Disconnecting A VRO Oil Injection On A 1996 Johnson 60hp Outboard

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Ciarán Cronin: Hey! I'm just wondering. Going to try this on Thursday but if you disconnect the wires to the vro how does the fuel pump get powered? Where does it get it's voltage from?

phill downes: VRO is terrible, the idea of it is great, but its just a bad design and is not reliable, not even omc can tell you at what rpms the oil ratio is ??? thats why they give you the little yellow plugs from new to close of the oil side and use premix at 50 to 1 ratio. people try and say they have good vro, no that is a lie, they do not know what ratio is getting to the internals at a given rpm, say 4,000 rpm what is the ratio ? well it is variable so you cannot be sure.. these motors were designed for 50 to 1.. vro was just an easy way out to get the motors to pass emmisions.. if a vro pump stops working then simply revert back to premix and use an old style pump for reliability... you wont regret it..... old style pumps are very cheap and easy to service. then use vro oil tank as a spare back up fuel tank  or leave it at home... I would never ever trust any vro pump even if it was brand new...

Mike Durhan: Sad thing is, it probably wasn't a bad VRO.  Probably an air leak on the fuel side - which made the engine lean (high reving) and smoky, since it was getting a full shot of oil, but a gas charge mixed with air from the leak.  Oh, well.......

David Siegrist: I have a 98 Johnson 35hp outboard.  No issue with smoking, but gas is getting into the oil reservoir on the motor.  Is this the same process to bypass the fuel injection system and just run mixed fuel?

MANBEARPIG 7734: so this video didn't show you how to bypass the vro it just showed you how to disconnect it I don't understand how to bypass the vro. I have completely remove the vro and would like to figure out how to hook up the lines without a vro

Chris Williams: My boat recently broke down on the water and we had to be towed. The fuel bulb was cracked so we bypassed the bulb straight to the engine. We were able to get her started, but as we ran the boat it started losing power in spurts eventually died on us. We were able to get it started 1 more time in which smoke started shooting out of the back, we shut it down and were unable to start it after that. We had to be towed to the docks. Cleaned the carburetors and the engine started. When I cleaned the carbs they were full of fuel and oil mixture which seemed to contain more oil than fuel. Other than that they were pretty clean i side. After putting the carbs back on and starting the engine, unfortunately there is still allot of smoke coming out of the back. I ran the engine for a couple of minutes, off and on for a total of around 4-6 minutes. I have a 1996 Johnson 2 stroke outboard with a seperate VRO Oil tank. Do you know what the problem may be that is causing all the smoke. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The Crow: Don't forget to mix the oil into the gasoline.

Sean Woods: Hi will this bring the low oil alarm on?

Josh King: I have a 1989 evinrude 150 xp smoking bad checked for fuel leaks can't find any it's just adding to much oil I would assume could I remove it on a 150?

Braulio Carrasco: I have a question please help I have a 70 Johnson motor and the motor cranks good and idles good also but when I do full throttle my engine shuts down ! Any idea of what can it be ?

John Smith: Your a legend rusty thanks for the video

BigWater59: Isn't your VRO your fuel pump also?

FamilyMann: You rpms was way to high blow the motor running that high on start up

Stephen Melnichuk: Could this procedure work on a 1986 90 hp Johnson?

Michael Marsland: Thanks! Followed, found and disconnected with no trouble

The Wide Open Life: Did you reclaim the last of the oil??

And what fuel oil ratio do you run it at now?

alejour: Hi. It's been 4 years since this video.  How is the motor running now?    I've been thinking on disconnecting my VRO for some time now because is putting up too much oil and my plugs are getting swamped.   Always wandered about performance in the long run.   Cheers and great video.

Charles Otwell: Thank you for useful info.

brian briggs: how do I change a water pump on a 93 70hp evinrude

Rusty Stainless: The two wires are sheathed, so you will only be able to confirm their colour when you can look at the ends at the connecting point. It will be easier to find it if you undo the tank bracket so that you can lift the tank to look under it easily. (It does have the motor mounted oil tank?) The sensor will just look like a sheathed wire plugged into a circular mounting point. Once you lift the oil tank it will be either the oil pipe or the sensor wire. Just follow wire and unplug it.

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Disconnecting a VRO oil injection on a 1996 Johnson 60hp outboard
Disconnecting a VRO oil injection on a 1996 Johnson 60hp outboard
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Disconnecting a VRO oil injection on a 1996 Johnson 60hp outboard