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Jack Ryan: The only way to deal with Banana Hobby is to file suit against them. They are incredibly disingenuous. What I resent most of all, are these videos showing, these rc aircraft flying, as if everything is perfect, while the average consumer is left with less then perfect products in hand. The complaints are as numerous as the aircraft sitting around on the floor in this video. I must assume that this individual in the video is either a self proclaimed con artist or a bona fide fraud. Consumers have many rights. Each state has laws regarding fraud and illegal activities.

The Better Business Bureau can be contacted and a full report submitted regarding your experiences with this business. Several years ago, I considered purchasing an rc aircraft from this company. After watching those now, infamous videos, with this fellow named "Pete", I thought it seemed okay. Especially for someone who,has only a little experience in rc aircraft. After reading some documentation regarding Banana Hobby and watching several videos made by customers, I decided to test the waters. I called Banana Hobby. A male answered the phone. I explained that I was interested in purchasing a product from them, but required some reasonable assurance that I would receive the necessary support in case things did not go well. The individual basically did not listen to what I asked and more or less gave me the brush off. I learned many years ago to test companies before purchasing anything from them. Further, consumers/customers must have reasonable assurances that they are investing in something that will work, as stated. Needless to say, I did not order anything from Banana Hobby, nor will I ever order anything from them until they improve by 100% their customer service and business practices.

Flying rc aircraft is supposed to be fun and very enjoyable. As well as rewarding. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with con artist or crooks who think customers have "stupid" written upon their foreheads. Well, that is all about to change and for those who have experienced this fraud and deceit, please contact your Better Business Bureau, file a detailed account of what occurred. Be very truthful and accurate. With dates, times, who you spoke to etc. Then file a formal complaint in your local court regarding the matter. Again, this will require you to submit accurate data regarding your experiences. If you can afford an attorney, do so. It may seem petty to some, but when you consider the amount of money Banana Hobby has made off of unsuspecting consumers, having an attorney becomes more understandable.

People cannot just throw their money away and be told, let the buyer beware. There are laws that protect consumers and those laws must be enforced. People have an absolute right to a refund or a free replacement. Don't be bullied by charlatan's hiding behind their so called company rules/regulations. Get your money back. As for Banana Hobby, they will cease to exist because, the long arm of the law, knows no bounderies when dealing with crooks.

Ethan Fairless: Wow that's a LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johan Delannoy: why r u guys so mean to him u guys are all dumb asses

Torrance Boyd: When are you guys going to start production on the f14 tomcat?

MonacoBlast: There's no such thing as RTF. It has yet to be invented.

DJ Kinney: The plural of "aircraft" is "aircraft." And a synonym for "most hated dude in RC retail" is "Pete." Asshole.

TheDropForged: Sounds like him as well

phicao12: That a380 looks awesome!

justin76bmw: i got a parkzone (i think?) typhoon stunt plane. the thing has gone down more then a $3 whore (3D-flying is tricky to learn), its indestructible! the best $200 plane i ever had.

justin76bmw: wow, you guys must freak people over big time. theirs dozens of videos warning people not to buy this crap. i'm going to take their word on it.


John: haters gonna hate

Khyle: That makes no sense at all Idiot ._.

Harry Beckwith: heh,I just saw all your videos clustered in to one.

LCD_NSC: I like the video

Leonard Leon: sUKGAHHH ...

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Tommy Jensen: omg i love RC helicopter

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Banana Hobby is MOVING! 5 out of 5

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Banana Hobby is MOVING!
Banana Hobby is MOVING!
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Banana Hobby is MOVING!