Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D Face

What do you think about this video?

Rikketik: The maths to figure this out must pretty hard!

3DEnterprise: wow....

Draphes noraA: nice!

Manuel Salvador Montalvo Valle: Genial!

iannickCZ: Whoa 39 hours for such small face?

Pavel Tsarev: Holy s*it! This is spectacular!

Scott x: That is *very impressive, great video!

Jeep Rangsit: amazing

Sergio G: Putin? ))

Haronasi: Imagine these working with wood, lumber. not to mention street maintenance and molding. These things could run non-stop creating roads

GunsNpolitics: What would this be used for? It's really cool, but what purpose does it serve? 

youngsoon Choi: 2008년도에 이것 만들었으니, 지금은 뛰어 다니면서 암각화 만들고 있을듯.
Amazing !

CNC-STEP / Fräsmaschinen: Thats amazing !! Well done ! Do you sell one ? 
Regards from http://www.cnc-router.com

terry mccafferty: I want one!!!! Any chance of access to some drawings....?

Abe Allen: It would be awesome to see this cut something into a sidewalk (like Banksy style). Or into a stone/mountain way out in the woods.

starlightsd2012: awesome !

LauberDigital: Wow could you add a chainsaw?

spinvalve: Aaaaargh.... That sound!! I feel like I'm sitting in a dentist's chair!!!!

Victor Cee: Google+ brought me here.

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Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D face 5 out of 5

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Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D face
Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D face
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Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D face