Browning Hi-Power Captain's Model 9mm @ The Range

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Murat Şentürk: süperrr

Vespine Leech: Sooo I'm wanting to purchase a new production BHP, should I get fixed or adjustable sights? Just your average target shooting once in a while

Bobby Brown: Sweet,.. Sweet Hi power,..

MrFreefonix: ive met many soldiers who have shot these and ive never heard of these jamming as our british troops used these for a while i had to teach one RAF soldier how to grip a handgun corectly as he was taught to hold it like a cup and saucer and couldn't hit anything with it because of his grip

1joshjosh1: freaking sexy pistol dude!! Keep her nice.

BHPfan26: Yeah I know disconnect is the proper term. While wikipedia isn't the best place for info, go to Safety (firearms) guess what's listed there? It may have been a French requirement. But they ended up not even adopting it. I used to wonder if I shouldn't tuck my head slightly when shooting, but seen several shooters far better than me do it (cory07ink is one of them). So it works them too. Also why don't post some shooting videos of your own before you critique everyone else?

BHPfan26: That would be a tough one! The farthest I could do at my current shooting area is about 100. Even that range would be tough for me.

John Glanton: You need to take a 500 meter shot with it.

BHPfan26: @thehandyotto Yeah they are great. Thanks for watching.

BHPfan26: @coltcomphbar I think I paid around $600 for it (plus shipping & FFL fees) Not sure if that helps you.

coltcomphbar: How much would you say that model hi power is worth?

TheRustysRagsMan: Nice gun!

BHPfan26: @23mrcowboys thanks man.

kg9pz: @BHPfan26 I have them saved in my favs, just haven't checked them on guns, yet. I'll take a look, though, thanks!

BHPfan26: @jmmurdy They are thin enough to carry comfortably. But the main problem is the grip. You have to watch it with printing.

BHPfan26: @bmw1997ish Believe it or not my SIG P226. Out of my nines, I shoot it the best.

99transamws6: Out of all these beautiful guns you have which is your "go to gun"?

BHPfan26: @stlrayedwards Thanks Ray. Those Springfield hats are the only ones I have , might as well represent.

VeracityNation: Browning was a great designer! Thanks for sharing!

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Browning Hi-Power Captain's Model 9mm @ The Range 5 out of 5

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Browning Hi-Power Captain's Model 9mm @ The Range