DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

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SolarWindsRider: I really admire people who created all this. They need to work on a limit, create new technologies to turn an inhospitable place into a friendly environment. One other nation I can think of that does similar things is Japanese. And many other countries that have plenty of space and much more comfortable conditions simply waste them.

lion beer: cool city. BUT those locals in the video look like peasants so it's like every other city ever build then. Only the RICH get to enjoy it LOL! 

Manoo Zahran: Very amazing city 

Miguel Mateus: 7

dandymcgee: "How did engineers do it?" Wrong question. Engineers can and will do anything you pay them to. The better question is "Who the hell could afford to pay engineers to do it?"

Yez Zuz: 10:58 she aint great but she goodenough....... ! 

Answering Disbelievers ( لبنان عبود ): I love Dubai so much. I would love to go back. 

011azr: Actually, Dubai income from oil and natural gas is only 7% currently. The city know that in 20 years, those oil reserves would just diminished from this place. They get their income mostly from real estate and construction (22.6%), trade (16%), entrepôt (15%) and financial services (11%). Keep in mind that this city lies on one of the most strategic place in the Persian Gulf. Trading and services is enough to keep this city alive.

Abdul Wahab Mahmood: Jeddah to be next greatest desert city in the world !. Stay tuned.

Soltan Saleh: Dubai like bagdad- iraq befor 70 year ago 

plasticrunner: iv lived in dubai for 20 years and i have only seen 6 sand storms ...ever

joao peixoto: arrogant people who only live for ostentation ! its wrong there are people starving in the world...spent the money where its needed

BickSayless: This place will be a ghost town within 20 years.

Subidubidú: I find Dubai ugly... All I can see is tall buildings and luxurious things. Maybe it's because I love nature, and I couldn't find any plants in this video...

Lali Bela: Oil Money, Dutch Engineering, Asian Labor, nothing to be smug bout

ThatAnnoyingGuy: Abu Dhabi is richer. 

Matthew McCarty: definitely not the greatest city on earth

MrShadowfax42: No.

Don Cross: Singapore is nice, but different to Dubai, but Ive only seen Singapore on stop-overs

KuwaitiBeauty: I MISS DUBAI ;-(

mmafrankie23: Im from the UK, I have money to buy a place. anyone who lives here would that be a good move from England? Is there work? please answer anyone that lives here

Chrisv1965: How can peopel say Dubai is the greatest city ? Just because its new and in a desert desnt make it the greatest city at all. 100 cities more likeable ( i was in Dubai a couple of weeks ago). Of course impressive no history nothing no culture nothing.

manohar vishwasrao: dubai is the dream city

Saud Ali: wow great

Kitty Slade: I live there!!! :)

Walter Solis: DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

salma rosa: i would like to visit dubai some day <3

YoufindmexD1: Glad to be from Dubai 

Joseph Powell: Now with all their money, they should add a new way to get their energy for Air conditioning and water. Because it is so hot and sunny, they should add solar panels or wind or wave farms on the ocean.

ibrahim malik: We can say U.S. Will vanish?? 

Smicone Pt: I want to live there OMG so beatiful

عبدالله: arabia for ever <3

HOMGXD: Perfect

hamad aldhaheri: in a country which started 40 years ago ,most of its population is of youth.10-15 years ago when all the buildings you see were planned, Dubai needed expert engineers to lead the way but save the rest for future brighter minds.And its the Government vision to make nationals its best asset, and that is why U.A.E national is ranked the 1st happiest nation.

Bernat Ramon: Tjis documentary chanell is crap.... they are allways repeating the same images and text !!!

Sherry Green: The most luxurious city cant wait to visit there

Eaan shaikh: Dubai -----the most beautiful place..

immortalspirit4ever1: Perfect example of how humans break boundaries just so that the wealthy and powerful can live a luxurious life. Elsewhere other humans cannot go through a day without struggle. The rich controls the economy and government directly and indirectly. It's a f**kd up system.

reza yogi: I LOVE DUBAI

Brian Rynne: Can such a massive development be sustained indefinitely? Many people from around the world have invested and lost massive amounts of money in this city. Oil revenue will not last forever. More modest developments would be wiser in the long term. 

Dayna Johnson: wtf this is crazy

Night Light: I wonder what will take this city out first, rising sea levels or desert encroachment. When the oil runs out this becomes a ghost city. I hope to live long enough to see it happen.

Sergei Romanoff: Now will you install my 200 mpg carburetor?

EpicGaming37: for everyone who says dubai is gonna be a ghost town well guess what ive lived their for 7 yrs. Also Dubai was founded in 1883. Thats a long time. 

CarolinaCapps: Looks like the future 

Dan Zena: This city looks impressive and all but it won't last too long, its probably one of the most transient cities. In 20-40 years I can see this city being nothing.

Ismael Anacta Taurac: This is better than Las Vegas because you will find all sorts of evilness in vegas, it's just not so healthy and for those who say dubai is not awsome.. you are just jealous.

Georgina Varhelyi: Marvellous engineering

omar alghafli: I am from uae and I love it hehehehe

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DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth 4.7 out of 5

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DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth