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Eisabel Zamora: My friend painted a picture on my brothers arm.

Damon Nasir: lol lol lol


cecilia flores: yes

Madison Soto: I love that your yourself in front of camera. A lot of people aren't there-self on camera. You keep being who you are Bunny. P.s ❤️ U 

Emma crafter: when you turn on captions its such a fail

Trouble Maker: i loved peter paintbrush

kate wilderson: her borfriend and kat are not as cheerful as she is but they're all awesome especially bunny...

Craftattack402: why? is that her sister?

Nessuh Bee: does it actually give you a $500 gift card?

lola banks: ye got that

XxXceearrXxX: Kat kinda looks like michelle phan

Ch1na: age has anything to do with perkiness or happiness? you will probably be a very depressed 30 year old.

Marararrawr: I think in the Peter Cottontail stop-motion movie (it was a lot like the Rudolph movie) there was a character who did that...and the bad guy didn't like painted eggs because they were "messy, messy, messy." Could that be what you mean?

gina daigle: no she not shes awesome

meezergurl: Kat has a great channel where she draws things - have you guys not seen her yet? Not sure what all the fighting is about - is it necessary for people to post every thought that enters their heads? Why can't we all just play nice?

black4dahlia: lol what the freak are you talking about?

MsMichelle026: That would be "blues clues"

sarahsarahbby: I thought it was just me...lol

krinket94: Yes i remember that show!!!

Graphia: smile, you're on butthurt camera!

Simon Larsen: Hey, sorry to interrupt, and I agree with you, but reality check - LOT'S of people aren't nice in this world, and I don't know about you, but I don't really care about them, ignore them and don't give them attention, that's what they want. But IF you want to use all of your day-time defending people, knock yourself out, and I wish you best of luck!

britstitch: 1-Not a swamp member 2-I can`t stand trolls 3-Don`t be rude, I also have a right to my opinion. :)

charmaineleetta: you don't have to watch this you know

Sandy Wong: OMG do you remember Pappi Drewit?! NO ONE EVER DOES AND THIS UPSETS ME

Amanda Hernandez: Am I trippin or it that Kate from Shane Dawson's videos?

WoahNelli: Kat is so pretty :) So is Bunny!

Jessica Tetsuki: She reminds me of that brunette from 2 broke girls.

Madelyn Miller: i love your laugh bunny : )

sweetsoliful: so called "swamp member". you shouldnt be happy that your fighitng with someone. you give all her "fans"s a bad name. If someone states their opinion about Bunny, then let it be. Don't attack them and add fuel to the fire. By all your comments, you should be called BITCHSTICH. sigh......

Michelle Vasquez: What lipstick is Kat wearing??? I love it!!

mekl5: Kat is not related to Shane, her real name is Kate, Kat is beautiful. All of you shut up.

MirandaXxRose: Texas is definitely a time warp! Everything goes by SOOO fast. & Okay curious? Is your name Kat or Kate cause I know Shane calls you Kate! So I'm confused xD & Bunny your face makeup is awesome!

Britney Alvarenga: love peter paintbrush

MsYaHomie: Not a true tea fan if your dont know the ingredients of your sweat tea

reggaesoul16: There is some serious hateration going on in the comments of these recent videos, and mama does not approve...

ladie lofty: she's being herself!

Sasha86094CP: I love Jack sparrow he's my idol XD

ladie lofty: lol what? no im just saying its refreshing , more people need to let go a bit (: even if they have mega childish personalities

jelloisamazing99: Omg am I the only one that noticed that her friend (kat) is also friends with Shane Dawson !!!

alibean101: I'm allergic to face paint too D:

Sandy Wong: Yay! Cool points for swamp family :D

yo momma: blues clues!

Jaaawho21: Haha somebody must not live in Texas

halowa moon: just saying

sweetsoliful: but she said they're at her lakehouse? then i heard hotel.....

Precious Pomerleau: Jeesh, if Bunny doesn't mind it it's not a problem.

jessi d: Everybody needs to chill out....there is nothing wrong with kat you guys are being extreme assholes theres no need for the comments she went home the other day anyways so she is not gunna be in another video anytime soon so just lay the hell off you guys act like peope dont have feelings you would not like it if someone was saying you had no personality and were boring and were ruining someone elses fun personality thats harsh

Gabby Crump: oh ok, thanks :)

TessaStyle: what's her channel?

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