2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Aftermarket Stereo Installed

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chris driscoll: Good work man however you should have gone with the touch screen they look great in these truck

Drew Kaminski: hey, ive got a 2004 gmc yukon xl with bose and all that stuff and i have everything except the gmos i am about to order it but i want to make sure i still have all the controls in the back and that the dvd player would still work. is this possible? thank you. 

Cj Ashcraft: On the one wire u tap into under the steering wheel for the steering wheel controls then what. What else does this require for my steering wheel controls to work what to wire what to hook up 

David Simms: Metra and PAC steering wheel control interfaces are essentially the same. Plug into the same 1/8" plug on the back and you have to splice one wire into the wiring under the steering column with either brand. You then have to program the interface. I thought the PAC had better overall reviews from experienced people, so I went with them over the Metra. In reality, both are probably made in the same factory in China.

1028jesse: Ok I got a Pontiac with onstar. Bought the vehicle used came with an after market radio already installed. Steering wheel controls don't work plus onstar does not work. What do I need to make them work?

David Simms: With the Axxess GMOS-04 interface I installed, the rear controls work. I didn't try to PAC OS-2BOSE, so I can't tell you if the interface you have will work. Sorry. I didn't read of much success with the PAC OS-2 interface, so I went with the Axxess. However, the PAC SWI-PS (Steering wheel controls) works like a champ and was reviewed better than the Axxess SWC interface.

calirider209: So why do you need the Axxess and PAC?

David Simms: If you have a Bose system (factory amplifier), you have to use the axxess thing, unless you want to run wire from the head unit to each speaker. There's a standard harness on Amazon you can use for GM trucks without Bose. It's about $15.

David Simms: Perfect...depends. I do get interference, especially here in Alaska. My cell phone, if it's within 6" of the unit will cause noise and will cause the 'source' and channels on the radio to change at random...so the slot under the unit is useless to put my phone there. Other than that, I've had no issues with sound quality. Check your connections.

David Simms: The PAC SWI-PS is for your steering wheel controls.

Ryan Schommer: Where did u get and how much was the dash kit?

412arch: You are very lucky. I have a 2005 Tahoe with bose and all the goodies along with rear dvd and stereo controls. I've tried many times to make the Metra class 2 data bus work without success. I have sent it back to Metra twice with the last time coming back with an explanation that I shouldn't hook up the second trigger wire. Everything would work except the rear speakers and dvd sound. I truly hate the factory radio. If I get the time I may try again. Nice video.

tvfreakful: Do you mean audio plays through rear seat audio but there is no controls except volume and can only listen to what is playing through unit

zombie13studio: Metra 70-1858 - it's on Amazon for $5. Search for: "Metra 70-1858 Radio Wiring Harness For GM 88-05 Harness"

David Simms: Thanks, glad this helped. This is the reason I made this video...I had a hard time figuring this out myself and I didn't want to pay someone to do something I could do myself.

David Simms: Check the volume of the side of the interface. Tiny knob.

Armando Herrera: You could have also used a metra steering wheel control interface adapter that simply plugs to the back of the aftermarket stereo and programs itself to the controls. The only thing that sucks about taking that route is that not all aftermarket decks come with the connection in the back for it.

Granpa Ernie: Hi David, I have 05 silverado that had the bose 6 disc cd player. The question i have for you is do you have the rear fold down screen for passengers to watch dvd's. clean looking. thanks. GranpaErnie.

David Simms: Need the Axxess to retain On Star, factory amplifier, and door chimes/alerts. Without it, you lose all of that and would need to run from head unit to speakers. Some people would be cool with completely losing door chimes and On Star, but I wanted to retain both - even though I do not currently subscribe to On Star's service. Chimes are nice if you leave your lights on. The PAC retains the steering wheel controls. Much more conveniet than the remote.

David Simms: Have to add it in.

David Simms: Amazon...$15. Search for Metra 99-2009 Single DIN for GM

David Simms: About $60.

MadMajd1583: oh ok thanks alot

kyleb395: i dont care about the door chimes or anything, but i cant seem to find a harness to use without buying this axxess thing. how do you wire it without the axxess?

MadMajd1583: Hey man just a quick question, how did you manage to make the rear seat audio controls work? I'm trying to install a new double din deck in my 07 H2, and even though i dont care about the back audio controls, I still want everything to be functional. Please let me know what adapter you used. I have the PAC OS-2BOSE interface, if it helps. thanks

VVhiteHouse: Is that adapter needed? I don't care about door chimes and i don't have onstar?

dylan hyde: why didnt you get a deck with built in serious radio man way cleaner

MadMajd1583: Thanks for the quick reply. So, if I install the PAC SWI-PS, the rear controls will work?

David Simms: If anyone has questions, please post. This was not simple to figure out what I needed to install. Wiring was confusing as well.

23ferraricdg: Okay thanks i got it to work now i just noticed the little blue screw on the lil box the volume was down ,so i fixed that , how much did it cost you to put the steering wheel controls?

David Simms: Maybe $250, Max.

David Simms: I ran a SWC through the dash and under the steering column where it splices into the wiring harness. I wish I would have made a video of the complete install, but I was short on time and simply forgot. The SWC has an 1/8" plug that goes directly into the rear of the stereo, so it's a very simple install. Sorry, I've been moving (to Alaska), so not much internet until the past few days.

Jose Gomez: May you please tell me were you bought the stereo mount or what is the brand of it? Having trouble finding it?

Jose Gomez: Thank you

Norman Smith: Hey there.. I have a 05 hummer h2 , Im thinking to get an aftermarket stereo using the PAC os-2cbose & axxess ASWC but I don't know if I'm gonna need a harness to plug the steering w.c. of the truck , to the ASWC . Are you using something like this? Or how did you do the job ?? One more, where is the swc module ?? Thnx

David Simms: I do now, replaced everything and added a backup camera. At the time, I had multiple things that I could plug this same Sirius tuner into (home stereo, camper, etc), so it made more sense. I don't get Sirius signal up here in Alaska since I moved, so I took it out and put the XM tuner into the new head unit and hid it under the console.

MXSHOWTIME007: did you have to buy a steering wheel interface kit for the volume to work with your new head unit or did it just work?

David Simms: Correct.

David Simms: José - I got it on Amazon. It's made by Metra, but Scoche also makes one

jewllake: did your truck not have the XM tuner? Or did you want Siris. Siris used to make a kit for the GM trucks which would plug into the back of the stock radio, or in your case now the back of your adaptor harness..... clean install.

David Simms: If you have Bose...it doesn't matter if you want chimes or not, OnStar or not...you need the adapter...unless you want to run all new speaker wires.

David Simms: I do not have a rear screen. Since this video, I installed a Pioneer AVH-4400BT which has a video output for just that. Instead, I have a Sony or Jensen 2-screen DVD player I put in the rear, that way I don't have to listen to what the kids are watching in the back and I can pack it away for normal day-to-day operations.

David Simms: No, the Axxess GMOS-04 (in lieu of the PAC OS-2BOSE). The rear controls worked for me. I do not know the differences between the H2 and Silverado, but they're probably minimal, if there are any differences at all.

eldergow2: the only video and description that actually helped me thanks alot bro and nice clean set up

Mcgubber: My radio turns on but it doesn't play

23ferraricdg: Does it sound perfect? I recently installed mine its a Escalade with the bose system and all but once igot done with it , the sound didnt sound so good , i bought the gmos-04

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2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Aftermarket Stereo Installed 3.3 out of 5

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2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Aftermarket Stereo Installed