ZTE Majesty 796C Review Part II

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Benjamin Myers: This is not a long term phone. Have had for awhile now and it's been turning into a pile of poo for quite sometime now. It's on its last leg. Will be pre ordering the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 soon. Looks like a WAYY better phone. Yep.

Da Kid Gowie: Thanks for the review, man. I have the same LG phone and I'm currently looking to upgrade and this review sold me. I'm not really active on my cell phone. Most I do is use the internet and the usual social apps like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The fact that you mentioned it can also handle Vine, really took it over the top. Thanks again!

James Hall: "freak",lol

Echo Bailey: I have bought this phone zte majesty 3times this week. my phone battery would go from 35% to 0% in less than 15-20mins... I am not sure what is going on...??? Its fully charged. I am hearing the mi-power app that comes with the phone has major glitches and making the phone die quicker.. I have tried to unistall the app but it wont let me disable it. I can only force stop and even when i push force stop it still is running.. straight talk does not want to help me they just want to keep sending me a new phone and its getting irritating... What can I do to change this problem?? :"( Is there something I need to download to make it stop dying so fast

Eric Herndon: Good review! Nice to see a good reivew of Straight Talk phone!

americangirlove911: can u put a password lock on th phone

Sam Jefferson: can i put a password on it?

shawn williams: I wanted to know if this phone has face recognition to unlock it like the Huawei Ascend Plus does and when you receive phone calls does the picture come up as large as the screen as well??

hotmustang09: how did you benchmark test the phone what program is it

Sparkster: There is like no way to root this phone. I'm starting to not like it lol

oOJadcklesOo: :( all the good phones are so expensive, at least its not 399.99 to 600.00 ugh 

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: Nevermind my rage lol. Figured a walk around to my problem. I turned off auto sync for picture upload to google plus along with going into the apps settings and disabling gallery and force stopping it along with clearing all its data. Now my wife is happy and taking pictures again and can delete her pictures at will from the original picture app on this phone. That damn galley app is a mess. Can't delete pictures off it and it syncs every damn thing to google plus so I shut it down.

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: Wow, this os why android sucks. You have to go through so much damn options and freaking babysitting its god damn pathetic lazy os and can't find anything. Man now I understand why I love iphone and apple os devices. No babysitting their os at all.

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: Cant delete the freaking backup galley pictures. I turned off auto backup but in the gallery it will not give a damn option to delete her pictures she wants deleted off this damn zte. What a damn mess.

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: How in gods name do we delete pictures off this damn phone. My wife and I are getting so pissed trying to figure it out. Its so damn simple on ios devices to delete pictures. I see no damn option to SELETE pictures from its gallery. This is why I hate android phones and prefer apple devices.

BananaNutBread: So how is the Savvy receiving a better benchmark score than the Majesty with the same specs besides the Majesty having a better processor clock speed? Is the smaller screen really enough to boost performance by that much or do you think it's inconsistent benchmark scores? Great reviews though. :)

BLUExEYEDxSLICKT: Why are you scared to use your real voice? You think the drones will get you or something? Lmao.

Jorge Colmen: You're absolutely right! The benchmark is a score but not the result of the processor speed. Thanks!

Sparkster: Anyone got it rooted yet?


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ZTE Majesty 796C Review Part II 5 out of 5

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ZTE Majesty 796C Review Part II
ZTE Majesty 796C Review Part II
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ZTE Majesty 796C Review Part II