Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 And D810

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Stanley Vaier: Great review.. it's not rushed and it's very detail.. prop to the narrator / author.. i'm convinced to get this camera b/c of this video

Badhon Ebrahim: bad camera :(

Ravi Putcha: What exactly should I do if I want d800e to autofocus in video mode? Put it on AF-S?

Praveen VFX Studios: i use nikon d800e camera your review is excellent now i can take videos with your excellent review

DeepO pro: Thanks very much for this review, caveman people like me appreciate it very much. I've got few questions, I'm kind of lost and I really could use some advise. I've got a Nikon D800 and I'm planning to shoot a low light music video, I want to use slow motion for some of the images so ideally I guess 1920x1080 60fps will be ideal. Does this camera have this option? If not, which one would you recommend me? I've watch few tutorials about it and apparently every time you change your image area settings (FX, 1.2X, DX or 5:4), you should have new options for frame size in movie settings but that's not the case on my camera, I always have the same options ( 1920x1080 30fps to 1080x 720 25fps). No matter which crop option I use, my frame size options does not give me any extras ones as I've seen on other videos. Someone told me I may have some settings activated that may been causing the options not to appear, any ideas? Thanks for your time! ... and I apologies for my bad english. Thanks again!.

paul Francis: great....thanks for sharing

Geoff Longford: 101 thumbs up.

coecovideo: bravo

Mikkel Grum Bovin: you rock,-

The Captain: this is great. thanks baby girl.

Jeff Tight: Lots of "why?" questions, but I'll be spending more time figuring out how to get decent video results with my D810, thanks to you. I'm shocked that you got the results you have!

Trin Yuthasastrakosol: Excellent review, very helpful. Thanks! Really wish it had better AF during video though.

Marc Tee: great review!

James M Dodge III: Quick question. I am hoping to do a live feed from the camera; however, when I push the LF it only stays that way for a few seconds. How do I get it to stay that way for the feed?

bill blyth: great review..... but slow down so
many good reviews are done in a hurry and the hand movements to fast.

chinelo betserai: thank you for this video i do video production but  want a camera for photography and it looks like the d800 is good for both thank you so much and its DR is a great addition from this camera i have subscibe your videos gives great value

Naeem Ahmadi: thanks,,,my d810 has a lot of noise in video mode at iso 400 and above,even with flat profile picture,,,,how did you get those clean night footage? is there a secret setting to it?

JordsVision: how do you autofocus with the d810 in video mode

my mother was a ninja: Your time lapses look like stop motion unless you slow down the shutter and get the crucial motion blur required for time lapses to look fluid.

STÖK: Great review! really gave me a bigger understanding in how and what i can do in video mode!

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810 5 out of 5

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810