Disconnecting A VRO Oil Injection On A 1996 Johnson 60hp Outboard

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alejour: Hi. It's been 4 years since this video. How is the motor running now? I've been thinking on disconnecting my VRO for some time now because is putting up too much oil and my plugs are getting swamped. Always wandered about performance in the long run. Cheers and great video.

Charles Otwell: Thank you for useful info.

Russell Black: Yes sensor is mounted under tank. But it is a little fiddlly/fragile so be very careful. Maybe try disconnecting at the other end, it has a light blue/black wire combination. Of course this why I created the video, so people would not have to go on long goose chases.....

Ronald Evans: Yes, the alarm sounds when engine cold I tried disconnecting the temp sensor The oil tank is full I did not check the oil tank sensor. Is it in the tank? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Russell Black: @koers12 Even if they are not exactly the same in terms of where things are placed, just do the 3 key things - disconnect the black and tan wires from the oil res, disconnect the oil line and plug it, and look for the lead coming from the VRO that has 4 wires and that funny D shaped plug. Watch the video to see what colours they are. Cheers

Russell Black: The two wires are sheathed, so you will only be able to confirm their colour when you can look at the ends at the connecting point. It will be easier to find it if you undo the tank bracket so that you can lift the tank to look under it easily. (It does have the motor mounted oil tank?) The sensor will just look like a sheathed wire plugged into a circular mounting point. Once you lift the oil tank it will be either the oil pipe or the sensor wire. Just follow wire and unplug it.

Darkskate12: Dude get your eye-glasses on, there is coming water out of da engine :-DDD

hingindorf: Awesome. Thank you so much for the quick reply! You are really helping me out here.

Russell Black: When a VRO system (pump and all the hoses) goes bad it is often because of an air leak (more likely in a hose joint). So that means that the fuel is being mixed with air even before it gets into the carbs, or injectors. So at regular idle there is not enough fuel getting through to maintain the idle. With the throttle wide open the fuel pump can dump enough fuel into the motor to keep up a "fake" fast idle.

grego805: I have been certified since 1990 and actually took the VRO course in OB1 at Rancho Cordova. There are not 100 parts in a VRO. It has two chambers , a check valve and two springs. The pump is driven by crank pulses. At slow speed , the pulses are strong enough to only compress the light spring therfor mixing at 100 to 1. The fact is the small orifice exposed at slow speed that supplies carbs cant over oil. It's impossible and if you have a large fuel tank on a real boat the oil savings is big.

Russell Black: Calculate how much oil should be in a full tank. Then add that amount of oil to the tank and then top up the tank with fuel - this will mix the oil and fuel. Then disconnect the fuel line at the tank and drain the line back into a bucket. If the fuel line has some length, put it over the side of the boat so that there is no spillage into the bilge.

Russell Black: Also have a look at my disconnecting the vro on a 140hp. Cheers, sent the pic.

Ronald Evans: Is disconnecting a VRO system on a 1998 mercury 60hp outboard the same?

Petterjunior: You need to find a decent mech. you have an air leak on the oil injection .

hingindorf: How is it that the fuel continues to get pumped but the oil does not if you unplug all the wires on the VRO? Thank you.

Carl Brown: Thank you I Have a 1998 Johnson 175 can still be done?

Russell Black: Short answer - the fuel pump. The fuel pump and the oil mixer pump are in the one housing. The job of the vro is to pump oil and mix it with the fuel which is being delivered by the fuel pump.

Sue Thompson: @tapmad pre mix ratio 50:1 ? cheers

Russell Black: Different to Johno. Oil pump seperate from fuel pump. Is alarm sounding when engine cold - maybe faulty temp sensor, or check oil tank has enough oil, if it has - maybe faulty oil tank sensor. If you want to go premix then put some premix in fuel tank. Follow oil line from oil tank to oil pump. Disconnect oil line and plug with bolt and clamp. The oil sensor wires are light blue/black and have bullet style connections. Locate sensor wire on oil tank but disconnect them at other end. Rusty.

breanna819100: u ur mat and ur johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell Black: There are 100s of parts in the VRO SYSTEM. The delivery of premixed fuel and oil to the cylinder involves all the bits and pieces from the fuel and oil tanks to the VRO pump itself. You have only described the parts within the PUMP - not the SYSTEM. You could have a perfectly working pump but still have issues triggered by other parts of the system. Unfortunately, like overly complex modern cars, once the wear and tare sets in, it can make it almost impossible to maitain without huge cost.

Russell Black: @kiasoul10 If you had actually watched the video to the end you would've seen it drop to 1500rpm and it was still falling. That's within 50 seconds from a cold start.

Russell Black: Yes you can disconnect the VRO. It works the same way. Maybe the wires will be routed differently - but it works on the same principal. Just a tip for all people reading this. Check that the fuel pump side is working ok before attempting this. This procedure only helps if there is a problem with the oil delivery system. If she ain't pumping the fuel, then premixing wont help! Good luck.

