How To Make A Blowgun Dart

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Uncle Ho: nice accuracy! how far do you shoot and what would be the furthest effective shooting distance ?

dave williams: No, I don't hunt. This dart would be capable of taking down a lizard or a bird. I'm not sure if it would kill a squirrel or similar unless it was a head or heart hit. I teach jungle survival here. There's really no reason to kill anything in a survival situation and it's not likely that you'd have a blow gun with you if you got lost. ;-) Everything you need to survive is available in the plant kingdom and by eating insects. Water is the absolute most important issue in survival here.

luke formisano: No problem do you hunt in Thailand, if so what do you get

dave williams: Wow, thanks Luke. :-)

luke formisano: Probably the best video I found

dave williams: Tape isn't as sturdy as this thin plastic, plus the sticky side gathers debris. These cones last a lot longer than tape. Thanks!

dave williams: I make them. This pipe is an odd size as I get it here in Thailand. The standard bore cones don't fit in it.

Dead Ass: you can just use tape

steven booher: where can you buy the cones

dave williams: I'm not really sure about my bore size as I don't have anything other than a ruler. It's a bit bigger than .625 though. Penetration would depend on what you're shooting. These darts go in about an inch or so in my dense foam archery target. I don't really hunt, but I'm sure it would to deep into a squirrel or bird. Thanks for your comment.

CP 1993: what is the inside diameter of your blow gun or if you would happen know off hand the caliber. I was jw because I have a .625 big boer blowgun and was curious what I could expect as far as penetration. grad video btw. short and to the point.

dave williams: Thanks, buddy. My goal was to keep this one short. I just started messing around with a blowgun and I'm finding it very fun indeed. I'll probably make more videos in the near future. BTW, one thing I like shooting is coconuts. I've got them all over my yard. I shoot the green ones as getting a dart out of the brown ones is much more difficult.

NaturalFork: Nice video. Nice shooting too!

dave williams: I was trying to keep it short. Maybe I should go into more detail on how to make the dart. Let me perfect the technique a bit and see what I can come up with. Thanks for commenting, Adam.

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How to make a blowgun dart
How to make a blowgun dart
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How to make a blowgun dart