Feedbackula - Gears Of War Judgment Gets Judged!

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The Geeks Guild: I love your nipples.

RobertGameFreak: That reminded me of the picture i saw the other day of Link crushing the fairy with his bare hand and there was blood everywhere

Jupiter Fox!: Judgement did suck ass (which I think the devs were betting on and planned to cash in) but you never know what the next one will be like.... They will probably go the same route though, for more money....

Renerak Dark: OH THE ZELDA TORTURE......NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo................

Renerak Dark: Anything above 6.0 on gamespot is worth taking a look at.

Mr.Anonymous: The game is dead. Judgement killed the series.

Mr.Anonymous: Honestly cannot figure out how people think 7.5 is unacceptable for GoWJ... The game was trash. 6.5 is more reasonable, but even that is being nice.

Mr.Anonymous: The fact this crapacular game got 7.5 and an amazing game like Last of Us got an 8, is evidence of Gamespot being a crapty source for reviews.

shaneclone15: more ppl should watch this

gassmann123: he is funny hes not a reviewer and he is totally hard

joão rathis: to be honest gears of war is one of my favorite series i even got a shirt of gow, but gow judgment isn´t good, it just shooting with chalenges, what saved the games is the aftermatch short campaing

William Brennan: God of War story is better than Gears of War story. I want to develop the game play in Gears of War to a newer level than just shooting. Like different types of chainsaws.

camdog124: the game is a flop

boogon123: The score would go well into the negative digits

Timewarpiaman: In future Gamestop you should just drop the score to a game by 0.5 every time somebody complains about it.

Timewarpiaman: The funny thing is it GOW could stand for both god/gears of war and both their stories suck.

William Brennan: Sorry, I meant story-line.

William Brennan: GOW franchise should have a better story.

William Brennan: I agree with you.

Tk210ism: 3:12 Complains how he put 100+ hours into GOW horde. I put 1,350+ hours into garrysmod. So bitch please.

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Feedbackula - Gears of War Judgment Gets Judged!