Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 And D810

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Khanh V: Great video tips! Thank you. Is it possible for you to create a follow-up video specifically "focused" on the AF-S mode? I have always struggled with using my D800 to make video clips (blurry, out of focus shots). We are about to travel abroad and prefer to bring just the D800 rather than the D800 and a my vidcam (Canon XA20 HD). Yes, I will lose the HD option, but we are trying to limit the number of equipment that we can carry. Thank you in advance.

Danil Sandzhlavi: Hello. Thank you for your video. I have now Nikon D800, and usually I'm shooting events and recording video. But I guess this camera is not useful for reportage or video. So what you can advice me, maybe I should buy Canon 5D Mark3 or 6D, maybe Nikon D750? What do you think? Or should I leave my D800 and buy some new lenses?

Charles Riccardo: Great video Nice Lady! Could you please address the issue of the D800 (or the D7100 for that matter) overheating after perhaps 45 minutes of continuous use? I am an elementary school volunteer who makes videos of school plays that usually run about 60 to ninety minutes. I guess an external recorder would free me of the 30 minute lock, but my issue is overheating over a 90 or 120 minute period of usage.

Will A: Thanks, Great review of the camera, and very helpful. I'm sure i'll watch it several times to let it all sink in. :)

Bashar: Thank you for this great tutorial, specially the Auto focus part

Crysti B.P.: do you shoot video raw or jpeg

michaelpoczynek: awesome video! thanks for your time and energy.

johnsoncm65: I just got a D800 and by watching this video I learned that there's a LOT more to this camera than I thought. I guess it's safe to say that I am now ready to sell off all my other cameras, except I'll keep one of my D200s as a backup and second camera for when its limitations aren't a problem.

Dave Morrow: Cool, thanks:)

Paniinfo: Thank you for this helpful video! But, what do you mean with levels? w/levels? does it mean white balance levels?

Sam Chao (SamChaoRecipes): HI Nice Lady Production,  I have a Trip to Disney Land in the near future. I have a D800 with a lense 24mm- 70. My question is, what is the best guide line setting with using this particular camera?

renderuthis: I can not record video with live view off !!! So for me manual focus is out with my new "Professional camera", as I can not focus well with live view. That takes alot of the art out of it.
 Many controls are in a " funny place".

Aziz Yakhlef: Manly hands and a female voice was really disturbing

WithGrowingInsanity: Compressed, easy to understand information. Thank you and greeting from Luxembourg.

Piping Hot Music: Thank you nice lady for clearing up a few issues I had with understanding video settings. I have worked as a teacher but have never put a point across so succinctly - and charmingly!! I am non-technical so your style of presentation was perfect for me. I am now able to use my new camera for its intended purpose of shooting videos for our bands website. P.S: I am really impressed by the D800e.

josh giese: Good straight intro to the D800. I bought mine last year and I love it. I'm inspired by it. Just starting to shoot video. I find the focusing is very hard to control while shooting, so I just use manual focus or lock the autofocus. For white balance the user's manual says auto works best except in certain indoor situations but I'll look into that. With exposure modes, I'm still clueless. I just set a useful aperture. I'm shooting with the Nikkor AF-S 85 1.4G and the AF-S 50 1.4G. I'm overwhelmed by the results of these lenses. Thanks for the accessory recommendations. An external monitor is almost certainly necessary. At the end of the day, what you have to say to the world (hopefully something noble) is what really matters, the D800 won't limit your endeavors.

SuperDigitalMe: Hi, is it possible to get the same IQ from the D7100? Greetings!

Suat Sekil: Thank you very much very impressed. I want to buy lens like yours may you tell me its name and specifications. I need it for aerial video shooting.

Ari Sultanik: Thank you for a wonderful and informative video. I have just bought the d7100 and played around with the movie mode. The microphones pick up lots of noise from the focusing of the lenses. How can I avoid that ? It is very frustrating.

pamjpicardful: Great video
I was wondering if you could share what you consider the best settings for shooting video (in most circumstances) for the D800?

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810 5 out of 5

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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810
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Shooting Video With The Nikon D800 and D810