Crayola Monologues

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Sylenya Smith: I did a video about it too!

hawks951: @TigerNJ HURR DURR

Jordan Graves: i recited part of this today at work "why focus on the one percent?" we were talking about how no one wanted the yellow crayons

Master Shake: This is so deep, I'm not even kidding!

maltatude: fantastic!! great work.

SITHNAMEDBOB: lol thats funny

RedneckResponder: Crayola discriminates against the colorblind :(

DirectionerTwihard: Cool:-)

minifoot1: lmao i've been told i'm not even a color but a shade!

Cheyenne Farley: AMAZING!!!!!!

Hegemon54: good video.

Richie Beck: ...Why, though, does the Peach/Flesh crayon sound like a redneck?

ElisethePhilosopher: I think this is incredibly creative and applicable to the topic. :) Excellent work.

Tarbaby Bruce: Very amusing and informative.

Steven Minton: Wow lol thats a little...creppy if you look deeper into it

Shay Gatti: Wow, this was really cool. I found it on Wikipedia and felt the need to watch. Definately one of the most creative and interesting videos I've seen on YouTube.

John Ordanez: Omg i still have indian red

Jonathan Alves: isnt funny how almost every color that got renamed was because of SKIN COLOR aka RACIS

RedneckResponder: I would build cities and paint everything grey, CB people would be banished to these cities, where they would never again have to worry about the carpet matching the throw pillow or wearing a red shirt with green pants and a blue belt. And all crayons would shades of grey.

glassrose1227: I had wondered what happened to Indian Red.

ClassicTVMan1981X: Seven of the original eight fluorescent crayon colors introduced in 1972 were given new names for 1990. Only Hot Magenta's name remained intact. The original names: Ultra Red, Ultra Orange, Ultra Yellow, Chartreuse, Ultra Green, Ultra Blue and Ultra Pink. The new respective names: Wild Watermelon, Outrageous Orange, Atomic Tangerine, Laser Lemon, Screamin' Green, Blizzard Blue and Shocking Pink.

Briee Byrne: great video affects!!

manda112388: @RedneckResponder how would you avoid this?

halli93: wow..umm that was intresting...

iRavvk: I fricken hate crayola crayons I asked my dad for Pencil crayons and he brings me this it ruined up my art project

Yellow Fever: ____________________ (_(_c_r_a_y_o_l_a)_)_}>

IBJessiJ15: lol... this is soo cool

luvscookies999: ())_Crayola_)>

Juwibean: That was very creative. I liked it. Great job.

lillylillyannmay: i love the part of gray " yeah, i've been told that im not even a color, just a shade"

MulticolorBriNicole: LOL Nicee

musicislife395: ......

vintagesparklee: this was incredible. funny, but still making a statement.

CDCB: what the heck?

Translink1001: Crayons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pault112: I love this one.

fgbowen: A great exporation. thanks

Ed Welter: Excellent. Poor Flesh. The color is actually much older than you have there. It goes back to their origins in 1903, called Flesh Tint. At one point they even named it "Pink Beige" but switched back to Flesh. Everyone misses the point of Flesh too. Think of the color as the color of the palms of your hands, not the pigment of your skin. Every race on the planet has the same color palms...flesh!

evilhkl: wow this is really good!!

CDCB: Oh, come on! Doesn't anyone think Crayola is better than Rose Art or some other brand of crayons?

Jasmineh Guerra: this is funny

Abi DJ: hhahaha i love it.

ihaveamicrowave: i'm highly considering grey for my drama monologue, it's the best one to be, yeah?

teamvampire189: hmmmm...there is absolutely nothing i can say about this....

itsadonigma: There's no way I first saw this video five years ago...

Justin Loomis: Diversity, the one thing that still divides us. Maybe someone can clue me in as to why they are called Afican-Americans or Mexican Americans. Last time I checked, you're either one or the other. I don't think it would be right to say I am an Irish-American. I am not Irish. My great-grandfather was Irish. I am an American and proud of it. Maybe, just maybe, being an American FIRST is how we can all begin to become one nation, under God, rather than focusing on the differences. What do you think?

Juan El Misterioso: Hi there! This is a great video. I enjoyed it! Food for thought!! Sociological analysis, fun and color too, of course! :) Thank you!

Stephany Vargas: Go GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

cameradave: This is a terrific video! My wife and I are both teachers and plan to use this for an activator in discussions about diversity.

yizki: wow i really liked think great job !! ^-^

Crayola Monologues 4.8 out of 5

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Crayola Monologues
Crayola Monologues
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