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zepperone1: Hello,an thanks for watching my very old video.Now I am using 1700 watt of LED grow lights,Please feel free to check them out.As the LED lights have gotten better over the years.,thanks.

James Anthony: Why would you not scrog? 

zepperone1: Hey,thank you for watching one of my very old video's.Hoestly,you should watch some of my newer ones.As I am now using 1700 watts of LED grow lights,right for my closet.Please check them out,,

zepperone1: You are so Lame,you keep commenting on a vide that was made over 4 years ago. Why don't you get a life.Or check out my new vide 1700 watt .And if you watch the vide.Then you would know that I buy the cheap lights to show that the lights do work,,you are LAME,,,,,

Toby Blevins: i got a ds 200 watt led light and it dose rile great all the way through the hole grow, but yea any other led light suck ass...

max mustermann: You don't know crap. You got no skills...

rouelibre1: Well, I kept a huge (3' ball) ibiscus alive for a whole winter in a semi-basement using about 5W of 5mm LED's (4 red VS 1 blue). Of course it didn't grow taller nor did it flower. But the leaves were nice, straight, green and shiny. The picture of health. Why don't you save electricity and use LED's for the growing period and resort to someting esle when budding time comes. And stop repeating yourself. We are not deaf nor stupid and we pay for our internet bandpass.

R Fields: Wow it is so funny that you are commenting on a very old video. I have made over 120 of them,and you have to watch the olddest one.I am now using 1700 watts of LED grow lights,check them out.

Dennis Phelps: i can honestly say wtf... u are testing with really low watt led lights not only that but ive heard brand has alot to do with it. go buy a 500watt growblu or KIND brand LED then tell me it wont grow flower cause ive seen it done buddy.

Disciple OfYESHUA: this dudes prob is he is using lame led lights, try a BLACK DOG or KIND, you get what you pay for

eam1117: To test if you have 90w or 180w ufos is easy. Turn the light on and use and amp meter. If its plugged into 120v then 180w will read around 1.5 amps and a 90w will be around .75 amps...

steveeb1269: your completely true bro, i agree with everything ya said, i,ll stick to cfl

budhunter09: @mrsnewyork1000 ??? what are you talking about, lady???

jonny rotten: when will you learn you cant beat mother nature(the sun). Grabass over the light, strain and which state is better than another has been a problem in the last few years.

zepperone1: Thank you watching one of my 1st and very old video.As I have over 75 of them on youtube. At this time my grow room is 1140 watts of LED,grow lights.1/300 watt,,2/240 watt,,3/120 watt,, So if you will then check out my more up to date video's

CarolinaDraw: Hey -- I was looking at all the led on internet -- watched a couple "HOW TOOS" I remember hearing on one video that the RED is for vegetation and BLUE was for the fruit (bud). Suggested that you switch colors as soon as you have full plant and budding has started. ----- Thanks for the critique on the RED led. Have you tried the blue?

Daniel Tremblay: Blackstar i grew 5 of them in soil with organics nutes from general organics. top all of them and used the super cropping technique. I also took many clones i could from the mothers and grew them in hydrponics that ended up giving around 350s grams dry + another 600 Gs from the mommies. good luck buddy.

LYCAN THOMAS: @ryanmail2004 , look man I'm sorry I got into a conversation with someone that knows nothing about what they are talking about.freak stealthgrow! They are ALL overcharging is what I'm saying you cant trust none of these American dealers they are highway robbers. Did you even look at the video I showed you, but that was Prosource lights another Thieving company, because all except the round UFO they have apten on I get ALL their other BETTER lights for 100's less,they charge1500 where I charge 400

smokeymcpots0420: You would of had much different results if you used a hydroponic system instead of soil and done a sea of green style grow. I know people that have gotten 1.75 grams per watt using LEDs in a hydroponic sea of green set up.

AshesDK: I dont agree with you about the quality of LED lights! LED is very effective and super sufficient for growing cannabis! I grow fine cannabis with just LED! - Healthy plants, heavy yields, stronger than HPS, much higher resin production and I promis you that you would find yourself reaching for the "LED-jar" over the "HPS-jar" until you sit back tired of only having the HPS-jar in the end!

fucking1285478: sounds like you're just paranoid, and sounds like you're using the veg LEDs!!! roflmao UFAIL....@LIFE... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL just chill the f**k out and get two 240w blackstars, one is for veg and a different for flower... stop freaking out and learn something 1st

STFOURNARIS: your right about flowering but for vegging are fine i used to veg 10 plants on a 4x2x4h with just a 90w UFO the cheap one by the way from htg off ebay and they were doing fine with in 8 1/2 weeks the plants where ready for flowering 2 1/2 continues harvest

