Western Six 22LR Revolver

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Memeboi Supreme: I have one that my dad owned he gave to me and it’s missing some parts so I was looking for some info the model he has is the same as the one I have

esquad 540: Check out my review of this gun and I will teach you how to get five rounds in it the safe way.

Sam Morris: I've had one for years. It's a cool gun and its very fun to shoot. But it's very inaccurate. Infact about half the rounds I shoot out of it tumble at 15 feet

Raven Thorn: I actually just bought a western six today

henerymag: It was made by Herbert Schmidt in West Germany. Sold under many names, one being Western. Alloy frame, steel barrel and cylinder. Over proofed as is the German style and rugged well made guns. I owned one years ago and now buying another with the .22lr and .22mag cylinder. The frame has no need to be steel for a .22, just like the American made Heritage Rough Rider with the same alloy. I would take a HS over the Heritage.

Doug Davis: I've got a black one with pearl grips. Pawn shop find.

Eastern Cowboy: I got one in new condition that looks just like the one in the video. Matthews is just south of Charlotte, NC. I live close to where it was made.

michael koncal: I have a eig import from Germany. It is a exact copy of your pistol. Popular in the 50s. All the bad things you said about damaging the gun happened the my gun. It is wore out bad but still shoots good.

grant freemont: It look exactly like a  Herbert Schmidt that was made in Germany right down to every pin and screw including the exact placement and size .your grip might be smaller but it might just look that way do to the bevel on the sides.

jb jb: I actually just got a western six all chrome it was pass down to me is it a decent gun

JOHN BENDER: my dad had one in nickel with both 22 an 22mag cylinders

William Waldron: check is in the mail.

William Waldron: the check is in the mail.

William Waldron: Not sure if I sent you the correct email address. My email address is wewaldron@gmail.com.

William Waldron: wewaldron@gmail.com

depletedyourcranium: Send me a message with your email and I'll send you some pics and work out the details.

William Waldron: I got them. Would it be possible to send a picture of the cyclinder? Do you also have the golden trigger and hammer as well? If I decide to buy, do I mail you a check?

depletedyourcranium: Check your inbox, William, I sent you the measurements of mine.

depletedyourcranium: I'm almost positive all of the cylinders are the same size regardless of the barrel length... many of the guns were sold with both a 22 lr and 22 mag cylinder

William Waldron: I'm interested, my kimmil pistol is 4/12 long. My concern is the cyclinder my be to long if it is not for a 41/2 long pistol. I will measure my 22 mag cyclinder tonight and let you know how long the it is.

Western Six 22LR Revolver 5 out of 5

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Western Six 22LR Revolver