Lock Bumping And Bump Keys

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38th Meme Time Lord: So basically, it's the ultimate tool for a Thief.

mephis topheles: That happens only with that tiny keys you have in the US. Anywhere else in the world, house locks are way much safer. It is a cultural issue: you are used to live in ground-level houses with a lot of unprotected windows where anyone can break in easily, and hence it is more logical for you to have a gun at home to defend yourself. People in Europe do not understand the need of a gun because they are used to living either above the ground in blocks of flats (so windows are out of reach except for an expert climber) or with solid bars on windows, and always protected by much more solid and complex locks in the main entrance door. It is interesting.

Some Body: Yeah, so let's show the world how to do it on the news.

blueticecho: I keep a loaded mossberg 500 12ga pistol grip next to my bed .. see the locks on my house are for your protection .

joseph neece: Thanks, I'm a criminal and this is useful information... I'm not really a criminal and I already knew about bump keys, but crap come on.

Karen Houseberg: did you see where if you watch your video at the end a video is linked that shows how to make a bump key

Wayne Hawk: Locks just keep honest people honest. If someone is intending on breaking in, the simple door latch won't stop them.

Lost Micky: Practiced alot, then used this to get into my girlfriends house last as a prank while she was in bed I wore a scream mask stood over her bed. I got a slap but was worth it.

J D: Excellent - let the idiots know!! WTF?? And then there is a video on How to make a Bump Key???

Michele0403: Thanks for showing me how to break in !!!!  

Scuffy P: F**k me. I never heard of this until today (clearly living too much of a sheltered life in a quaint little English village). Shocking.

Anonymous: If I want to break into your house, I'm going to smash your window with a brick. The problem isn't the locks, it's the crooks. Why are there so many people who need to be crooks? Because of currency. Believe it or not, this world would be so much better if people placed value on humanity, instead of placing higher value on currency, making human life valued at close to nothing unless they have money. This world is filled with an abundance of resources that no one needs currency. We should all work together for the benefit of the whole, and expect nothing in return for our services. There are countless millionaires, as well as many billionaires who never have to work another day in their life, but they do. They continue to work because they work their passion. Without currency, people could go to school for free and be educated on their passion for free, to work their passion freely and contribute to society, blissful, happy, secure with warm houses, food and water. This is the world we need, not a world where greed and monetary status triumphs. 

Barskor1: And nothing stops them from going a traditional rout if the "Bump" does not work like kicking your door in, using contact paper and breaking/cutting a window, pushing your sliding door up and in or breaking it. So get  better lock your alarm a dog and a gun that you wear on your person in a holster with training on safety and practical shooting. 

G K: Does it damage the lock just wondering not a criminal I swear

Alcatraz Locksmith: Good video, and well done. Kudos to the production staff for not showing the bump key making process, but instead showing the weakness of locks designed over 90 years ago. There are relatively inexpensive locks that can be purchased and installed on homes that have been designed to combat this method of unauthorized entry.

totallyfrozen: Subtle

Carlos Samo: Increíble¡¡, no puedo creer que sea tan facil abrir una cerradura de ese tipo y digo esto porque las que he visto en este video son las típicas que todos tenemos en nuestras casas. Incredible, I can not believe it's so easy to pick a lock of this type and I say this because I've seen in this video are typical we all have in our homes.

bigmack0033: Good thing they didn't tell anyone how to make a bump key. Because no one knows how to google, "How do I make a bump key" ...duh.

bigmack0033: Up next on Action News 5, we tell you how to rob a person using only a simple tool known as a gun.

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Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key
Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key

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Lock Bumping and Bump Keys