Sonny .Chow: whats the premix? 100 to 1 or 50 to 1? 2-stroke

Russell Black: When you disconnect the D shaped plug, as shown in the video, that should stop the oil warning buzzer.

koers12: is it the same for an evinrude with the vro

Russell Black: @blairmoss yep 50:1

Russell Black: @TheSarniboy1 50 to 1. Use 2 stroke oil.

xoxemoneyxox: Thnx.

orignalbuckaroo: TNX for the vid !! Can you tell me which wire I need to disconnect, by-pass or what ever , to stop the warning alarm system buzzer ?? Thank you.

Russell Black: The pumps are mechanically driven, so the oil side is still actually going, just no oil going in.

Russell Black: @Cwynn83 Yes $900 is better spent on fuel, beer, bait and tackle. Just remember to premix your fuel. Cheers Rusty.

TheStevedenton: hi, can you help. i have an evinrude 90hp vro v4 . last time i took it out it ran for a while then struggled and then stopped completely. when i checked the sparkplugs one wasnt even used, the lead was shot. i have replaced the leads with new ones, buti am still concerned that the vro doesnt work that well. if i follow your video regarding premixing and cuttingoff the oil does the vro pump work fine on its own or do you need to get a new pump also? what do you recommend thanks steve

Ronald Evans: Can you help me in disconnecting a VRO system on a 1998 bigfoot mercury 60hp outboard? I do not believe it is working, the alarm is sounding and is not smoking. ronneevans@aol.com

eastsidesigns1: sounds like it wasn't getting oil and running on dry gas. you just run mix now? no difference in the way it runs? thanks for the vid!

Russell Black: Yeah there is a big difference - no more problems - just goes and keeps going! ;)

Russell Black: @Petterjunior that's the whole point. I want to go boating, not spend my time looking for mechanics. Finding an air leak in a VRO system can be very expensive if you are payinf for a mechanic to find it. Like I say in the video - 30 minutes, no cost, happy boating!

Russell Black: @breanna819100 (It took me a few hours to work it out!!!!!) Yep, me, the misses and the Johnson!!!! I think she married me because I had a "Big ol' Johnson!!!!!!!!"

camom494: I'm confused so how does a bad vro pump cause your engine to idle at like 6500? Is it because it's pumping too much oil the you have to lift the fast idle lever all the way to keep it running?

neptun3se: You disconnect the wiring from the oil reservoir and You disconnect the three wirings from the VRO-pump. Plug the oil-line, and then You pre-mix oil and fuel in the tank. I guess You then use the VRO-pump (just the fuel-side) and pump the pre-mixed fuel from the tank, but what is powering the pump since You disconnected the three wirings from the VRO-pump?

jlchevy82: Dude, why don't u have some muffs on it,that's a big pain and costly to fix that if u ru it out of the water..and u bsically eliminated the oil injection?was that the purpose.?thanks..don't run dry,not eve for 10 second!

Russell Black: Thestevedenton, that's a tricky question, because so many things can go wrong in the vro system. Just do the disconnect, change to premix, and see how it runs. So there is no need to change the vro pump if it is pumping fuel ok. Most times, it is not the fuel pump that upsets the overall vro system

Ronald Evans: I can not find a light blue/black wire combination wire on my 1998 mercury 60hp Bigfoot outboard motor, oil tank or oil pump.

Russell Black: @hingindorf The pump is mechanically driven, it is not electrical. The wires are for the alarm etc. So if the wires are not unplugged the alarm will sound because there is no oil.

Mike Elsner: Great video look forward to more ! The origional owner of mine had VRO removed when it was new at the dealers recommendation, they blocked it off on the insidie of the case instead of cutting the hose, I sold the unused oil tank and hoses and box of bits that went with it on ebay for $75 when I got the boat which paid for a shiny new pull tube for the kids...

Russell Black: Yes take out the oil reservoir to reduce weight and free up some space. Yes the pump will still pump fuel but no oil. No the low oil will not work (and there is no need for it to work), don't forget to premix!!!! Yes the overheat alarm will still work. Happy boating

Sue Thompson: obviously you have to mix oil and fuel in the tank after this. I have an inline filter water seperator and was wondering does oil clog or foul up the filter? Thanks

brian briggs: how do I change a water pump on a 93 70hp evinrude

jim carrothers: With the VRO electrically disconnected what causes the fuel mixture to go from the tank to the carbs . ,That is, what pumps the fuel mixture to the the carbs.

Russell Black: @mnkelsner Thanks, hope I can think of some more common problems to fix. Your story reminds me of my previous 87 Johnson 60hp. It stalled an left me stuck a 100 yards from the boat ramp, straight from having it serviced. I took it back to the mechanic and told him I wasn't Fn happy and to fix it properly. When I returned he presented me with the disconnected VRO tank and said "there, now it will be reliable." And he was right!

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Disconnecting a VRO oil injection on a 1996 Johnson 60hp outboard