Minecraft 13w43a Crack Released ! MCOpenLauncher 1.2.5 - Original

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Xia0zSin: Does it have to install the files again when you launch it? (Everytime I close the launcher, then open it up again, it installs all the files again) Help? :)

Prana Adiwira: 1.2.5 works, but doesn't work with 13w41b, and DMCA hasn't removed the file Please try redownloading it

Prana Adiwira: 13w41b doesn't work with 1.2.5, Update?

TheHeistPlanner: dont work. fix it

HueHuey: 1.2.5 launcher starts a java process and closes, doesn't do anything

Juan Manuel Ises: The 1.2.5 no open


zvezdin besarabov: can i set the game directory in 1.1.1??? i want it to dont be in the default one! (not the profile directory, the one where RESOURCE and BINARY files are)

zvezdin besarabov: ef you have java on linux, it shut work since its executable jar file :)

zvezdin besarabov: are you using the 1.1.1 launcher? ef not update it i had the same issue with mods, they take crap ton to load but with 1.1.1 its fixed :D

This is a very common name ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): Where do you get the new launcher if you don't have to download anything? asshole. -.-'

H22LEGO: dats so mother fuking beautifull

TripleSixGamer | Twitch: 1.6.2 take a very long time to load (like 15 min) inever had this problem before! how can i fix this?

Moonlight Babe AG: Thank you :)

Atanas Vulkov: is there for linux ?

ElementOfWater: OMG u don't have to download anything just go to new launcher and make a new profile (not a actual 1 those ones where u can play old versions and stuff) and it should day 13w36a

YoBamaCool: It works with the 1.7 snapshot, thank you :)

sslemon s: yes :D

sslemon s: doesn't working idiots

Jimmy Wu: BayFiles can make you download a 495 KB file using 20 min, BEST website

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Minecraft 13w43a Crack Released ! MCOpenLauncher 1.2.5 - Original 5 out of 5

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Minecraft 13w43a Crack Released ! MCOpenLauncher 1.2.5 - Original