Make Home Made Sterno Type Fuel For Cooking, Camping & Prepping. A VR To SoulSurvivorx2

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FREDERICK CAMACHO: Is the Diatomaceous earth you used Food Grade?

simon4043: You might like to check out a new design I've posted with internal and external flame jets. It works best with ethanol, heats from the moment it's lit, doesn't need a pot stand and allows easy retrieval of unburnt fuel for later use. It also works well with charcoal

Yod12: Thanks! I've found gelled alcohol and a small amount of wood pellets to be a good fire starter in my wood stove. Recently, been putting 70% ethyl, sometimes isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and squirting in on the pellets . I read a vague description on a chemistry site to use eggshells, vinegar, and alcohol. Been collecting eggshells for years, but never got it to work. I have found absolutely no toxicity from burning alcohol fumes; I wouldn't intentionally get close and sniff it in though. Will try this.

funkingitup: Diatomaceous earth is a serious breathing hazard that can severely damage your lungs. I prefer just burning ethanol. I take a bottle of Everclear on my lightweight camping trips. I burn it for fuel, I wash my hands and pots with it, and it gets me drunk. Here's how to make a penny can stove:

mellotron: I saw no proof that it was steaming at all.

T Po: Great idea for using in outdoor fire pots. Certainly much cheaper. I too wonder about using it in an indoor setting, like the alcohol fuel fireplaces.
Does burning this make any kind of odor?

Timothy Aguilar: I Buy My DE From Earthworks. Thanks For This Clever Use!! I'll do a Test With an Infrared Heat Gun, Sweet Idea 💡!!

HoneyBaer: Good idea. There's just one thing I would've included to make it perfect... A reusable rubber lid like people use for pet food that comes in cans.

Jason Miller: Can you use 90 + proof vodka or any other type of alchohol?

John Schlenker: thank you

John Drew: +Robb's Homemade Life
Hi ya boss; How long does one of these cartridges burn for?
What kind of size pot, could they heat like, say 4 quarts?!?

Madison C Iowa: I have been wondering how to make gel fuel. Is this way as safe for household use as the store kind?  I mean is there anything toxic where I would need to worry about fumes?

Bob Ullrich: Great video. I'm wondering approximately how long the size you made would burn?  Thanks.

believe it: I don't think you have to worry about toxins being released from the DE but I have heard that 70% rubbing alcohol does let off some toxins in its fumes when burnt. Mehtyl alcohol is better alternative. If you do use rubbing alcohol, make sure it is well vented as you suggested.

bobinmissouri: good video there i sub to ya btw i made this i used a quart paint can (new can) put in the powder and added the alcohol when i get done using it i put paint lid on can and put it out it does work and last a long time i get over a hour on burn time before i have to add alcohol to it

JC Wood: Shirley is correct about the killing of pests with (DE). You can find out how on other youtube sites. For not being a poison it kills fleas in the carpets and furniture like nothing I've ever seen before.

Robb's Homemade Life: George, Google is not letting me reply, but I got my DE from ebay but you can also get it on amazon

shirley zolman: hey I have 4 gallons of this stuff (DE) glad to have a new ideal on how to use it I use it for killing spiders and ants and all insects. Thanks!

George Lee: Where do you get the dichotomous earth from.

surferd619: add calcium acetate to ethyl alcohol works well to . your ingredients are most likely to be easier to get a hold of ...     

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make Home made Sterno type fuel for cooking, camping & prepping. A VR to SoulSurvivorx2
make Home made Sterno type fuel for cooking, camping & prepping. A VR to SoulSurvivorx2
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make Home made Sterno type fuel for cooking, camping & prepping. A VR to SoulSurvivorx2