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The Zee Group: Dude has 3% thc across the board and he's blaming his ebay leds 😂

A M: You're ignorant as crap my dude. All the top growers are switching to LEDs. Type in "cannabis led grow" on YouTube and look for yourself. You have to have knowledge about what you're bitching about before bitch.

zepperone1: Hello,an thanks for watching my very old video.Now I am using 1700 watt of LED grow lights,Please feel free to check them out.As the LED lights have gotten better over the years.,thanks.

James Anthony: Why would you not scrog? 

Toby Blevins: i got a ds 200 watt led light and it dose rile great all the way through the hole grow, but yea any other led light suck ass...

max mustermann: You don't know crap. You got no skills...

rouelibre1: Well, I kept a huge (3' ball) ibiscus alive for a whole winter in a semi-basement using about 5W of 5mm LED's (4 red VS 1 blue).  Of course it didn't grow taller nor did it flower.  But the leaves were nice, straight, green and shiny.  The picture of health.

Why don't you save electricity and use LED's for the growing period and resort to someting esle when budding time comes.  And stop repeating yourself.  We are not deaf nor stupid and we pay for our internet bandpass.

R Fields: Wow it is so funny that you are commenting on a very old video.
I have made over 120 of them,and you have to watch the olddest one.I am now using 1700 watts of LED grow lights,check them out.

zepperone1: You are so Lame,you keep commenting on a vide that was made over 4 years ago.
Why don't you get a life.Or check out my new vide 1700 watt .And if you watch the vide.Then you would know that I buy the cheap lights to show that the lights do work,,you are LAME,,,,,

Disciple OfYESHUA: this dudes prob is he is using lame led lights, try a BLACK DOG or KIND, you get what you pay for

zepperone1: Hey,thank you for watching one of my very old video's.Hoestly,you should watch some of my newer ones.As I am now using 1700 watts of LED grow lights,right for my closet.Please check them out,,

Dennis Phelps: i can honestly say wtf... u are testing with really low watt led lights not only that but ive heard brand has alot to do with it. go buy a 500watt growblu or KIND brand LED then tell me it wont grow flower cause ive seen it done buddy.

eam1117: To test if you have 90w or 180w ufos is easy. Turn the light on and use and amp meter. If its plugged into 120v then 180w will read around 1.5 amps and a 90w will be around .75 amps...

Shadowboxe: What about a 90 watt UFO led light for one 2 foot plant in the corner of a tent? Recomend or no?

savagetdk: i have had flowers grown with all leds you cant even tell are grown from leds the way to tell the wattage is the formula i sent you and i didnt get ripped off did research i havent had to buy a hps or mh bulbs or switch them out of the hood. and those do get less light after so many hours of use emit less light at one point.yeah maybe use a bloom booster with the soil you have and bloom nutrients you must be doing something wrong hope you atleast had at 12/12 for atleast a week to see flowers

savagetdk: yeah its called amps x volts that how you get the wattage.they use 3 watt chips cuz they use 45 watts then goes to the 3w chips so yeah it is actually 3 w chips i had some 2 watt chips put next to my 3 watt diodes its brighter and youre bullcrapting i get flowers fat ass freak man you are just mad you bought crap think for yourself idiot get 6 band lights and do research i got offended by this video i can grow great dank with leds man you are just tripping man get a flowering LEDs n learn to grow

LEDM8GROW: naa 135w ufo full spectrum this months models have just gone down in price to about 200 dolars type in think different led grow thats just two times 135w ufo dude

LEDM8GROW: just like to say led lights in the year 2013 are amazing a 135w ufo led from ebay as long as you do your research first you will get quality bud and lots of it my friends

Callisto 405: What i think your problem is is that I dont think you know how to bud a plant......When i grow weed i grow them under 24/7 light then when i want to bud them i give them 11 hours of darkness every day ...Usually within 3 days of giving them darkness i will see flowers...One time i had flowers in only 36 hours...I use bag seeds and get great results...You have to remember that u have to mimic mother nature...The long days of summer grow your plant and when the days get shorter thats when it buds

Dick: YOU ARE STUPID!! worst grow set up EVER!!!

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LED grow light: Holographic Series 1
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LED grow lights, 90 watt UFO,medical Marijuana ,High pressure sodium,indoors growing,howto