DIY UV Sterilizer For The Aquariums

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Vinoth Kumar: Good job mate!

Ronen Shemesh: hi,
you have an error in your circuit diagram: the starter should be connected between both fillaments and not on one end as shown...this way shown, the starter cannot help ionize the gas neither inside itself nor inside the UV bulb

Pondart Inc: The sleeve better not be made of glass. Glass does not pass UV well. You need to use crystal sleeve.

g0fvt: Wiring a flourescent tube to a choke and starter is not difficult, but you really should not expose yourself to the UV like this. All you need to do is power it briefly, perhaps under a sheet of paper to see that it works and then immediately switch it off and assemble it properly. 

Norm Osimani: Please, Please, Please do not attempt to do what this gentleman has shown in this video.  This is incredibly dangerous!!!!  In addition to the electrical hazard, this spectrum of light will damage your eyes.  With just a brief exposure you can experience flash burns similar to what a welder would experience without using a shield.  Also, UV Lamps generate ozone gas which is not something you want to inhale.  Please do not attempt this ever!!!!

Wesley Frantz: Brilliant. Good job figuring it out instead of going out and buying one! 

Boy Trent: Thank you.  Good video.

koushinproductions: Dumbass, you dont expose uv light like that, it should be enclosed. You'll get cancer, don't even follow what this guy is doing, its freaking dumb and would get yourself hurt.

Jeyhun Mikayil: very good

tim jones: look in the bulb you stupid lady

tim jones: lol freak me

N.C Kayak King: Subtitles would've made it able to follow u . JUST STICK TO BUILDING BOMBS lmao

Gaurav Bisht: After completion can we use this as a floating light in Aquarium or need some pump
and is it normal UV light used in RO ??

snowingspoon: Hahaa. I am expert in doing such things. it is not for children.

jason kempster: OMG iam amazed you havent blown up your house that wireing is a joke

Daren Solari: this is what happens when you give third world country internet. they go and spreed there idiotic bull crap. you sir are not to smart to mess with something like this

john cooper: UV sterilizer lamps can blind you. Water and electricity - can kill you. Don't do this! Buy one!

Alex Tu: I can't understand what you are saying. Being exposed to UV light is extremely harmful to you and your live aquarium fish. Just go buy one, saves you a lot of time.

strata g: your nuts mate, anyone thinking of following this guys example DONT! you will get hurt. just spend £25 on a UV filter and be done with it!

j2sanchez32: Just buy one

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
DIY UV Sterilizer for the Aquariums 5 out of 5

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DIY UV Sterilizer for the Aquariums
DIY UV Sterilizer for the Aquariums
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DIY UV Sterilizer for the Aquariums