Stair Lighting Controller

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insane931: how could i do this in my house? my basement is finished would i still be able to install stair lights? 

Eric Morris: This is very nice. I wanted to have a career in doing this kind of thing so I can install it in my own house, but I bet it runs up the light bill though.

Btn Oa: Stair Lighting Controller

Bylga: Insane!

rastamillion: What kind of flooring do you have in the video? Do you install the LEDs directly into the flooring?

thomas syson: So what is the web address I can't find it in any of the comments? :-(

muradxs: @abbtech. excellent! forgive the obvious questions (did i mention i was a newbie?) 1. As its IR detected do the lights only come on when its dark? 2. Is the wiring needed for this what they call here in England "Alarm/Security 4 Core Cable" the colouring in them are different from your (American) cable, blue, yellow, red, black v green yellow red black? 3. Having this unit on "standby" all the time...does that mean lots of wasted electricity/costs? Thank you.

lyov kazazyan: pls send me an email to would like to get one.

abbtech: @greatidea11 Thanks!

ventende: @abbtech Yes, that´s correct.

notcranium: You inspired me to do my own version of stairs lighting. Thanks!

greatidea11: I hit the Like button as soon as I heard the music with the stairs getting lit up.

Maxim Maximov: I think it can be solved significantly easier: put two cross switches to start and the end of the stair :)))

gabz1989a: reminds me almost of like how the planes are, they have the light in the passage sometimes..

muradxs: this is all very well for our American and Canadian cousins but no loving for us Brits? Can the AP Projects deliver to us? This looks so amazing and the manual is so clear even a noobie like me is willing to "plash" out and give it ago... if iI could get it delivered that is.

mrleg0man: Is this video the 'fast' kit or the normal kit?

abbtech: @rastamillion Normally they are installed directly in the stringers but in this case that was not possible so there was a small wooden box that was approximately 1 inch X 1 inch and ran up on top of the stringer. This is where the LEDs were mounted and the wires run.

kanatapaw: ooooooooooooo pritty lights *stares at screen* you sir have talent :D

MAF JR: What's the song.. nice space craft lights

MarcPro: I want to do this in my upcoming bathroom renovation. What would you recommend? I was thinking lighted floor tile, but I can't find any. Would like color LED, and be able to manipulate the color patterns....sort of like christmas tree lights. I just want a slow color change...or choice.

ejunky66: Stairway to Heaven ;) check that out you will love it .. How to Build a flexible LED Curtain Display DYI check it.. /watch?v=sbdvrfwr6Sg

SuperPenetration: And shes buying a stairway to heaven...

customcreationonline: Good effort...please see my own led project

abbtech: @notcranium Great, I have just featured your lights on Hacked Gadgets. hackedgadgets (dot) com/2011/10/26/diy-stairs-illumination-project-based-on-an-arduino/

BirdOfParadise777: I went to the web site and see that your prices are very affordable:)

kamilleseven: this would drive your cat nuts LOL but I would have fun with it too.

BirdOfParadise777: Yay!!! Thank you for describing how it works:)

BirdOfParadise777: So totally ROFL!!!

Jexington80: great alternative to a landing light.

abbtech: @SuperUsher10 Thanks for your interest in the stair lights. You can see pricing by clicking the link in the comments.

abbtech: We sell them in kit form. This will let you build the circuit board for the controller. If you don't want to build it we also offer it fully assembled. There is a link in the video comments.

abbtech: @mafjr16 The song is listed in the video comments. Yes those landing lights are great!

abbtech: @ventende Is that where the step lights up only when it is is stepped on?

abbtech: @TheSxcSatie If you have a handy friend you might want to invite him over for dinner and some wiring. :)

BirdOfParadise777: Is this a DIY that you teach? Please say yes:)

MrAndromedean: NIce. I'd do that to my house.

abbtech: @muradxs This system will operate all the time (light or dark). If you need a system that can be set to only operate in the dark have a look at the Reactive Lighting model 2000 stair lighting controller. This system has a light sensor that can be used to sense the light levels and keep the lights from operating during the day. You can see the Reactive Lighting system at reactivelighting period com

Satie K: great product, but who installs it for you lol...

abbtech: @RCWinnipeg Yes the LEDs are exposed but they are very tough and durable. The normal LED stair lights that we sell are 10mm ones that are in a black bezel. They are simple to install and look great. The only damage we have every heard about is during a renovation where the stairs are getting carpeted and the lights are being installed at the same time. There have been some damaged wires when the carpet installers aren't very careful.

abbtech: @muradxs It has a transmitter and receiver so it produces it's own IR light source, this allows it to work all the time. The different color code is not a problem just write down the colors used when installing it so you get the connections correct. It will consume about 31.5 cents of electricity in standby mode each year (based on the electrical cost where I live).

abbtech: @ventende No, this system has an infrared beam at the top and bottom to detect someone entering the stairwell, the stairs are then lit and turned off in a specific pattern. It doesn't detect what step the person is on.

abbtech: @muradxs We ship worldwide! The shipping costs will be calculated during checkout. Our international shipping rates are very economical.

abbtech: Glad you like the pricing!

Zentrius: guide or tutorial please :D

abbtech: Slow and steady wins the battle. :) That terminal block should be fine.

abbtech: The version in the video is the one at a time (not the fast version). The fast version just turns the lights on the same way but twice as fast. The ramp on style turns all of the lights on at the same time. The lights of all the versions all turn off the same way.

GEApeRya: In prevideo picture i see a Mod for Guitar Hero

mrleg0man: Nevermind. ~9 lights in ~4 seconds =.42 sec/light. This is your normal kit. Thanks!

RCWinnipeg: Alan very cool and affordable, 2 questions for you. Are the LEDs exposed (could they be damage by an unsuspecting cleaning lady with a vacume cleaner)? And also where would you suggest storing the controller?

ventende: Could do the MJ Billy Jean effect with this.

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Stair Lighting Controller 4.8 out of 5

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Stair Lighting Controller