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MC ZG: Can we see an update on the two ladies that are distributors?Have they lost the weight and kept it off?

Arshi A: Patricia Maldonado you are 100% right!! If your'e not in shape you should not be selling the stuff. Hold on wasn't there a deal with "It works" that you have to try it loose weight then sell it. I saw that a couple of months ago. Its like buying proactive from a sales person whos full of acne.....

canastarapper: +Mikee23 
Thats a wrong thought ! Every proposed solution on
the market tries to make us believe that cellulite is a skin/fat issue
which isnt true at all. Truth is the appearance of cellulite is a muscle
fiber issue.

patrick donegan: Umm, those women are not good models to show how the product works.
Looking at them I would say the product does NOT work.

Esther Maina: Not nice... you have no idea where they started maybe their 'hugeness' is an improvement over where they were a year ago. Ever see a medical professional that smokes or an old out of shape guy coach a football team...same diff.

SeXiQt07: Why should that matter?

Matthew Mancao: 0:08 What?? Where?? Whats your name???

Lisa Gane: One thing you dont know about me, Is that I dont hate anyone!!!! and the Data I love, It has proven itself over and over again. So I hope you live A Blessed Life!!!! Don't have time for this Drama, If you have not tried it, then You really dont know.

Joey Garza: dont hate me, hate the data

jackie black: This is a nice video. I would suggest if you use the body wraps to also use the itworks fat fighters, eat more raw veggies, cut out alot of salt and sugar, drink lots of water, and exercise. The body wraps are awesome but should be combined with diet and exercise. For info on itworks body wraps email me at I would love to help you.

Lisa Gane: Do a search on Detox and why it is a Good Health Benefit and You will see why it is so good for you. Warning, there are many!!!!!! Just one search on Detoxing being a Good Health Benefit for your Body!!! Sorry if I was just trying to help People, dont detox, Live with your toxins , I was just trying to help!!!! Why so many haters ? Always making comments on everything to just be Haters !!! Sad....

Lisa Gane: Are you kidding me, since when is Not Detoxing your body not a good Health Benefit?? Detoxing your body will make it work as you mentioned in your other comment below and if you had done the research you said you had done then you would have seen Detox all over in any Health article , website, doctors etc etc etc!!!! You have to release the bad toxins to clean your body out from the inside.

MrGoatflakes: "Detoxing your body" is snake oil. Wake up. What possible physiological mechanism can account for these ridiculous claims? Are you aware that these idiotic ideas about "poisons in the blood" go back to the old and thoroughly debunked ideas of bad humours and leeching and bleeding?

Anton Rufalski: Hello! I'm Taylor.I did -10 lbs in 30 days.Visit

SuperKwame1: Oh take that out you look just fine without it. you look hot already.

Lisa Gane: Reallly?? Detoxing your body is always healthy, it is releasing all the toxins from your body. It certainly is Healthy for you. If its not for you then great, Good luck to you!!!!

Joey Garza: In which way is detoxification a health benefit?

Lisa Gane: Have you ever tried one, its more for detoxification, the side effect is the inch loss, Its a Health Product!!!! We also have many diet tips and vitamin supplements and a Doctor and Fit Coach on Staff, we are not looking for miracles, we never say don't exercise or not eat Healthy!!!!!!!

Joey Garza: Lol people try and find miracle methods to lose weight. Eat in a caloric deficit for day after day. Not that hard, you don't have to eat grilled chicken and broccoli every 3 hours, you CAN eat carbs after 6PM, you DONT have to go keto/ low carb... just do your research people..... nothing works unless you do.

Patricia Maldonado: Wait?? The ladys selling are huge?

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It Works! Body Wrap 5 out of 5

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It Works! Body Wrap