Browning BLR Take Down .300 Win Mag

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Dan N: It's my understanding that the bolt should be back when removing the barrel? Seems like you could mess up the bolt locking lugs otherwise.

Yeah Bee: they should really make extra barrels for this so you could have several calibres

Martin Goshulak: maybe not block the view of the take down...

Matthew Phillip Prater: You probably should never dry fire a center fire rifle

Jon snow: Why can't my Winchester Ranger be this easy?

Petri Kivelä: I don´t have this gun anymore. Note that break down is easier with bolt open.

taskmen: do another video just showing the gun off i like the vid but would like too see more of the gun thanks

ZFlyingVLover: browning needs to figureout how to add a 10 round mag to this thing. Then EVERYONE would want one.

mdredheadguy1979: Looks like a very nice rifle. I bet that take down makes it easier to travel with for hunting out side of your state.

solomandan: fricking great video straight and to the point well done

Winchester: Another video showcasing this lever rifle please. Great quality!

Petri Kivelä: Kyle Obst, you are right. BLR was on my hand just one day, and released to customer. So it was not so familiar to me. And yes, no harm to firing pin. Got 30 yr experience of that.

jedirifleman: spastic-grabasstic.

Kyle Michaels: It's perfectly ok to dry fire most center fires from time to time, though I wouldn't make a habit of doing it all day long. It's rimfires that you dont want to dry fire because the firing pin will impact the edge of the chamber. I have owned quite a few centerfire rifles/pistols that the owners manual has said that it is ok to dry fire.

hustleandsnow: Your going to wreck your firing pin if you keep dry firing it.

Kyle Obst: If you open the lever it will come apart easier

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Browning BLR Take Down .300 Win Mag 5 out of 5

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Browning BLR Take Down .300 Win Mag