DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

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D. Paul League: The only question I have as a human being is not how, but why. If the oil dries up, will Dubai also? We have knowledge of great civilizations around the world that once thrived in places like this, only to become monuments of what once was.

T Rockefeller: mmm all i read is a lot of butthurt americans haha!! Dubai, a brand new city!!! Eww york...just an old 1920's looking sewer stinking overpopulated metropolis...oh it's populated by "inner" inmigration

sullivan o'brien: its definetly not the greatest city on earth, only one place holds that title and its new york

Air Espenilla: "Finding this much water on one of the driest places on earth was huge challenge " 2:08 Wtf the place right by the freaking ocean!! 

Felix Uhnger: This city is nothing to my city los angeles

Kassam Kutty: one tsunami & all those islands will land up at the bottom of the ocean, somewhere inland, or marooned in the middle of the ocean....but until then...... enjoy !

McProGamerLP: well, ... at least it's a Muslim City not Christian city -.-

thespiritualqu3st: greatest city on earth???? hahaha this must be a joke !!!! like a REALLY BIG JOKE RIGHT ? IM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. how the hell can a city like that be the greatest ??? with all those man made structures ??? not leaving one single space for trees or forests to grow,.. but all is for money, money money ????????? da fuuuqqqq, WAKE UP STUPIDOS !

Art Maknev: I hope they build those desert cities to be sustainable... because if it relies on oil for power, the future is not looking so bright...

Rob Del Barrio: please people give me a job in Dubai, UAE I am from Panama please invite me to work in any position in Dubai, Abu Dabhi or an 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates..... I would honor UAE for giving me that oportunity.. I will not let you down ....100% spanish language, 80% english language

trjjh: even obama said that ur dream city will not be in america it will be in dubai dubai are the best city ever it has the best airlines biggest mall tallest building and alot of achivement so if u dont know anything about dubai u just have to shut ur mouth 

CarbonXL: I'm not trying to be rude or anything but do you know what industries of Dubai made that 800+ billion?

joao peixoto: arrogant people who only live for ostentation ! its wrong there are people starving in the world...spent the money where its needed

CL0SEDGate: oil spill waiting to happen

centralscrutinizer66: Peace on Earth to all, but with the increasingly unstable world situation as evident in current events with the spread of fundamental Islamism, I believe this city will fall. It's an affront to rising Islamist sensibilities and just like the massacre at the shopping complex in Kenya, it is viewed as glaring decadence where western excess exists under the graces of the Saudi oil royalty. Just a premonition, anyone concurr? 

Shapol Chia: Unfortunately, Arab country :-(

spit fire: cool city. BUT those locals in the video look like peasants so it's like every other city ever build then. Only the RICH get to enjoy it LOL! 

ivanolajozza: Wouldn't go there if you paid me. Hotels and office towers doesn't make a city and when oil runs out it will be a desert again.....LOL!

BickSayless: This place will be a ghost town within 20 years.

Astro Craft: cool, but i think tokyos better..

hamad aldhaheri: in a country which started 40 years ago ,most of its population is of youth.10-15 years ago when all the buildings you see were planned, Dubai needed expert engineers to lead the way but save the rest for future brighter minds.And its the Government vision to make nationals its best asset, and that is why U.A.E national is ranked the 1st happiest nation.

beest mode: im surprised the us aussies couldnt do this with the northern territory

gadirlgadirk: Lol John sweats

Cinte Kimi: I live in Dubai for 6 months in 2008. I love every single inch of this city. Hope i can go back there one day

Basil Minhas: How are you a different nationality if you were born there?

Tom Graf: or it makes you realize how shamefully rich some people are

Sharath S H: For them it's raining money ....

gadirlgadirk: Lol Catherine goodenough

wUae wEmirates: waw

Thahseen Ali T: Dubai Awesome Artificial Jellyfish Aquarium. No Maintenance /watch?v=wmd17cbb3Gs

Wildspeed911: 4:38 face in the rocks

Dagmar Baechli: And.. an Emirate.. Which basically is a bit like a country, or a state at least. And actually part of the UAE - United Arab Emirates.

Mikasa Ackerman: The people jealous Because Dubai hahha u mad

Basil Minhas: Dubai has a special water treatment plant that turns salt water into fresh water so far its the only city on earth that does just that.


Sy Warress: Ohhh the Americans...

Ebrahim Al Theeb: LOL

jay vito: beautiful country going back soon

Alan Saied: kurdistan will soon be the worlds richest and greatest place.we have lots of oil, lots of mountains,lots water and no desert and round year normal seasons.

Mario Lanza: During and after hurricane Sandy, it was back to swampiness.

Azhar Usman: ........

Frewozi: everyone is allowed in dubai.

Ryan Singlehurst: excellent documentary.

May Tartoussy: The film makers of this documentary should have hired someone who sounds normal human. This is a documentary not a Hollywood movie trailer. This man must have made a fortune since 2003. hehe

Agrippa Da Rippa: they wanted oil to be sold by dollar currency in exchange of US military presence soo they work for us

Brian Chang: 27:20 looks like a mosquito ):

TVshow MiamiVice: Alot of haterz below, 10 heats ago dubai was just desert. Dubai is very rich and will grow further Allah willing... Muslim countries have sun and and amazing sea's and deserts that means tourist Will come mean visit bring money

DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth 4.7 out of 5

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DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth