Replace DLP Chip On Samsung HLT6187

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leo padua: Great video thanks so much! I have an issue though for some reason after I put everything back my screen just stays black. When I turn the tv on it starts up and then you can see the screen start to fade out like it's completely off. Like a second or two after I turn it on. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Leester: Awesome video sir. No music please :)

Greg Azimov: Thanks much for the video. After my Samsung HLT6187 TV suddenly had hundreds of black dots appear on the screen, I searched for the cause. Learning it was in all likelihood due to a failing DLP chip, I then searched YouTube for videos and came across this video of the exact same model TV being serviced. This gave me the confidence to order the chip and change it myself. It took about an hour and a half, and now the TV is working like new! Thanks again.

DB NAPLES: Just wanted to thank you for this video. I have the same model and it made the procedure a snap.

Bob Burden: Good video but you really need to make that "DO NOT REMOVE THESE 3 SCREWS" part at 4:30 MUCH more visible. it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!! I was watching/listening to the video as I worked on the TV and completely missed it. You don't show how you got the board out to install the chip. Since YOU DID NOT i SAY, "DO NOT REMOVE THESE 3 SCREWS" and because I didn't see how to get the board out, I removed those 3 screws! MISTAKE.

I did have the service manual downloaded, and after getting the picture almost right sized and position-wise, I could not get the focus to wheel enough to get the focus right. Hopefully th TV repair guy that I now have to call will be able to fix that.

Looks like other people have been screwed by the lack of complete information. If you can...please add in a verbal warning as well. Thanks

mark shaw: Thanks for your help, though a few things were different, it worked out. Might have wanted to add "Not to remove the 3 white plug screws" as they adjust the alignment (which I had to fixed). Else, thanks. Saved me from having to buy a $2000 new TV. Only spent $175 on the chip.

Avant-Garde Cake Co.: Thanks for the video! Who knew i could take a TV apart after a local TV repair guy stole $100 from me (long story). My question is what kind of Arctic silver thermal paste did you get. They have several products and by number. Just want to make sure I get the right thing. Thanks again!!!

Loccs79: What do you do when the picture is a little fuzzy after the install? Also the geometry is a little off...

Tamara Parker: Thank you so much for posting your video. You saved us so much money and it was easy and simple. 

Melody Crist: Have replaced my chip, white dots are gone. However, the picture is about 2 inches too high and am not sure what else to adjust.... any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

Justin Blair: The video gave me a good idea to what I needed to do, to replace my chip. No more dots.

After replacing my chip, I see smudge-like appearance on the left hand side of the TV (when there is a dark or black scene) that was not there before the replacement.

Would this be a defect of the DLP chip? Or do I need to clean the chip? Or clean something else?

Jason Bentley: My brother and I replaced the chip in my 7 year old Samsung yesterday. Thanks to your video, it made it simple

rolandvz71able: did the repair hold up? Did the paste do its job on the heat sink?

Michael Lacelle: This video was awesome. Could not have repaired my TV with out it. Thanks

Joe Basnett: Have fixed mine now too. This video is very helpful. Shame about the music, but even so, even as a novice I felt confident that this was a job I could do. Considering that I got the TV for free, and have just had to pay for a part (shopjimmy dot com), I am a very happy man.

Coco Mandrake:
Skip the first paragraph if you are not interested in the long rambling version :

Hi there, are there any other symptoms of a DLP LED chip failing other that white dots? I'm currently battling Samsung over a repair I had done by a Samsung affiliated service center roughly a year and a half ago. The tv would have to be turned on many times, progressively taking longer and longer, to start up. When it did the picture was fine while the TV was on. I never had white dots or anything similar yet the repairman told me it was the DLP chip and charge me $350. Now I am on the third repair with the exact same symptoms. The first they claimed it was the DLP(though Samsung claims they cannot tell me what part was put in the TV), the second they claimed it was the subpower(a cheap repair compared to the first and Samsung has the part number), and now it looks like another capacitor related power issue.

The below paragraph is vital and I am pleading from some answer before I speak with Samsung again :

So long story short, other than white dots are there any other symptoms of a DLP Chip failure? Can the chip fail without white dots? And would a failing chip sometimes after turning the tv on a million times work fine until it was turned off again?

Thank you greatly. :)

Keith Koloff: I replaced mine last night. Thanks for the video and the point to not remove the 4 screws .No more white dots.

Keith Koloff: Could you slow down the reverse process . ?

Christopher K: can you take out the detracting music ? 

Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187 5 out of 5

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Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187
Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187
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Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187