How To Make Youtube Film Reviews

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Baustein Nutzer: Thank you

Reel Slasher: How do I put film clips in a video?

Celeste C: Hey there!! I know you did this video quite awhile ago but if you happen to see my comment and answer I would greatly appreciate it! (Awesome video btw, really helpful!) Do you think its a bad idea to do reviews for movies that came out awhile ago? I want to do a horror review channel and I want to do current movies but Id also like to review movies that maybe came out a few months ago. Is this okay or is this considered a no-no? (If anybody else has an answer for me Id love to know what you think as well!)

A Girl Has No Name: You've answered soooo many questions , I hope you got time for one more? You've already been really helpful much like your video, everything about it was extremely helpful, and informative including the comments! 😄🖒 I was wondering tho , in your opinion, what is the best camera to use and lights (and set up) ?

Mobile Plays: My brother wants to make a film review channel. I hope this helps!

Five Second Film Reviews: Interesting stuff! Quite right about keeping things personal - you’ve got to have passion for whatever you’re doing.

I’ve just started my own channel of Five Second Film Reviews - excited to see where it goes!

Holosexual 4 life: If u wanted review a Netflix show or a movie you watched online, how would you get b-doll footage of the media to put into your video?

Andrew The Piano Junkie小安要彈琴: Didn't discuss about copyright issues?

Am2 Ace: Do you think it's possible to make reviews on youtube entirely in voice over only?

Am2 Ace: are there any reviewers out there that you think are overrated?

Am2 Ace: What inspired you to do reviews in the first place?

Madelyn Andrews: What about copyright issues for videos?

Bajan Treasure: Hi where do I download trailers

Haroon Haneef: Thank you

dgoldstraw: The bit I wanted help with more than anything was the purely technical aspect of how to actually get footage from a film/tv episode on your video, for use in a review. Is there a particularly good/cheap editing program/site people could recommend? Even with such a footage, how then do you get clips from the internet and the like in it? Is it as simple as just linking or downloading said clip?

AKAJK: loved this video, it was extremely helpful!!

Roll Credits: Woooo I make a cameo in your video about film reviewers!!!

RAGE SPELLER: i mean which software/app for making review

RAGE SPELLER: which software

Maya dreams: I wonder where do youtube r download the trailers to use it later,isn't illegal?

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How to make Youtube Film Reviews
How to make Youtube Film Reviews
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How to make Youtube Film Reviews