Replace DLP Chip On Samsung HLT6187

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Jonathan smith: I like the music. Thanks for the vid

WillFully WeirdWorld: Hi all, this past summer (~5 months back), my Samsung DLP finally died. I think it failed due to several capacitors failing on the main power board. This is a known issue. I attempted a to fix/replace the capacitors by soldering on new ones. But, this failed to revive the TV. I think the main power board was damaged by the caps blowing because there was discoloration of the PCB board. I saw online that the a replacement board could be purchased for ~75 dollars (on eBay). Rather than sink more money in, I decided it was time to upgrade to 4K instead. For me the price was low enough and the technology had improved enough to go for it. Although content is still lacking.

And my apologies for being unresponsive to your questions and comments. Work and family has consumed my time and just haven't logged in during this time. I'll try to be more responsive.

Thanks for watching.

Alejandro Salinas: we're did u buy the chip and how much was it$$$$ could pass on the info thank u .I need one asap

Venkat Raman: I cannot thank you enough for your highly instructive video. I just now successfully installed the DLP Chip following minutely the steps given in your video. Thanks once again.

George Rivera: Where did you buy the Manuel from???

Climmet Grimes: Just installed my chip within 20 mins thanks for the vid

Climmet Grimes: your video is still helping people till this day lol

mark catalano: Great video BUT stop the music in the background

bozoTclown666: Thanks, your TV is close enough to mine for this to be really helpful .
Just finished replacing the DLP. No problems, TV looks great again.
My model is: Samsung HL67A750A1FXZA.

Richard Sutor: Update
After not seeing a response for about a day, I put on a grounding strap and used the screw extractor, One of the two stubborn screws released. Will be trying to get the other one out right after posting this. Don't have any idea whether I may have done damage to the circuit board but time will tell. There will be another update regarding the other screw and what happens when I get everything back together.

Here's the final update - bottom line the Samsung DLP set is repaired thanks to the help from this video and some help from my local Lowe's store. It turns out they stock a screw that fits. It is a 3mm-0.5 X 12mm zinc-p;ated Metric Machine Screw. Rhw 0..5 refers to the type of thread on the screw. A pack of 12 cost me less than $2. Hope this informations is of some help to anyone who finds themselves with the same kind of scres problem I had.

Richard Sutor: I started on the dp chip replacement and ran into what I hope is not a fatal problem. The 8 stainless steel screws holding the clamp assembly to the circuit board were extremely tight. Fortunately 6 of them eventually yielded to pressure and each let go with an audible pop. Two of them, however, refused to budge. In my zeal to get them to let go I applied too much pressure and stripped the phillips head corss hatch slot from them. Is it possible to use a screw extractor on these screws. Also since their heads are not damaged can you recommend a source for replacements IF I am able to get the to release.

Thank you for any advice you can sent me way.

Richard Sutor: Your video is now 4 years old but my HL-T5087SX/AA is now closer to 10. It is now showing the dead pixel problem. I am hoping to use your video to help me repair it. I do have a background in fixing computers but I've never worked on this kind of tv. If you are able to respond, has anything changed since you posted this video? Thanks for nay advice you can send my way.

jc129543: Thanks for the video! I just did the repair and everything went smoothly thanks to you.

leo padua: Great video thanks so much! I have an issue though for some reason after I put everything back my screen just stays black. When I turn the tv on it starts up and then you can see the screen start to fade out like it's completely off. Like a second or two after I turn it on. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Leester: Awesome video sir. No music please :)

Greg Azimov: Thanks much for the video. After my Samsung HLT6187 TV suddenly had hundreds of black dots appear on the screen, I searched for the cause. Learning it was in all likelihood due to a failing DLP chip, I then searched YouTube for videos and came across this video of the exact same model TV being serviced. This gave me the confidence to order the chip and change it myself. It took about an hour and a half, and now the TV is working like new! Thanks again.

DB NAPLES: Just wanted to thank you for this video. I have the same model and it made the procedure a snap.

Chip van meter: WAY too much thermal paste put a small drop in center then i use a credit card on edge to spread an even and thin layer over the surface.

Bob Burden: Good video but you really need to make that "DO NOT REMOVE THESE 3 SCREWS" part at 4:30 MUCH more visible. it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!! I was watching/listening to the video as I worked on the TV and completely missed it. You don't show how you got the board out to install the chip. Since YOU DID NOT i SAY, "DO NOT REMOVE THESE 3 SCREWS" and because I didn't see how to get the board out, I removed those 3 screws! MISTAKE.

I did have the service manual downloaded, and after getting the picture almost right sized and position-wise, I could not get the focus to wheel enough to get the focus right. Hopefully th TV repair guy that I now have to call will be able to fix that.

Looks like other people have been screwed by the lack of complete information. If you can...please add in a verbal warning as well. Thanks

mark shaw: Thanks for your help, though a few things were different, it worked out. Might have wanted to add "Not to remove the 3 white plug screws" as they adjust the alignment (which I had to fixed). Else, thanks. Saved me from having to buy a $2000 new TV. Only spent $175 on the chip.

Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187 5 out of 5

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Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187
Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187
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Replace DLP chip on Samsung HLT6187