Tongbu: Apple ID FIX & Apps/Games Crashing FIX (iOS 7 And IOS 6) IOS (iPhone, IPad, IPod Touch)

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Erez Ben Lulu: Is there any way to fix it without connecting my device to the PC, because my pc wont recognize my iphone 52 no matter what i tried

Victoria Rodríguez: Thank youuuu :))

Emilio H: How to you make it English?

Joaquin Salazar: It worked... but a couple of days later, when I try to open an app from tongbu it automatically closes Please help... 

BaaconHaawk: Can anyone replay back Does it really fix it Permanently and does the thing have a virus

Igi Espeleta: Hi ATS, do you still use Tongbu to this day, and do the apps that you downloaded from Tongbu still work? Just wondering, because I'm worried that it might screw up my iPad.

NintendoMojangFan Minecraft: I need help it says my app libaray is empty

HEDGEHOG: How do you do it with out the computer???

Corruption BFH: "Fix Crash" is not there anymore

Jimmy Jam: I did this fix but i still have some issues when downloading apps Most of them work but not all of them

Arowwe: You lying crap. The app only works using this "fix". It's not even a fix. YOU MUST DO THIS IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK. The guy is a smart bastard for making people go to a completely different video for a "fix". No it is not a fix because no app will work unless you do this... This should have been included with the original video as a step but by making another video on a "fix" ATS makes more money. Smart Bastard....

Krakix800: Permanent my ass, only fixed the apps for a week

RVIDXR RAY: Is there anyway I can play the asian games? Do I need a sign in or some sort? 

max GT: My computer ses its harmful would you still recommend i download it? 

Exenationexe Gaming: My button is all gray so it wont let me select it

Rodel Vargas: I don't have a laptop or PC how will I do it


Karthik Radhakrishnan: in the windows version, when i clicked "fix", it just showed"fixing" for 2 min and a browser appeared and said "üÿÿÿReceive arrLenReceive Failed!0" pls help me

TheJadyha: I don't think there is a fix crash button anymore.

PointlessBehemoth: Thanks mate!

Ulises Silva: What's the intro song?

Elbegbayan Batbayar: im download the amazing spider man 2 but it game need to be apple id,password and need validating appliction it doesnt work

Raftiana Putri: hi ATS, my app is always crashed everytime i open it and then on my tongbu pc version there's no "fix crash" tools can you please help me??

jane dong: thank you for the help

Ryan Lin: Just click Guinn app



Tyty 098: I fix crash may be 100 time already . I fix crash and It ok to play. But next day it crash again . Tell me how to fix it?

Awesomeface Dominus: Lepus a lot 👍

dat bat: Thx bro really awsome

Alex Cardona: Didnt work for my popu2 still asked for apple id then crashes

hannah ember: help.. tongbu in my pc is crashing too.. how can I fix it?

Gil Cobian: Dam dude I want your intro music 

connor evans: it still wont work for me .... it workded before but why it no work now 

Shatil Orko: This videos is Bullcrap as this is not a permanent fix, and it only stops the crash for the app you use regularly, other than that the others apps that you don't use regularly, you will have to "Fix Crash" almost everyday. 

M. Ali: Thank you now I know how to fix it and I don't have to Begg to my dad to get me a iTunes gift again n again 

BandOfBROHOOD: Will it charge me if I put my id and password

Harris Aziz: Do I have to download the app from tongbu first or fix it first?

TheIdiotGamer99: Please rename: How to temporarily fix tongbu crash. It only works for 2-3 days then crashes again

xhulian mirashi: When i try to install something its says your device is jailed whow to fix it plz?

Christopher Resendiz: How u fix it with no computer

__AKGAMERZ__: Guys its easy to do it without out computer must read through whole thing! First get 2 apple devices and install the app on it if it doesnt let u download the app change the date back to august 3rd 2014 and then u go on tongbu on both devices on ur device u want to fix it on go to the account thing and press on the tool and then a button will show up and tap on it on the device you want to fix it on and its fixed!!! Im not sure if it works on samsungs or any other devices but yeah thats how u fix it.....😃👍 

Emanuel Lopez: What if you dont have a pc

Sandra Hernandez: Intro song?

Milan Kovacevic: Does this work 100%?

crystal hac: But it crash down again after a few days..... :( UGHH

RAzVY Dinca: Thanks ! It works perfectly ! Subscribe ;)

Kirstin Angelique: Thanks so much! It works! :D

dataasmiley7: freak you

vortex myth: Please answer fast! When I do this method? It's only works for a day or two ..perhaps a week .. But then I see this message again!! Is there really a way to solve this problem permanently ?

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Tongbu: Apple iD FIX & Apps/Games Crashing FIX (iOS 7 and iOS 6) iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 4.8 out of 5

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Tongbu: Apple iD FIX & Apps/Games Crashing FIX (iOS 7 and iOS 6) iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)