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Coisas de isabelle: muito linda, belissima meus parabens porem eu gosto muito tanto é que tenho hoge 4 brinquedinhos desses comigo.

Rick Z: That is one nice 22 Mr !

Amauri Fucks: honde eu consigo compra una desa

Cleb: I bought one of those today 200$ brand new never been shot factory condition when I shot it, it shoots better then any gun I ever had

Matthew Drinkwine: A lot of people don't mention this but when Winchester stopped making the Model 62, Rossi actually purchased all of the machining tools from Winchester and brought them down to Brazil.  Even though it's a replica, technically it's made from the same machining tools that Winchester used.

watcherman65: I've heard of the blues selling for $300 and the stainless version for $50 more..

steppnwolf76109: I found one in really bad shape....I re blued it today and sanded the stock and forearm down and re stained them. The extractor was broken so it would fire but wouldn't eject the round I found a replacement but it is a Winchester 62A part. . You can find parts for these guns but you really have to look.

Martin Karon: Great rifle. I've been looking for one for ages.

Leonardo Alcantara: Jeremias!

Eagle of FREEDOM: nice video.

Wayne Galley: I have one of these. It's a great little gun. I've been thinking of selling mine to buy a semi auto. It seems to be a pretty rare gun here on the east coast of Canada.

Fungus Exterminator: That's an excellent gun. I own one and it has never given me a problem. It is well made and accurate.

Customairseals: They are not worth much, mine had broken main pin the one that goes through the hammer, I machined a new one now it's a shooter

Benjamin Nagy: I have one of these in perfect condition. It's worth almost nothing as it is only a copy of the original Winchester Gallery gun.

Country Jesus: @gigerchild actually the safety is the hammer pull it back to the first click

Customairseals: I am not sure some parts could be, I don't have a Winchester, are you trying to repair one?

Guns & Gears: Would the parts interchange with a winchester ?

commonsense369: YAAAWWWWWWN. Is it a Rossi slide action?

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ROSSI 62 22 RIFLE WINCHESTER 1906 5 out of 5

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Winchester Pumps utah 1
English Talk show by Lorenzo Rossi 62 (part 1 di 6)
English Talk show by Lorenzo Rossi 62 (part 1 di 6)

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