DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

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amber M: All these jealous Westerners saying its "only because of oil"..only 20% of dubai's income is based on oil export. The rest is purely on business and tourism. 

Ed Taylor: Just to get real here! London is clearly the greatest city on earth and the worlds capital. Dubai? Culture? History? Architecture? Fake more like. Where do the arabs go for their holidays! London. 

b0ness: I don't get why everyone's saying horrible things about Dubai? Dubai is absolutely gorgeous, its a brand new country. I live in Dubai, and it is one of the safest and most peaceful countries i've EVER been too. There are no beggars on the roads at all. Everyone has a job, everyone is welcome. The president is so free, and use's any chance or even to get to know everyone that comes to his country! Everyone knows everyone its a very tight comunity, there are amazing schools, and great job offers. I mean come on, its amazing here. All I see here is "It's all because of the oil" okay, so what? Every country is made because of something, like for example Columbus discovered America, if it wasn't for him, what would be America? I didn't here anyone in my life say that "Oh, it's all because of Columbus, thats why America is so famous" it sounds stupid. Now, you might be judged by the title "Dubai: Greatest City On Earth", but thats just to grab your attention. I bet more than half of the people saying bad things about Duabi haven't come to Dubai and are closed minded. Just give this video a chance and try to understand how Dubai has grown! :) 

ALABAMA RTR: I'm American and I'm getting tired of people saying "America is the stupidest country" Personally I think Europe is the stupidest country. 

berbatov3890: Lol, 'the greatest city on earth'. It's just a sandbox for the rich. There's no community, very little culture and a very dull nightlife.

MegaSasoky: this is show us. human will power . human can do amazing things if they belived in them self 

ss2727ful: New York is still the most powerful city on earth : wall street,NASDAQ,UN HQ,Cultural capital of the world,Financial capital of the world and political power of the world. Dubai is a great city but it doesn't come crap to NY

lnpkural: Its oil money nothing else, they dont have technical skills.

sullivan o'brien: its definetly not the greatest city on earth, only one place holds that title and its new york

Vyper H: The most beautiful cities are in Europe

T Rockefeller: mmm all i read is a lot of butthurt americans haha!! Dubai, a brand new city!!! Eww york...just an old 1920's looking sewer stinking overpopulated metropolis...oh it's populated by "inner" inmigration

Thom Harrison: Dubai looks impressive from a helicopter view, but at ground level there's a cultural vacuum. If you're not into bling bling and shopping there's not much else. It tends to attract those with the baby-boomer/yuppie habit of expressing and judging everything through consumerism/status symbols.

Chevy Chase: This place makes New York look like a complete dump.

yujil da: greatest city? probably new york london tokyo,dubai is just a bunch of oil owners building the tallest tower,biggest theme park,6stars hotel,trying to impress the world,its not that advanced

Sierra Bee: Let's be honest... Dubai is an amazing city but is spoiling the earths natural sources.

Aleksey Strekalov: This is what happens when you don't steal money, but actually put it to the benefit of society. I feel like this city reached the peak of modern day technology and innovation. Respect from NYC!

InactiveAir: Sorry to be honest about it but this tall building fight is just a modern version of prick waving. I say this for all countries who decided to spend money on meaningless buildings. Use your resorces and find a way to end world hunger or something that is worth doing

angel swe: Dubai 

MisterNickOtine: and so islands made of sand melt into the sea, eventually. well hopefully not because its freaking cool.

D. Paul League: The only question I have as a human being is not how, but why. If the oil dries up, will Dubai also? We have knowledge of great civilizations around the world that once thrived in places like this, only to become monuments of what once was.

Vaishak Acharya: The best Dubai the best city!!!!!!!^*^**^

Thomas Ashraf: Dubai is a Sodom and Gomorrah of the Middle East, they allow many sins to go on there.

Sean Sulaiman: Kabul is the best ... Just take a walk in Kabul to know what I am saying..... 

Emak Euteu: I agree it is the greatest city in the world, because the fact that they could build such a city in the middle of dessert, and I can see it's not that easy to build and yet the city looks so beautiful... amazing! I wish to go there one day.

