How To Remove FBI Ransom / FBI Moneypak Virus

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JHSuper: how do people even get this virus?

eddie trevino: How do you get rid of it from your phone

Gregory T Barrett: The reason people get this virus is the protection on your system doe not work!!
if your running a good virus protection app it will detect and protect your system from crap like this virus.


Tim Crotty: Malwarebytes antimalware works just fine and it's free!

Steven Torrey: For those visually impaired.  At time 1:23 at STARTUP--file name <>  DELETE.
At about time 1:35 <<%temp%--file name M_00_0_1 DELETE  (Look for date and time when computer became infected.)  Restart your computer and it should be clear of FBI MoneyPak Virus.   Good luck...

Specy J: Even though I am an addict (I admit that I should have been more considerate when I used my browser) and thought to myself that I deserved what I got from this, I never expected there to be fakes only after me and my dad gave the 200. Kind of ironic that it may be a fake, but it ends up giving a moral lesson to never mess with bad and dodgy links.

Still my dad got emails occasionally whenever I have been around those sites. Even with knowing about this scam, I'm still confused by the fact that my dad was getting emails on his computer even after we gave payment and the warning was long gone, the messages also pressured him to place my PC under parental control along with a curfew. Are those elaborate warnings given to all the victims of the scam or have I coincidentally ended up with the real thing?

It's creepy to me. Ever since then I've been looking into anti-porn and other therapy recently. Sadly, with how elaborate these events have been, just from getting warnings and my dad needing to have negotiated using replies, I will never tell if it really is real or not. Even so, I wish to apologise and that I have been making an effort to change my ways. Fake or Not I have always wanted to quit my addiction.

samrosario1060: if we could see the print on the screens you were clicking on> perhaps more people would be able to use the assistance you offer. sorry! I myself was unable to see the text on your screen and no audio left me unable to rate nor subscribe to your channel> that's a shame because i'll bet it's good information, just not meant for the visually impaired.

AngelTheSlumpGod: My computer shuts off when I start it on safe mode with networking

yoonine seo: How can I get the page after restart? Please help!""!!!!!!

pigurine: My laptop is infected by the FBI virus. It will not let me open windows or any thing else. How do I access files, etc to remove it when I cant open anything. HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

Jacob McClure: Download a password reset ISO.

TheMrtvproductions: No Problem bud :)

rlmr98: I seriously can not thank you enough, people need to understand that the virus has been updated, but not many people know about the command prompt thing. I hope people who are experiencing the problem see your comment! Once again THANK YOU :)

Josh Young: thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!! your awesome!!

SayChoy: I mother freaking love you. Thank you do very much.

IRawr: Try restoring your computer to factory settings it wipes pretty much everything from your computer which is the downside though.

vkmicro: thats the most common source of that virus. I think it scared the hell out of everyone the first time. xD

vkmicro: Same way as to removing fake antivirus programs displaying- you have viruses on computer.

TheEpix1557: This fined me 300$ and show 3 weird videos... I've never seen these before, so then I get on my laptop and the videos were popping up. Then it was blocked too! Good thing I have a phone then yes?

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How to remove FBI Ransom / FBI Moneypak virus 5 out of 5

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How to remove FBI Ransom / FBI Moneypak  virus