Tracfone & Net10 How To Download Apps

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Lyfe Way: i got $25.00 plan and get 750 minutes a month

Mary Barratt: Once you enter your device/phone model on the site you can't change it, What do I do than? I put in a micro, formatted it, and moved the game to it, but I checked the My Stuff 3rd tab and there is nothing there, what now? I was going to change the model, like others have said might help and I can't??????

Mary Barratt: The only problam I am having is the GETJAR site won't let you change your device/phone model once you enter it, you are able to change the language, thou like what will that do????

darth108209: yeah it wont let me download from my laptop

RecreationalHazardz: the more aps you have on your phone tends to slow your phone down a bit so inless you have the 45 $ plan then dont download aps cuse u be freaked if ur on the internet and its taking a long time to play lol... plus i use to have a net10 slide phone and i had 5 games on it and it was slow as hell but anyways net10 ftw :3

clarissa owens: when i hit download to download twitter it tells me to go on my phone browers to download the app is that pose to happen????

DaPhenomAce: so u don't put in lg800g u type in lg t130?

KaylaKaze: Search google for instructions on how to download to your computer (since I can't post a link)

Godisable321: Doesnt work for me.

cerberus1015: it won't let me download it to my computer?

K Ross: when i went to the site from my phone it says doesnt support lg800 what up with that

sportsboycomedy75: getin this lg800g in a week for my birthday! so downloading apps btw how is facebook on lg800g if anybody has it

lightblazeboy: @saveonprepaidphones when i click the download button to download the aps it just gives me the download from phone option. how do i get it to dowload straight to my computer?

cam94z28: The only option when I click on download is to phone. I can't download directly to my phone (java is blocked that way). I'm trying to use the workaround method on the LG Rumor Touch to download apps.

jbasketballgirl16: @zekromisawesome when i started it up the first time, 1.5 minutes. then somehow i ended up with 8 less minutes when i closed it, but i hope its just because i download gmail and the internal browser got opened twice

Jerry Colbert: Try looking for the LG T310 Wink Style. These apps work for the LG 800g.

Dylan Doar: What website it he on

no name: with the tracfone one how many minutes will it take away if i download the imessenger on it?

Acin101: it only gave me the choice to get it on my phone it didnt say any thing about download on computer!!

LovLaug5: When i press download for the first time, it only tells me how to get it from my phone... not that i can download it to my computer...

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps
Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps
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Tracfone & Net10 How to Download Apps