GeneralsSpecialists: man bullcrap it works you can get biiiiiig buds from led not as big as hps but still mighty big

zepperone1: Hey man that for watching one of my very old video's.Because the cost of the lights have gone down alot.I am now using,,,1/300 watt,,2/240watt,,3/120,,my grow room now is1140 watt of LED grow light,,please check out some of my more newer video's

MessatsuGouki: shoulda bought american hahaha

xsmith21x: i disagree with u saying leds dnt grow big buds i have a 180 watt advance extreme flowering 3w leds and i get huge buds off my plants from my 180 im actually buying 1 more because the results r super good i put my girls on 12/12 when there 18 to 20 inches and get 2 to 2.5 ounces a plant and end product not to mention my light bill is 80% cheaper after 2 grow cycles u have to change ur hps bulbs cause it losses its strength so clearly ur buying junk leds... I will continue to grow weed with LEDS

LYCAN THOMAS: @ryanmail2004 if you want a grow room that gonna make a profit, if you dont care about money than use 10,000 watts i dont really care but the fact are this, I'm in the light business and ALL forms of light bulbs are being forced out unless they are LED or something close to it, because the raw chemicals thy use for CFL's are running low & needed for more important products, Incandescent bulbs have been banned all over parts of Europe,Good luc growing there with and HID light, if NASA can grow

BigBootyJudy: @Jamac007 CFL's are awesome, check out my grow on my channel.

Hollow Ent: you should be the official equipment reviewer. I love how u kill false products, u have the voice for it

zepperone1: Thank you for watching one of my very old video's..You should bring yourself up-to-date. As I have over 75 video's,,,,I am now using 1/300 watt,,,2/240 watt,,3/120 watt.all LED grow lights.You will find that,I did beat the sun,,NO,,grabass.

Los-Pown: Pro Source LEDs will give you BIG frosty Buds... I know because I use them my man! Your using cheap old technology.. The 5 band Illuminators from Pro source are proven to work for flowering hands down!!

Joe Walker: This was a year and a half ago. crap has changed.

MrDirtyButt1: therealrockondon is a RAT dude! Dont give up anything! It happened to me! HE WILL TELL ON YOU! ( PROVEN)

A Christ: do the smart thing use them with hps's it couldnt harm 2 use 30 watt leds aswell as a 400watt hps to save on electricity

bobsmithers1987: you need to research it, if you just buy it then your a dumb arse, all you have to do is read the technical data to get up with the know

kylied42: TRY HPS!!!

michael sagemaster: your basing your claims on observation without a piece of scientific equipment. try a light meter for example

James Johnson: I got a 90watt ufo illuminator a while ago and after using a hps bulb for my first grow and got 3oz off one plant using the illuminator my plants look close to par with the pics of the plants last time at 6wks of flower and with the led I'm only on week 4 so I have high hopes as wekk as having a friend that swears by these things and grows the densest nug I have ever seen he's using 3 180 watts in a 5x5 space its insane lol

zepperone1: Hey man you guys are watching one of my very old video's. I am now using a 1100 watt LED great lights.And I am getting some very good stuff.Please check out some of my newer video's.

djdozer88: @1816richard if your going to insult peoples intelligence at least do it with a sentence that makes sense..

anthony gauthier: Did you know there are two UFO light, one for veg/clone and another for flowering! Try using the right one, and don't do videos when stoned, you sound like a tool.

jburner00: Which is cheeper on electricity?

Baby babu: PS. Get a magnifying glass and grow your plants till you get amber trichromes. Patience man, patience. You can tell by your voice you have absolutely no patience.

zepperone1: My friend. You are watching a opd video,the LED grow lighs have goten better.However the cos is sll high

fireant65: nothing can beat a 1000 watt hortilux dual arc bulb in my opinion but power bill expences have caused me to look into the whole led thing latly but so many people tell me they dont work all that well so im still kinda skeptic

samljer: Your also wrong about the not knowing if its 90watt etc. the are brighter lol man this was a waste of time, your an idiot.

benaddicted415: thank you for the info

WeedPublican: you should take this video down your not given good info with this vid, most of the stuff your saying is hearsay and speculation.

zepperone1: Well the reason for the change,is because over the years the LED grow lights have gotten better.And the cost has come down alot as well. You are watching one of my very 1st video's.So alot has changed?

zepperone1: You know,you should try watching video's that are not from 3 years ago.Get with the time's,,I have over 53 video's posted,And you have to coment on one of the olddest one's thank's. But please try to keep up????????????

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LED grow lights. 90 watt UFO.medical Marijuana .High pressure sodium.indoors growing.howto
LED grow lights. 90 watt UFO.medical Marijuana .High pressure sodium.indoors growing.howto
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LED grow lights, 90 watt UFO,medical Marijuana ,High pressure sodium,indoors growing,howto