Mosin Nagant Stock Refinishing

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Michael Macalroy: I have to say you did a great job on the stock. Not entirely sure you really needed to do but I'm glad to see you took the time to do it right.

antonio padilla: Loved the video brotha. Thank you very much for posting it. I redid my Russian M44 Mosin and your vid made the process a breeze.
Definitely better results with some Stoli vodka before...during...and after the whole process.

herrcobblermachen: So happy I found your page. Ive been refinishing stocks forever now and the brush never even occurred to me, and man did it save me loads of time! ive used sprays, soap and water, and brute sand paper, but this seriously shaved hours (days) off my prep time. Good video too. I know this vid is 2010, but well wishes to you and your new(ish) fam,

Aaron Cluff: Wholy crap! There really is an evp on there! 

Gman 1960: How many coats of the color did you put on and wipe off?? Rifle looks great. I have a M44 I want to restore. Thanks for the video.

Derek Ashby: You did a good job out looks really good

Mike Kass: nice hex'  you got a good  m91/30 there

StefanoM68: LOL a Vodka shot before starting job ! Perfect !!

Justin Johnson: Will you list the chemicals you used to remove all the Cosmo' and the stain as well I just got my mosin and I want to do the same thing

Nicolas Jimenez: I don't know if I should have but I picked up my mosin Saturday and cleaned it today. My method of cleaning you ask ? I have a very unique process complex you can say. I took the rifle apart, starting with the stock I just took a sponge and soap along with hot water and scrubbed it down. Rinsed it off (was like Brand new, no cosmoline at all) dried it with a towel, then took a thin rag put some gun oil on it and coated the stock with oil. I did the same with the other wooden part below the barrel along with the cleaning I took the magazine part and placed it in boiling water took it out scrubbed it and repeated that several times. Then wiped it down with dry cloth, then put a layer of oil. The bolt I just wiped down with dry cloth and oiled it. Now the barrel I cleaned with soap and water along with a sponge and then put a layer of oil. Put it back together and put another layer of oil all over it in every little area (may I remind you I just abused the rifle with soap and water). Lastly I gently wiped away and excess oil and there is NO cosmoline what so ever. Took me about 30 minutes. Rifle looks great. The reason I put this is for anyone else trying to clean there mosin. The bolt is soo smooth and trigger pull is like an angel. 

Captain Moroni: Thanks Malro67!!  Awesome video and thank you for the good work.  I absolutely like the finished results!!  Thanks for the video brother!!!  (I had to 10-3 the Vodka though... lol)

ladefreakndah: The wood wasn't stained. Mosins were finished over with a shellac mixed with a red alcohol based dye. That's why the woods lighter where the shellac flaked off. Shellac was used because it was easy to remove with alcohol so the arsenal could steam dents out, touch up, or make other repairs.

Btw it's called quadruple-ought or 4-ought steel wool. It's the most abrassive thing to use on the stock just to knock the hairs off after rapidly drying it with a blow dryer. Anything harsher will change the dimensions of the wood which is bad. Because it's dead. It ain't growing back.

dalton vickers: great job, be proud of yourself, you did good for first time.  Good lookin' mosin

Larry Barker: Hey guys, I'm very much into guns and starting to refinish my old Mosin, but I am also a Paranormal Investigator. Check out the EVP at 4.56-4.58. Believe it says 'Help'. 'I'm a Bastard' or something similar. Can't believe nobody else pointed this out. 

Born2befree: Very nice

Jordan Obrastoff: I have the brass fixtures as well.  Same story, the only one in the store with them, thought it looked nice (I'm a big steampunk fan). Stood out like a one-eared puppy.

Gary39heli: Nice job !

Nathan Bright: The steel wool is often referred to as "triple aught" or "quadruple aught"  the rifle looks great!

Brian Walsingham: Great job and what a transformation. I'm about to purchase my first MN 91-30 and after seeing this vid I'm thinking about refinishing it. 

xzqzq: Nice job of refinishing the stock.  How does the rifle shoot ? 

Mosin Nagant Stock Refinishing 5 out of 5

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Mosin Nagant Stock Refinishing