Anthony Tony: Dubai is a gorgeous city. I've been to time-square NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas strip, and these locations can't compare to the vast,seemingly endless, spots Dubai offers. 

badmiyagi .s: It would be nice for a change to not see all this bickering. They are all great in their own ways, with each offering an unique and singular experience with identity. I just praise them all for what they've achieved, inherited and become. That's all folks. Happy Holidays!

booboo chombu: one tsunami & all those islands will land up at the bottom of the ocean, somewhere inland, or marooned in the middle of the ocean....but until then...... enjoy !

TayTay BeyNippy: Dubai/Seoul/New York/Tokyo/Nairobi/Sydney And London Are Cities I Wish To Visit In My Life Time :)

robert glenn: Have to imagine that Dubai's homeless are but paltry millionaires...

Ammar Radhi: Like if you came here because of Dubai's 2015 fireworks celebration

seldenkid48: 1. Paris 2. New York 3. London 4. Tokyo 5. Shanghai 6. San Francisco 7. Chicago 8. Rome 9 Rio de Janiero 10. Sydney

Elocvent Doitrei: geologist Katherine Goodenough.I can't take this documentary seriously after this=)))

pandemonium san: Humanity is digging its own grave and no one wants to acknowledge it since we've all got our blinders on nice and tight.

bimba- lola: Taniah sekali lagi buat Malaysia kerana Berjaya menduduki Kerusi Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu[PBB],2014,,sekarang Malaysia peneraju ASEAN,,

Ian Zhuckkahosee: they said in the beginning that there was a challenge of getting water hello your right next to the ocean then ten minutes later in the video they was like we solved the problem we just got water from the ocean duh it said it took them years to figure that out I just wonder what took them so long to figure out that the ocean is full of water that's like the most common sense thing in the world when your next to the ocean. Where do we get water ? that just goes to show money can't buy everything

paul greenwood: Fascinating documentary, loved it. Just for laughs, can you count how many time the narrator Thom Kikot said 'challenge'?

Ani Tsering: What an amazing achievement. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is an amazing visionary. All that great renewable energy too! So much sunshine in the desert made all of this scientific miracle possible. Heath? No problem! Desert sand will swallow buildings: there's solution here, no problem. Ski in the desert: No problem! Amazing. Whatever the reason and however expensive, I'm sure it makes people of Dubai happy, and it's beautiful. And the ruler is kind and compassionate and not interested in conflict but loves humanity. That's all I want to know. Good heart.

boy-fj: Many are saying new york is the greatest city. it was no its dubai turn.....

psychotronik13: Next step, build a moon base.

German Torres: I’m speechless, Dubai without a glimpse of a doubt lives up to it nickname the “Desert Jewel” If anything I would call it the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Dubia is the acme example of the great life in abundance and all things possible, my respects to the great minds of our times the visionaries, engineers and above all the Great Leaders that had the courage to take such a Gargantua’s step. Dubai will Most definite will go down in history for one if not the Best Cities of the World of all times! 

Ninini1965: SORRY, WRONG! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!!!!! ...If U're a wheel-chair user, it's NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I wish I cud say different but...); Í challenge all de Sheikhs; bring me(AND MY HELPER) over - we'll giv U 'de guidance' 2 make it wheel-chair friendly AND ACCESSIBLE. 

jai rul: from desert become future city on earth! I'm impressed!! 

Rubayet Tanzeem: Man, it's going to be so sad when it's time for the End of the World and all these hard work would be destroyed :(

Tavga Hawramy: 70000 Years ago human had tools , its been fantastic lesson

mexicn22: NYC is a craphole compare with this city 

i_m_a_rainbowww: Hey guys, i made some travel video about Dubai))) please, visit , my channel and leave your opinion there))) thanks, love)))

tvnist: That not the greatest city on earth. Buildings can't not make the city. 

triton emperor: This city just breaks records,,,,the tallest and most profitable skyscraper in thw world, biggest shopping mall in thw world, most stars in a hotel (7 stars), biggest indoor ice skating place, most beautiful man made island, palm jumeirah, amd finally it ha sthe most valuablea d prestigious square kilometer in the world..........and to answer the concerns of all the islamophobics out there, Yes all these records can be broken in an islamic country ! Yes, thousands of europeans and americans live here and prefer to stay rather than going back,,Yes,,Yes ,Yes all of that happens in an islamic country, so take it easy and open your minds a little bit

abd boji: This city built by westerners minds and Indians workers.

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DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth 4.7 out of 5

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