Grow Hair 1 Inch In 1 Week / 7 Days With Proof! (inversion Method)

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ALA LA: So far all the youtube videos I've watched so far regarding the inversion method...they all got great results and they did a length check on the 7 day.....and yes I believe it works....bcuz blood flow wakes up the hair follicles which helps the hair to grow....I just tried it so I will be looking out for my results after the 7 I suppose to do it everyday until the 7 day?

jasmin ayaz: Do you have to use oil?

aprilracine: I do this every time I practice my yoga. It's called downward dog!

Marc'el Williams: Imma try it. An by the way your pretty

deonta bell: Does it really work

lizzie fortner: Do you do it daily? Or just once a week?

masanjay kosiah: Can you use canola oil?

HizzayLoves: Instead of Washing it out, you could use a conditioner or try a Mane & Tail conditioner which will also improve growth!

Jenee Orefice: Do you do this everyday for 7 days or once a week?

De'Chelle Richards: so do I do this everyday for a week? or once a week?

eden enderson: Congrats on the growth! (said no oncologist ever) + thanks for the info :) Do you find it makes any difference between am or pm inversion? I just relaxed my hair so I'll start tomorrow and just measure according to new growth 

Portia Hampton: you remind me of longhairdontcare2011..are you sisters? you even sound similar wow!

Ajani Goodson: Do it work for guys...

Claire Cardwell: vvvv and sorry about the comment below the apostrophes are all messed up idk

kati lynn: do I have to use oil to see results? plz respond thnx :)

Skittler4Life: Thank You so much! For testing this out and telling us the truth about it :)

misschanandlerbongg: So you do this for one week every month?

smookie097: Awsome I tried this twice a week for 2months and the results are incredible!!

fashionablykrys: A good idea is to just lie on your bed and hang your head off the side.

lucija polic: Thanks for the answer, but I have one more question: how long will it grow in a week with the inversion? Tnx ur the best ;) <3

beautifully chaotic: can you just flip your head over for four minutes work just as well without the oil?

Syed Crm: Correct i like this is sincere

Fro tastic: Hi, the oil is optional. I created a challenge and some ladies have gotten results without using any oil at all. 

Neira Vasquez: im desperate, so ill try cx

LaQuavia Anderson: I don't know if you guys can see this but ONLY get extra virgin olive oil, heat it up for about 20-30 seconds because microwave watts are higher or lower than others. Massage throughout you scalp tilt your head for about 2-4 minutes but if you feel dizzy remove the position slowly. Leave it in for about an hour and 30 minutes and then wash but if you're african american like me then there's no need to wash it because our hair needs oil. I do this twice a month.

samuri2011: lovin those twists girl~ so cute!

Wild4lon: @megan I think she said an extra half inch your hair grows half an inch anyway so it'll be one inch per month I guess. But if you do longer than 1 min the

TotesCoatsandBoats: I think for the best results you should refrain from hair straightening because heat is extremely harmful for hair, but this is just a suggestion :)

WiseLady7: Hi Carly. This video was very informative. You recommended that the inversion method should be done one week per month to avoid greatly decreasing the amount of hair growth after a week. I received a lot of hair growth by massaging my scalp from 15-20 minutes 2 times daily (in the am and before bedtime) with my fingers or electronic massager. I simply place my head in a downward position (this is my inversion method) and massage my scalp while sitting. My hair grows like weeds!

LegoMOCStuffReviews: Thank you so much! How long will it grow

TheRudechica: Interesting. The things we do for beauty.

london cartier: Can i still do it with braids going back

Brittany Toth: thank you soo much for making this. ur the first olive oil vid I've seen that actually shows that it works.

Sarah Evarts: like 10 to 30 seconds

AussieSailorJerry: How do you think you would go if you didnt oil your scalp everyday? Im keen to try this but dont want to have to wash my hair everyday.

BeautyBySoph1: O.M.G the video you are talking about i just finished watchin haha funny but creepy lolz!!!!

Brooklynn Fisher: Just wondering, wouldn't it be bad doing this everyday for seven days because washing your hair every day isn't good for it?

Mona Lisa: this scientifically sounds ridiculous

summer ash: Does it really work?

Xitari Duch: This worked for me pefectly

Heather Marie: How long do you heat the oil?

Fro tastic: LMAO. Same some for me!

Samket Gebre: Yeah, the point is to get blood flow to your scalp after massage. So "heating" your scalp by massaging it, then flipping your head. Using oil is optional. You can massage the scalp with OR without oil. Hope I helped.

Melodys Heart: This honestly works :) thanks so much

MegaShorty17: umm I have glaucoma what will happen if I do this? like is it extremely risky??

Fro tastic: I haven't heard of sesame oil being used for the hair perhaps you can try it without any oil and see how that goes before buying some. :-)

Kylamae Sazon: Everyday you are using

WiseLady7: In addition to scalp massaging in an inverted position, my hair growth benefited from exercising regularly, eating healthy (lots of veggies, fruits, grains, and lean meat (for protein). Very rarely do I eat beef. I also take supplements such as (MSM, bamboo extracgt for the rich source of silica, collagen (thickens & strengthens the hair), and 4 amino acids. They are lysine, n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), cystine and methionine. I also use these amino acids in my hair spritz. Hope this helps. :-)

Fro tastic: YW. First it doesn't work for everyone but for those who do see a difference-it ranges from 1/4 to a full inch. Let me know it works for you. :-)

Alexandra Soerensen: do the oil have to be hot? I dont have a microwave so is there anything else i could do?

Grow hair 1 inch in 1 week / 7 days with proof! (inversion method) 4.5 out of 5

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Inversion for hair growth: 1 inch in 1 week
Inversion for hair growth: 1 inch in 1 week
Grow hair 1 inch in 1 week / 7 days with proof! (inversion method)
Grow hair 1 inch in 1 week / 7 days with proof! (inversion method)
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Grow hair 1 inch in 1 week / 7 days with proof! (inversion method)