DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

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Soltan Saleh: Dubai like bagdad- iraq befor 70 year ago 

ThatAnnoyingGuy: Abu Dhabi is richer. 

YoungBlaze Of Chitown: Dubai reminds of those places in the bible where things are just soo luxurious , but hopefully it doesnt become a victim of its on circumstance

mmafrankie23: Im from the UK, I have money to buy a place. anyone who lives here would that be a good move from England? Is there work? please answer anyone that lives here

BickSayless: This place will be a ghost town within 20 years.

Layla Greenleaf: Going Dubai in july soo excited XD

plasticrunner: iv lived in dubai for 20 years and i have only seen 6 sand storms ...ever

Don Cross: Singapore is nice, but different to Dubai, but Ive only seen Singapore on stop-overs

MrShadowfax42: No.

Joseph Betancourt: nice high buildings

Michael S: A city is not judged by its buildings, its judged by its people, by its culture. You cannot blatantly say "Look we have big building! This is the best City in the world" Because that would be false. Can you find a blend of Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and every country in the world blended together in Dubai? Will you find a beautiful history of every single small business that has come over from another part of the world? No. Will you find street performers, unbelievable plays, or men and women trying to create the American Dream for themselves? No. Will you find the history of how people moved and settled into Dubai? No. Will you find 520,000 small businesses in Dubai? No. Dubai is an amazing place with some amazing buildings, but to classify Dubai as better then New York City is like comparing a Dwarf to a Giant. The people are what gives the city its personality, a feel, not the buildings. 

VaLonn Mehmeti: In this video you can se and think deep about muslims! muslims are not terrorist, muslims are trying to make world better not to destroy it.

Aliearia Starr: Angels exist 4 Dubai's growth...The man behind the curtain has a spirit not meant to be swept away in secret. The highest Source of ALL THAT IS deemed the co-creator of Dubai worthy. Who are you to say anything less or more?

Walter White: What kind of a name is Goodenough?

Chris Kan: what a nice ''video'' i suggest to every one to what it !!:)

Dan Zena: This city looks impressive and all but it won't last too long, its probably one of the most transient cities. In 20-40 years I can see this city being nothing.

Frank Jax: Way too awesome

Ardak Azhigozhaeva: I was in Dubai:3 it was so cool..the best place in the world

Khadra Mohamed: Omw 2 Dubai This Summer :) Can't Waitt !!!

ishii yujiro: NEEd to go this amazing place before I die.

omar alghafli: I am from uae and I love it hehehehe

CarolinaCapps: Looks like the future 

Tony Manjarrez: If you challenge nature. It will challenge you harder. Unfortunately easy comes, easy goes.

Kirsty Smith: Could someone please help me im considering moving to dubai and I want to know what shops it has ie shops like boots clothing shops supermarkets etc and what sort of jobs are available does it suffer many sandstorms? 

Jerid Feces: that's a very tall building you have there Dubai, unfortunately the mountains are a bit taller and bigger than that.

Maribel Diehl: Love Dubai , safe pleasant city with warm weather all year round 

Sheila Melgar: All i can say is wow...this is genious and beautiful

Vip Dubai Escorts +971507762486: The Best place for living, Its a Dream city I LOVE YOU DUBAIIII UMMMMMA

Nadeem Shah: I love you DUBAI 

Steve Michael: Just incredible. From the engineering feats to the overall results. Its truly amazing what they continue to do over there. Been there about 20 years ago when I was a child but don't remember much. It just looks awesome. Would love to go again some day.

orlando anselmetti: to delia borgi chao nonna cuesto e dobay

SuperJolanda47: Fantastic

Octavio Delaserna: Awesome video! Very motivating!

Santiago Julian: Dubai: The Greatest City on Earth. For sure 

WeirdBulldog: I moved here a week ago

edy yulianto: Going Dubai 2014

rajesh bose: it's only possible due to sheik of dubai

Neeil Bhatia: Large investors in large numbers have helped The Dubai Project over last 20 years. Definately a great achievement, and the fastest growing city in the world. 

Chameleon Rat: Great documentary! 

Darken LuEd Lestat: the best video ever...

SadeqAl Khouri: In 2021 Dubai will than now

Christopher Hanssen: I wish I had the money to go there.

Hamzah Checkpoint: What makes Dubai The Greatest City on Earth >> Watch This Documentary !!!

bharat subba: I recently visited Dubai and it was really a life time experience for me and my wife. It was really an amazing experience looking at the transformation of a desert into a great city with green and lush parks which looks so natural. Being a person from Nepal I was ashamed as our country which is known for its natural beauty is being turned into a desert and a place like Dubai being turned into such a wonderful place where everyone would long to go. Dying to go there again.

MCInstallGuider: UAE focus on buildings, development and economy. While on the other side , israel focus on guns and artilery power so thats why there is a war in syria

King Khan: nature always wins..

acid823: Such an interesting documentary!! I've learnt a lot of things... So now i can say that im ready to have a holiday in Dubai

Taolue Yang: Amazing city! but 'The Greatest City On Earth'... NYC disagree, London disagree, Shanghai disagree, Hongkong disagree, Paris disagree, Tokyo disagree...

Sheikh Aftab Alam: i love u dubai

DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth 4.7 out of 5

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DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth