Audi A6 (c5) Tuning (geros AUDI) PART 1

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podgorie: Damn, all these Audis are beautiful, I own a A6 myself and I wish I could tune mine just like one of these!

Drummy17: ugly

jimyslivec: ohhh!! VERY NICE VID ! AUDI RULEZ

Enrikas Busėnas: 1:24 Where is it possible to get such a grils? Also those, em.. lamps?? which goes together with grils?

Lando Calrissian: Audi A6 Baby!! I got a 03' with RS4 19"s Kenwood DVD Navi Package Dropped 1.5" Audi A6 Lip Spoiler Bi-Turbo All around tints (windshield too) And magnaflow dual exhaust THAT'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

akievskiy: you will lick my exhaust pipes on "your" Cayenne S, LOL

xflyboy183x: 1:03 thats exactly how i plan to put mines

Happyjuice: clean audis. sexy car

Enrikas Busėnas: 0:46 If I'm wrong correct me, but I think that those black wheels are from Ford's? :D

Dee Cespedes: waz up A6 LOVERS ..A6 is the crap right? lol I Gotta question FOR THE A6 LOVERS!..i have a friend around my town he sell rims and alll the crazy crap right so i have 19" black rims on my audi now but since i live in jersey and snow is coming i take them off put stock rims..NOW this kid wants to PAINT my rims BLACK he said will look BAD he going to leave tha audi sign how it is SILVER on the rims like tha CAP so he said going to look bad ass but I DONT KNOW..can some1 tell me if is a good idea!!

xMonsterKx125: Thats it... im selling my sentra spec v and buying one of these.

ledas0: it should be grill from KAMEI brand i think but it will be metal not plastic grill

erminsp1a: jay sean - ride it

Joy Simongkhoun: i have an audi a6, 1998, the bac lights are out, i can't drive at night, the head lights work, do you have a clue whats goin on...before i take into the shop to get ripped off, i lknow its an electrical problem...nothingt o do with the fuze... Joy thanks

Denis Syrovatchenko: Jay Sean - Ride It ^^^ name of the song

akievskiy: met ur mom, she's a good rooster sucker. too bad she ugly as freak.

wemm1987: żal

runescapeisformecool: boring

André Moreira: You've got tints on the windscreen?? In what country? Im in England and i cant do that in here! :(

gedutis20: tik jokiu budu 2.5tdi v6 nepirkit

EpicSPAZmonkey: thatswhatshesaid

Dreadzedan: Hmm better than a crappy a4, a4 only says "i cant afford a A6" which is pretty sad. Nice

Agolak: can any1 tell me how to darken the tail lights? send me a msg .. thanks

mati8807: kocham to auto

shottto: it's a REMIX BY SarKASME:)

xlawbreaker17x: mmm noooo.......Jay Sean - Ride It

Ali Wurie: Jay Sean - Ride It

brightsun11: 1;11 looks nice. i think i want my audi like that but my car is worth 30 grand i dont want it to make it look cheap

LARRYYASCkOOP: What are Geros Audi

ghettostarmurka: OH MY freakING GOODNES 0:04 -.-

mr.kodythao: I have the same car. depending on your transmission i think if you want decent power for your money then check out the APR chipped ecu. it puts your HP and torque into V8 territory. and you get max torque around 2000 rpm. exhaust and intake really adds little to no difference in performance.

PabGta: nute better than cars... just kiddin. few cars are really nice

THACHACHA: i want tht trunk sooo bad...ahhh man

Kryszak Zohan: 0.52 to moje marzenie..

te1the1: what's the name of the song plzz.zzzz..zzz??

ledas0: @horta85 ofcourse the deeper the nicer

straobalnija: I moj krsko usao u konkurenciju.... Haha... Dobar video...

Chondertosbano: SONG???????????????????

akievskiy: Come to Hunters Point, i'll meet you there, you little maggot.

akievskiy: you are more like King Kong's Bitch. any part maggot.

Alex Jones: I just got my Audi A6 2.7T quattro yesterday im trying to tune my car up and i need help looking at what i need for he car

Lando Calrissian: try ebay sometimes I seen hard to find parts.

asnaglas: nesveikos cia geras klipuaks +5

ledas0: jay sean - ride it

Arunas Butkevicius: audi forever

Viktor Abrahmsson: 1:05 SO nice just how it's should be

Matthew Rosenthal: wiocha

jctevere: Do I speak for anyone else when I say that I wouldn't be caught dead in any one of these cars? I'm not and audi guy, but I would definitely take a stock Audi over these distasteful mods.

João Diniz: ok.

2oooSR: i love this car

Audi A6 (c5) tuning (geros AUDI) PART 1 4.6 out of 5

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Audi A6 (c5) tuning (geros AUDI) PART 1