" at all.

tkarlmann: I was hoping you would show the size of the solar array needed to run this. Thanks.

hermand Vogel: What keeps this from freezing,,I noticed you only have 2x4s in the walls. Do I need more insulation in a nothern states?

ZivaForFreedom: rofl. you may not read this but I seen the word "simple" in your vid name so I took a look. AH!! thats so not simple!! Wish I could have something like that in my backyard but they dont allow springs in the city here. Sure would be nice to have you as a neighbor though. Your mind is amazing! "Ziva"

Kade Porter: Engineer775, I'd be interested in doing a similar setup. Do you sell the parts or have a parts list? I may have to build an insulated pump house or alter the setup to deal with Idaho's cold winters. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

glockfan86: so the well pumps to the tank which then pumps to the house?

Drone Retrieval Unit: Another awesome setup! Have you ever put a hand pump on a cistern? Or made a set up like this on a cistern? I am getting ready to install a 2500 gal. cistern below ground and am trying to think of the most versatile setup. I built a water organization module for water filtering, but it is 150' down from the cistern. I actually have that same h20 tank that you have in this video, but i noticed the 90 degree steel elbow on the bottom was already rusting. I went ahead and put all stainless on it.

wyattoneable: Outstanding system. Thanks for spending some time to share with us.

2020tesla: instead of the jumper could you just use one set of contacts? when they eventually fail you could move the wires over to the other set.

Autobahn No Limit: Cool back up!

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Off Grid Water: Simple Pump with Solar Option 5 out of 5

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Off Grid Water: Simple Pump with Solar Option